Page 9, 16th December 1938

16th December 1938
Page 9
Page 9, 16th December 1938 — Radio Priest In Trouble Again

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Radio Priest In Trouble Again


From, Otir OWn Correspondcni



Fr. Coughlin is once again the cause of a national controversy, by his wireless talks in which he has criticised Communism and Nazism. But the latest accusation is that his talks are anti-Semitic.

On Sunday, Mgr. Bernard Shell, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, broadcast this statement by Cardinal Mundelein : "As an American citizen, F'ather Coughlin has the right to express his personal views on current events, but he is not authorised to speak for the Catholic Church, nor does he represent the doctrine or sentiments of the Church."

On Monday, Fr. Coughlin replied thus: " Father Coughlin is in agreement with the Cardinal when he says the father does not speak for the Catholic Church. No priest speaks for the whole Church ;no Bishop speaks for the whole Church; and no Cardinal speaks for the whole Church. Only the Pope speaks for the Church.'•


From Oar Own Correspondent

Nsw YORK..

The very touchy question of how much Jewish banking firms had to do with the Russian Revolution has come out in the open, through a much criticised broadcast delivered by the Rev. Charles E. Coughlin.

The ccnnection of Jewish banking houses with the Revolution, which had heretofore been a matter discussed only in anti-semitic journals, received front page attention in the large secular dailies after Fr. Coughlin quoted at length from a U.S. Secret Service Report, and a British White Paper of April, 1919.

The allegations linking Jews with the Revolution came in the course of a broadcast discussing the present Nazi persecution.

HOWLED DOWN From that point the radio priest proceeded to a criticism of the Jews. Quotint. from the N.Y. Times, Fr. Coughlin related that a speaker at the American Jewish Congress, who sought to introduce a resolution condemning Communism, was howled down, and the resolution withdrawn.

According to evidence published in the British White Paper (first edition), the msjority of the leaders of the Russian Revolution were Jews, Fr. Coughlin said. The radio priest continued his charge with a reference to an American Secret Service Report. which, in his opinion. supported the .British findings (Secret Service officials declined to comment on the charges).


The first edition of the White Paper In question Il)(44 quickly suppressed, Fr. Coughlin continued. and a second, expurgated of any reference to The Jews, was then circuleted.

(According to Dr. Fahey, C.S.SP., of Dublin, the White Paper , unabridged, Is available only in the library of Trinity College, Dublin).

REFUTATION FOLLOWS The effect of the broadcast can be judged from the fact that the New York elation which had broadcast the speech followed it immediately with a refutation, prepared by a member of an American committee against Nazism.

The station officials further corn plained that they had warned Fr. Coughlin "of errors ' in his speech when they had read It before the broadcast, but .hat he had made no changes. The same speech was delivered by Fr. Coughlin over the radio the following Sunday, with a few added remarks, challenging his critics to refute the statements he had made.

DENIAL OF ALLEGATION One cf the Jewish banking houses concerned, Kuhn-Loeb and Company, denied any connection with the financing of the Revolution.

BACKED BY DIOCESAN NEWSPAPER The charges made by Fr. Coughlin, together with his difficulties with the radio stations be had engaged (two other stations declined to carry his second broadcast) has focussed nationwide attention on the Detroit priest. The Brooklyn Tablet, a diocesan organ, staunch in its support of Fr. Coughlin, came to his defence with an editorial repeating his charges and challenging his critics to refute them.

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