Page 8, 16th December 1994

16th December 1994
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Page 8, 16th December 1994 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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18TH TO 24TH DECEMBER Cardinal Baal Heine (Westminner): Man: Interviews and Engagements , Archbishop's House, Tue: Christmas Celebration, Westminster Cathedral, 7.30pm Wed: Bishop Vincent Nichols' Silver jubilee M., Westminster Cathednd, 5.30pm. Thu: Interviews and Engagements, Archbishop's House. Archbishop Maurice Collor de Murville (Birmingham): Sun: M, Cathedral, 10 30am Carol S, Cathedral, 6.15pm. The Mtg, W Midlands Bishops, Hereford, 10.30am.

Archbishop Derek Worlock (Liverpool): Sun: V Missionaries of Charity, Seel Si, Liverpool. Festival Carol 5, Metropolitan Cathedral, 5pm. Bishop Nichols* Silver Jubilee Cekbration, St Joseph's, Upholland. 7pm. Mon: Book Signings: "With Hope in Our Hearts". Church House, London and Sc Paul Multimedia, London, Noon. M, Bishops Conference Secretariar, Fccleseon Square, London, 3pm. Tue: Carol S, George Henry Lee Store, Liverpool, 8.15arn. Thu: Archbishop's Council Mtg, Archbishop's I louse, 1 lam. Sat: Blessing of Crib and iCleVibed Milirlighi NI, &lamps:limn Cathetind,11.45pm. Archbishop Michael Bowen (Soutinvark): Sun: Carol 5, St Georges Cathedral, 4pm Toe: Advent S and Archbishops' House Staff Christmas Party, 12.45pm, Area Bishops' Mtg, Archbishop's Home, 4pm. Wed: St George's Cathedral Clergy Dinner, 7.30pm. Sat: Midnight M, St George's Cathedral. Bishop Cormac Murphy O'Connor (Arundel and Brighton): Sun: Enthronement ofJohn Warren-Glastwin as Bishop of Cittildford, Guildford Cathedral, 2.30pm. Tut: CAFOD Advent S, Arundel Cathedral, pm. Wed: Bishop NichoLs; Silver Jubilee M, Westminster Cathedral, 5.30pm. Midnight M, Arundel Cathedral.

Bishop Terence Drain (Birmingham awdliary): The: West Midland Bishops &kg, Herefoni, 10.30am. Wed: Mtg Schs Commission.

Bishop Philip Primate? (Birminglusin auxiliary): Sun: Caml 5, Sr Beds Inter-Church, Sch, Cambridge, 7.30pm. Tire: Church Leaders Mtg, Hengraw, Bury St Edmunds, 10am. Wed: Jubilee M, Westminster Cathedral, 5.30pm.

Bishop Thomas McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: Lessons and Carols Cathedral 7.45pm. Tue: Carol S, Whipps Cross Hospital, 8pm. Sat: Midnight M, Cathedral, 11.30pm.

Bishop Alan Clark (East Anglia): Sun: Carol 5, St Beck's Inter-Church Sch, Cambridge, 7.30pm. The: Church I cadets, Hengrave, Bury St Edmund's 10am. Wed: Jubilee M, Thanksng in Westminster Cathedra, 5.30pm.

Bishop Gerald Moverley (Hallam): Sun: Celebration, Bishop Nichols Silver Jubilee, Upholland College, 7pm. Tue: Penitential S. Cathedral, 7.30pm.

Bishop Ambrose Griffiths (I-lexham and :Newcastle): Sun: Rotary Club Lunch, 12.15pm. St Aidares 5th, Sunderland. Awards Ceremony 7.10pm. Wed: M, with Franciscan Friars at (ipm. Sat: (aristmas M, Ackington Prison, 530pm. Bishop john Brewer (Lancaster): Sun: V, Sacred Heart, Conisinn. Bishop Nichols SiNerJuhilee, Celebration, Upholland, 7pm. Thu: Carol S, Lancaster Farms Prison, 6pm.

Bishop David B.onstant (Leeds): Sun: V, Holy Family, Slaithwatc. Mon: Bishops' Conference Catechism Committee, Bishop's House, 7.30pm. Blessing of Hall and Prize Giving, Notre Dame Sixth Form College, Leeds. The: Board of Directors Mrg, diocese csf Leeds Trusters, BisliaCr. House, fipm. Thu: Curia Christmas Parry, 12.10pm. Carol S, Cathedral, 7.10pm. Bishop Vincent Malone, (Liverpool auxiliary): Sure Bishop Nichols' Silver Jubilee Celebration, Sc Joseph's, Upholland, 7pm. Mon: Prize Presentation, St Mary's High Sets, Liverpool, 1.30pm. Thu: Arehbohop's Council Mtg, I lam. Bishop]ohn Itawsthorne, (Liverpool auxiliary): Mon: Universal Catechism Mtg, Leeds) Noun. M of Handicapped: Leigh, 7.30prn. Thu: Archbishop's Council Mtg„ 11 am. Bishop John Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: Si, St Marns, Helmsley, 9am. M, St Chad's, Kirhymoorside, 10.30am. M, Cathedral, 5pm. Tue: Group of Priests ;tilts, am, Wed: M, Advent Maltz, Cathedral, 7pm. Thu: V. Teesside Harbour Authorities, ant. Fri: Christmas Family M,Cathednal, 8pm. Bishop Leo McGartie (Northampton): Sun: C. Dacha, 3pm. Wed: SilverJubilee M, Bishop Vincent Nichols, Westminster Cathedral, 530pm. San Children's M,7pm. Bishop James McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: M of Wetcome for Sisters at Holbeach. Mon: East Midland Church Leaders' Mtg. Wed: Mgr Nichols Silver Jubilee Celebration, Westminsrer, Sat: Midnight M, Cathedral,

