Page 1, 16th February 1935

16th February 1935
Page 1
Page 1, 16th February 1935 — 1E MARTYRS' CANONIZATION Another Step Forward

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Organisations: Cambridge University
Locations: Rome


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Front Oar lime Correspondent

the, presence of his Holiness the

e and a brilliant gathering cif ly and lath, files,geri John Fisher nicssed thoina,; 1110 e WeTe Olt day &Hared line norriurs for the ?4! ir (0111. Steps ?nay now proercil

ear 7r earoini:alion. luot ;ably take Warr during the third k in. May of ibis !Icor.

re aelual dale 7s A1311 a ?nailer for :nlotion but Sunday. May

tgla in Rome to be the most likely. ememony of the reading or (ler t Re or um congregatton or s was hem in the Consietorial of nn. Vatican amid impreseive lee. Shortly after 10 rem. the ball lit kJ fill with eeclestastusti iitati. striking figures in their ferraionolas, diplomats in rencleut. uniforms, with their ladies dre.eeell in black with veils. eiss, nuns, and student clerics in multi-coloured habits or their ire and colleges.

Miracles Dispensed

le entire assembly fell to their 7;-■ as the Pone entered and gave Ins hug, and there was listened flee as he took his placc un In ime• tliately, the decree of the red Congregation was read, protieing the inarryntoms to lie tree announcing that the condition of aeles had been dispensed With by Holy See. 'Filo readitig of Ile.

which dealt with the lives Martyrs and their beatification oe ember eft, refire oicupied nearly hair lieut. The Pope displayed it keen rest throughout.

is Holiness Ilien spoke or the e yrie and their achievenwide, 'teeing in an almost inaudible tone

waxing eloquent 1113 proceeded, il at. one point his voice raile nigh the hall with the words spa, NWT!" He woe referring to renneal of the rnarlyrs to recognise iTV V111 as head of the Church in !land.

the course of Ii s speed, the Holy ier obeerved that the gesture of c Paul 111, who had created jolut ler a cardinal, had been imitated ruries later till 1e751 by Pope Pere mbo had missed Cardinal Ledos. .-Ti to the purple when 11e, too, HI prison.

Glory of Cambridge He desceibed Fisher as the glory Cambridge University, remarked

that amenity which the English

ill humour' '' so characteristic More, and lamented that Cardi il Bourne had not lived to witess the day's ceremony, which Yed so much to his initiative.

poitions he heir reee vete, he IL 011, were eo thurowelily repre:alive :le 1.1 Les a real plebiscite. 'e and Fisher Nvoro great and eons figures, even from a 'lumen It of \ire+, and they had clearly • liow they accepted the power of try yud as king but not as popecharacteristic this was of Engfe loyalty to the papacy!

Mgr. Amigo's Address

rwerde the Beeler, nr Southwark I en ddress, by epecial privile,ge, Er

xpoeitien had been held iti every -Tee, almost in every church, of rland and Wales en larlirkTY 27, hi' thC, l't petition Ileaveti liii :supreme iienote. te be Ihe ;2:i cat wartyre. on behalf of the IPWC I. clergy rind laity, he hill to thenk his Holiness heartily teie. et emcee; proof of Iii oodw ill sec lenglieb Not only England and Wales but the tie world asks for the canonization John Fisher and Thomas more," tared Mgr. Nudge, "and we implore

apostolic blesseling for oureelves and tountry."

he, Pope was greatly moved towards end Of the Bishop's acldrees, and fing the throne he ernbraced him -filly, kissing him on both cheeks. sr-entaneous burst of applause eted this action and continued until Holy Father had walked from the

A Servile State

On page nine we print a cartoon, lohn Bull's Servile State," by


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