Page 4, 16th April 1948

16th April 1948
Page 4
Page 4, 16th April 1948 — ALL SORTS Fr. Bernard Basset, S.J.

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Locations: Liverpool, London, Worcester


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ALL SORTS Fr. Bernard Basset, S.J.

7.20 p.m. Sunday Week

SUNDAY week is April 25. We have just a week to collect our friends, change their plans and queue for the bus to the Albert Hall for the great Christian Rally at which Sir Stafford Cripps and M. Maurice Schumann arc to speak. The Sword of the Spirit has sent out a threeline whip to all the cells round London and no doubt all the other Catholic Action groups are doing their stuff. Whatever the arguments for and against such rallies on other occasions, we should all think the same about this one and see to it that His Eminence the Cardinal on the platform has the support of a great body of Catholics in the hall.

What Will Come of It ?

OFTEN after these meetings one comes away wondering whether oratory and applause are enough. Perhaps there is too much talk and not enough action but on this occasion the action is ours before the meeting, for by our presence we identify ourselves publicly with the Christian cause in Europe and help to show those who are present and those who read about it that the Christians arc quite as determined and enthusiastic as the school teachers, Trade Unionists, Co-ops, Communists and Tortes whose annual conferences cause so much fuss. Let's all be there and if you hear hilarious unrestrained applause when Sir Stafford Cripps appears that will be me doing my best to salute a National statesman who has the courage and sincerity to

give his name and his precious time to the Christian cause.

After the Meeting WHEN it is all over and you are back at home and your friends have forgiven you for making them turn out and do something, then read the papers carefully to sec how much space they give to a memorable event. Christian journalists may be able to help in obtaining half a column for the report of a meeting which will fill the Albert Hall. Christian readers too could play a part by sending a line of praise or protest and even by changing their paper if justice is not done.

Send Me a Line

SOME months ago I invited

definitions of Catholic Action for this column and received nearly a hundred plus letters from many readers who enjoyed the results. After the Albert Hall Rally write down in your own words the sentence or passage from the speeches which most impressed you and send it on a postcard to Loyola Hall, Rainhill, Nr. Liverpool. I'll publish a selection for the benefit of those who cannot attend the meeting. Any comments on the rally, epigrams, wisecracks or descriptions will be welcome provided that they can all fit on a card.

Query THE London bookstalls now

have for sale all the sordid and filthy details of the Heath Murder Cases in book form. It was bad enough when this unsavoury trial was reported in detail in the papers. and thus brought to the attention of innocent people and carried into decent Christian homes. Who gave the permits and the paper, so hard to come by, that this harmful stuff should now be preserved between covers for the sake of adolescents who were too young to read about perversions three years ago?

Happy Birthday THE very entertaining parish

magazine of St. George's, Worcester, celebrates its first birthday with a fine number and this excellent joke "At a gathering of bishops a waiter tripped, when serving soup, and spilt the contents all over one of the divines. The victim jumped up, stuttered, went red and finally blurted out: Will someone not in Holy Orders please say something appropriate.' "

Diary of a Provincial Papist

MEETING as usual. Gospel Study. For Social Inquiry decided to discuss question of where we should meet In future. All agree that meetings in parish hall ghastly. Dirty. draughty and dead. Bing says we must meet in rotation in each other's houses. Twins can't manage as they live in digs. Self, Phil, Mrs. If. and Mrs. Q. can do it in turn. Also agreed that small contribution each month will cover drinks at halftime. Sixpence each. Dick says sevenpence because of beer and Budget. Feast of St. Joseph. All at Mass in his chapel; Fr. M. says it; Dialogue a bit shaky but most helpful.

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