Bishop Christopher Budd (Plymouth): Sat Bethany, Bodmin pm. Midnight M, Cathedral.

Bishop Crispian I baths (Portsmouth): Sun: V, St John The Evangelist, Lee-on-the-Solent, CEEM Mtg, London, 6pm. Mom CFY.Ni Mtg, London,am. The: V, Sr Bernadene's Primary Sch, Farnborough. DEC Meg, Alton, 4.30pm. Wed: V, Kingston Prison, Portsmouth, 5,45pm.

Bishop Patrick Kelly (Salford): Sun: English College, Valladolid, Spain. Tue.. M, Nazareth House, Prestwich, I lam. Advent 5, Francis House, 6pm. Wed: M, Nazareth House, Blackburn, I I am. V, Mahon Hospice, 3pm. M, The Beeches, Manchester, 7.30pm Thu: M, Alexian Brothers' Nursing Home, Moston, 1 lam. Diocesan Staff Gathering, Wardley Hall, 230pm. Fri: M. Link Sisters of the Poor. Plymouth Grove, I lam. Sat: V, St Anne's Hospice, Link Halton, 3pm. First M of Christmas, Cathedral, Salford, 7.30pm, Bislutp Joseph Gray (Shrewsbury): Sun: Reception, Bishop Nichols Priestly Silver Jubilee, Upholland, 7pm. The: Children;s Society Annual Staff M, Nazareth House, Noon. Children's Society Staff Christmas Dinner, Park Family Centre, I pm. Sat Carol S and Midnight M, I 1.30pm.

Bishop Charles Henderson, (Southwark auxiliary):1 hes;

Diocesan Bishops' Mtg, 4pm, S London Church Leader's Quiet Day, Wytherifi, I Oam. Sac Finance Meg, I tarn.

Bishop John Jukes, (Southwark auieWary): Mon: Lecturing in Canon I aw, West Malting, 2pm Tue. Bishops' Mrg, Southwark, 4pm. Wed: Carol 5, Maidstone Prison, 6pm. Sat M, Sheppey Prison.

Bishop Howard Tripp, (Southwark auxiliary): Wed; Bishop Nichols, Silver Jubilee M, Westminster eatlioarad, 5.30prn. Sac Confessions, West Croydon 10.30am 12.30pm. Bishop Victor Guazzeili (!Wesmsinster, east area): Sun: V and C. Somers Town, sin. Mon: Penitential S. Mile End, 7.30pm. lite: Camden Deanery Mrg, 2pm. Penitential 5, Poplar, 8pm. Wed: Westminster Ca' thedrul, 5.30pm. Bishop Vincent Nichols, (Westminster, north area): Sun: Silver Jubilee Celebration, Upholland. Mon: DiOCCSaTi Workers Gathering, Archbishop's House, pm. Wed: Silver Jubilee of Priesthood M, Westminster Cathedral., 5.30pm. Fri: M, for C.AFOD, 2pm.

Bishop James O'Brien (Westminster, Hertfordshire area): Sun: C, Our Lady's, Potters Bar West, 10.30am. Xmas Party, "fhe Gate House, 6pm. Diocesan M, Westminster Cathedral, 5.30prrt. Tue: M, Pope Paul Sets, POSIETS Bar, 1 lam Wed: Bishop Vincent Nichols' Jubilee M, Westminster Cathedral, 5.30pm. Pd: Carol 5, Harperbury Hospital, I 0.30arn. Bishop Patrick O'Dormoghue (Westminster, west area): Sun: Carol S, Poor Clare Monastery, Aricley, 5pm. Mon: M and Staff Reception, Westminster Cathedral, 5.30prn. Wed: Celebrarion M, Bishop Nichols; Silver Jubilee, Westminster Cathedral, 530pm.


Archbishop Aloyalnas Ward (C.artlill): Sun: Carol S and Pontifical Benediction, Sc David's Cathedral, Cardiff; 4pra, Thu: Curial Offices Close, Noon. Sat: Midnight M, St Davids Cathedral, Cardiff.

Bishop Daniel Mullins, (Menevia); Sun: Carol 5, Cathedral ()lurch of St Joseph, 3pm. Tue: Penitential S, Cathedral, M, 7.30pm. Sac M, Cathedral

Key: M Moss. CConfiematim. l'unatim

Mrg Meeting. Seh &heti isS Ecumenical' Servia

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