Page 7, 16th December 1983

16th December 1983
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Page 7, 16th December 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements


0 Ordination. C Confirmation. V Visitation.

M Mass.

Cardinal Kane. Archbishop at Westminster. Friday: VCLFCD, and Chostran Aid, 10.45 a.m. Saturday: M at Teddington. p.m. Sunday G M Buntingtord, 10.30 a.m Simon Bolivar Celebratron M, Cathedral, p.m. Tuesday Bishops 5 p.m. Wednesday-. Council of Diocesan Affairs. Archbishop's House Archbishop Bowen or Southwark. Monday: Diocesan Bishops' Meeting, ArchboshOp's House, 11 a.m. Tuesday: Meetings, Archbishop's House. Wednesday London Flre Brgade Carol Concert, Central Hall, Westminster. 5.30 ern. parish Carol Service, Cathedral, 7 p.m.

Archbishop Couse de Murrill* of Birmingham. Friday: Solemn profession Blackf dere. Oxford. 6.15 P.C. Saturday: Confers ministries Of Reader & Acolyte on Dr Richard Conrad. OP. Blackfriars, London Sunday. M. SI Mary's College, Oscan., 11 p.m Carol Service, St Chad's Calhedrai. 7 30 ern

Archbishop Ward of CarditI. Saturday: Nun's Day

01 Recollecten ICardill Area) P M. Sunday Carol Servrces & Benediction. SI Deed's Cathedral, 4 pro. Monday: De La Salle School Carol Service. St Clevid's Catnedral, 7 p.m Tuesday: Christmas Party. St Mary's Junior School, Canton, Credal, 2 p.m. Wednesdey: land presentation ot Beni Sercoll), Our Lady of LOurdes, Sw;r1c7baishop m.

p Warlock it Liverpool. Friday:

Southport Deanery Council Notre Dame Convent. Birlidaie, 8 pie. Sunday: Festivat Carol Service, lollowed by dedication of the Chace; 01 me Holy Ode Metropoldar Cathedral, 5 pm. Tuesday: Meeting of College of Consultors Archbishop's House, 10 am. Wednesday: Uphoiland College, Lunch. 12.30 p.711

Bishop Menryn Alexander of Clifton. Friday:

Meeting el Glastonbury Pilgrimage COInmstlee, St Ambrose, 7 p.m Saturday: Concelebrates M on occasion 01 Drocesan Youth Rally. Clifton Cathedral. 6 m Sunday: V S C. Our Lady 01 Lourdes, Weston. super-Mare, Preaches al ell IN, G. ICI a.m. Monday: Sacltrnsbuedrry,. a,Ca2t3oholicp„..Schocoalres Carol iSee.rviscet, GSraegorlisbuylY

.i .5

a,Ca2t3oholicp„..Schocoalres Carol iSee.rviscet, GSraegorlisbuylY

.i .5

Catholic Comp. School. Beth. 7.30 p.m. Tuesday Carol Service, Horlield Prison, Bristol, 630 p.m. Wednesday St Brendan's Sixth Form College Carol Service, Clifton Cathedral, 1.30 pm. Thursday. Radio West Carol Serv e, Rade Weel Bo' Ice ng, 7.30p.m.

Bishep Brewer. Auxiliary for Shrewsbury.Monday,

Meeting at Working Party, LeedS. Tuesday: Concerebrates "Farewell SA", Our Lady's. Stockport, 31I p.m ~Mader Carol Service, HM Prison, Shrewsbury, 6.45 p.m Thursday Celebrates Advent Penitential Service. Our lady & SI Oswald. Oswestry Bishop Burke. Auxiliary to Salford. Friday Commission extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. St John's Cathedral, Senora, 7.30 p.m, Saturday: Carol Service, Gay centre. Manchester, 4.15 e in Sunday: M, 51josshopeph,CNIeelasry7. A u‘0x.131° are iarY131 tor Bluninghem. Friday: Parish and School G,entenary Celebration, Chaserown Bishop Emery of Portsmouth. Thursdayt Visit Choir School of Our Lady & SI Join;. HaylIng island. 4 30 p.m Bishop Foley ot Lancaster. Friday: M. Sr John SOuthworth High School. Preston: 1 I a In. Saturday: iJniversity Court, Lancaster, 10.30 are, M for FOJ Sisters, Preston. 2.30 p.m. Sunday. H. Preston Prison,10 am. M tor Daughters of Charity and FCJ Sisters. Preston. 2.30 pm Tuesday-. IN and At Home Chrldren's Socety. Presley, 11 75 a m Cathedra: Senior Citizens Christmas Party, 5 p ru Wednesday: M. Sisters of Mercy. WigtOn. 2.30 ti m.

Bishop Gray of Shrewstury.uesodar y: LadChy51 le

Concelebrant, Bishop Brewer's tare m

Bishop Gray of Shrewstury.uesodar y: LadChy51 le

Concelebrant, Bishop Brewer's tare m

Stockport, 7.30 p.m. Wednesday: Celebrates M ol Thanksgiving, St 1viary's College, Wallasey, 2 15 p m. Bishop Harris 01 Middlesbrough. Sunday: Concelebrates M. SI Patrick's Church. Middlesbrough. Bishop Harvey Auxiliary for Westminster. Friday: M, Si Martha's, Senior School. enrol, 11_30 C871WLulliestYMiNnStSer ICagnathfiel7aSI.I'5rn_301°'ocjmh.11'11,u4espeimaYSunCt3dA74 pro Wednesday CCIA, 10 am. Thursday, M & ReceisPhop"°n.H'Seen"rison. 7 7 Et 1 Auxiliary for Southwark. Friday M and meeting whin HO boys, Dulwich Cullega. 11.30 p.m. Saturday: Meeting of National Frnam7e Advisory Committee, Westminster. 11 ant. Sunday' Day of preparation and commission ot Specrel Ministers of Holy Communion, 10 15.4 pm Monday: Diocesan Bishops' Meeting. it are. FCM Meeting, School, uxhyv..8pa S p p.. Timidly; Reception. al St Anne's Bishop Mitchell, Auxiliary for Liverpool. FridarSaturdsy: CIDSE. Monday Reception or Mr Kennedy, Christ's & Notre Dame College Tuesday: Meeting Of College 01 Consulters, Archbrshops House, 10 a.m. Wednesday: Upholland College, Lunch. 12.30 p.m Thursday Meeting of Priests Our lady. Formby. Bishop Holland ol Sallord. Saturday: Cm itessions. Mulberry St. Manchester, 11 a or Meer:LIT Carol Concert, HM Ni$0n, Strangeways, Manchester, 64S Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary for Southwark. Friday. pen Tuesday'. 'IS at. rT5'orit:C*ridgels CA:rmisihs.5'4San'tur10:01ya: mOlhotal Tonbedge Oansh. Sunday: Otriciai C. Tonhadge Pa',',' Bishop donating, Auxiliary lee wesuniustu Saturday:Comers Ministry at Read,,M. at Harrow R0.7.30 p rn, Tuesday: CTE, Archbishops H°U1111:eh.004 9 M'CWGuedinn.nes"lak Bishop McMahon 01 BrenhvoxL Friday: Essex Sunday; Carol Service, Cathedral, 3.30 m Churches Consutlative Gouncrl. 10 air: Salurday: Chelmsford Prison, 9.30 am. SundayPreaches ol BMhop Merton, Auxiliary for Westminster, FridaY Carol Servrce, W. HannIngtield Deans Meeting, Ounnersbury, 12.30 p.m Sunday_ clergy irs'aervice Training. Archbishop's House. 113444 Youth M. Brantforo, p m. MOOthy, Workirv grim, on p.m. Tuesday: Upper Thames Deanery Meeting, a.m. CDA. Archbishcps House, 5 P.M Wednesday CCA Archbishop's House, a.m. Social Pashas Actioe yw:CDNA..itinvn.m. MelnestihnogPpaarnoweley of Hallam. Sunday: C. al Saint Peter's, Doncaster, 11am. Monday Recoros hospitals' Christmas at Sheffield Town Hat, 11 am Bishop K O'Brien. Auxiliary for midciteshrough Friday: Fonley Male Voice Choir Carol 5erv27e, al Sr Charles, Hull, Sunday: C, al St Francis Hue Monday: School Carol Service. at Manst College, Hull. 7.30 p m Tuesday: Carol Service at Hull, Prrsun, 6 pm Wednesday: Carol Service at Hull ;loyal intirmary 3 Bishop O'Connor. Auxiliary lot Liverpool. Friday: at BisAmpli sainRatsw.Amn..,fleict.

icha 0n1 Sunday M. se SI JoseD118, Leeds TUesday: Meeting of College of Consultors. Arcebrihuus Noose, 70 ann. Thursday. Meeting at Johl, n,sui II p.r Restieaux of Ply11101,10. Prtday: Sr 'S College Christmas Concert at College ai fB°LuortB:hedi's:ahrncoPEeducation, Devonport. Plymouth,7 p or. Sunday: Carol Service. Cathedral, Plymouth, 4 p.m. Wednesday. C to the Diaconate, Backrest Abbey, 11.30am Bishop Wheeler of Leeds. Ender M. St Anthony's, Beeston, Primary School. /0.30 a m. Si John's, Boston Spa_ 6 p m. Saturday: Beeston Pantomime. 2.30 p.1171. Sunday: V 8. C. Mixenden Tuesday; St Thomas a Becket School, Wakefield. 11 a,m. Wednesday: Diocesan Curial Christmas Party. 11 a.m.

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