Page 10, 16th February 1935

16th February 1935
Page 10
Page 10, 16th February 1935 — BOOK REVIEWS

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Organisations: Catholic Church
Locations: Athens, Bath, Oxford


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(COntittited front page 5.) eez-taln political arts, such as the majiirity tool representotive 1i.;} Al11'1(111.. Atllehls pusgegged TheiSe C itt Far Lerislics to a po1nt. Its

eitizens had acquired lI 1lli1 I Vof making decisions for theirisehoo os corporate body (this the riot

ur majority role nod a biller Herr man's highest, good was ro ic. •freilid

111 iii /S onferommeiv.

Athens did not. ',JIM .1‘./s Jug, hi Irer fathrre 10 fliseciver politicola II III IT}FITS1TII1ar.jI311 W1t11'11 r/1 1,1V, 1 I 111111 c.:}ple or the roittiiii, h T.1 he extended 10 a territory lorge enorigh 10 defend iIi1. Tilt pireck crionlenwealth tvas perfori i corilosed io the small arid weak City-sin IC. II ails') depended On a slave populatiOn.

This failure, however, was as nothing

compared 11111i tile political lessoLis I UI1. were to he 'ought by Christ. 'no' lite and work of Chrrist are reduced by the author Ill aputrely natural level. His great. lesson. WC S " the Selltie of infinite duty owed by men to One another: -1'he Kingdom of Heaven as conceived by Jesus consisted of men serving God ie. S4.11-Vi rig each other. the desire in s;erve increasing by exerelse, and depending for guidance on

experience of filets. iiiterpreleit by rreason

;WM111111;1, lo 1 Ii UIIIUIJI, ilie very. use of the ;Nord "Lingilion" was due to the foto that the word ori0/...utira, the only Arm-nine Waft, for shoe, was translated I nto the Greek for "kingdom" instead of the Greek fcr -.•ity.'"I`he text shoulk1 properly read: -seek ye first the commonwialth of God."

This Moroi busis of Illy commonh howeiII, WiiS set aside, by the Church whieli-agaill according to the aulhor-ieverted to the principles of Judaism aecording the lilogdorn of Heaven Is interpreted ill national traditions, ill authority, in the expectationr 41, Sliper1lillt1.1.1;1.1 inter vention, of Minicle, SalldiOli. Only by a series of rieeiderits did Ole roteelPlesof the Christian commonwealth take root iv this cut-off and secure island of Britain; only by aecid-ent cild the representative system reutedy here the defects of the Greek COlU1li0D Wea1 Th. 1101'ot-fir, the British ['ono monwealth, titian from its intrinsic defects, is limited to one III t Iii, mot its "principle can never be free freill ditagerous reactions on churcieter until it is applied to soeiety 7t1 large,'

As One reals. ime feels lhat 'Mr.

Curtis has' arliiiiratity eXpresccl part

of the ire has shown that 6.0.t.iety

musi, have ti mural foundation. Self

'Merest, III Oily, efficiency, even orderr, are not enough either as roolives for the itithoidual or us ends •foi. the :stale, and those people who to-day cunt rid. 1 ilsm" are

forgetting this truth. Man is ri social

arid tile ceourektion biowetrii man as he is and as he 'ought ro linti society as Lt BS' and U. It °Ugh

tfe is direct.

But unfortunately All.(:11 55 misreading cif the true sigitilicatoe ui the lifa of Christ has made idol miss the other part of the hILl h, roonely, that society must nio.ot a speenteally religious 101111[Iniiiill LiS -11C-IL

Chri,t. taught the supernatural kingdom Lind tie founded the Clierch.

Why? Because he was God, who understood the nature I1ltI cod id !win. Ti'Llo

authorriainveo milled and

organised, is lit'vcss1111 Ind eniy us ti ouptrantee of troth. lair olio, it enable men to live up 1.1 ore mood lotto:4)1es that motto sin ir lc 1,in-101.1, 1110141. W1i0 would iTeitiitil tiiiiiliiiiriiiIIIS111 rai the ground rhos the ideritilicalion of the SCCUIW' !stale 1V1111 rkdigintl is less likely than the identification of the democratic commoowealth with religion forget that overy attempt to bond

o political cotter rests cm o

or it substitute Mr religion, whether ii Ire Ihe religion or patriotism, of party or of race: that, in other words, tota11tarirthrsio is just as "religioris" us democracy, While considerably less Elora'.

Mr. Curtis would appea.r„ I 1

I rsco without religion altogether, I.i ri canself ecnircly 1Ii elliic5.. rool Ihril indeed lois been 010 great fallacy of Liberrilism.

But unfortunately Liberulism shoo-roil short-as Mr. Curtis gives away sn viory clearly-at the very point whencn all its moral inspiration sprang, viz.. F tIjlerrIaiural religirri. eilinoe rui.turneni and crown is Catholic Christianity.

Those who would accept the /Mali

lotion secular stale to-day and at the some time endcat-our tu oreserve religious .aial moral. values separate front it ore lolling at. it half-way house. The or ihnir. progr.,,ss is as inevitably the Christhrip commonwealth as this last is the end of those vvho abhor the nit:till:Irian sorra.

sIII od.] :Os() 1111 5tI III t I lb V iONV til It I1IIItIIlOII lti MI% Citylis's mind, that commonweolih, cool irs wrioriy founded oil Christian .traliol Icoeirdig hI hit Ii perfect harmony with Oro ciorich, coin never be identified \Nom the • Norodom of God." which, of course, is the Choreb "Pax" nicst noteworthy item in the February itunibei Yr Pa-r iTrinkrittSlt moodi1y. is rill excellent ;trio le le, Mr. Geofirey Webb on the sor Imam! idiot. as ow' chief ligure of Christlii deals \vitt' the surPject front

iiie theologieol. anti

ai points of view-, clearly root couvincingly. The :MOH,II31s also appeared in the Iliotsfrazione

Shorter Notices

1hr ilrlreat Journal., cl.o/ola flail, Bath/rill, Lancs.)

The lietrciit Journal for this winter's quarter is Ills Sik.i.r-Juirilee number of the retreat movement, which cPwes its Jt1gi]ifll1is iii Uttlirt. Britain to the late 1.1. (Tholes. Plater, Sot, Its contents are 1U u II 11111,2.4 Poo...wry devoted to the litslot.N, ill li mutement, and Vury iiileresting and encouraging reading they are. A number of photographs at groups and individuals are reproduced. III flit lire this journal is tio he a ;milt I 1'(i d t: i Ot i Cif 1.fl C Vet rant-h011SeS ut 'L10111111, Craig-1;0.ot', and Corby. Bali.

Jude Howe. By Alan Downey. 6d..)

It the reo.der coo stomach the plans cd. the -you)* and apparently unscru

urinous Irish nollionoire Boot r

Enibrand, fa sympathise with .1110 lit:tory aniblitons Otitstin Sterne., the poor, and 1,0t.0 1 i1:1-4 rt. warded by that had mon Etebrourl--why then, the i.11-11.111* COriling5 anti goings at Jade House will (mist' nu distress. In the wor.!.i Ill imaginotive melodrama any1Iriog only ;open, and things accordlitil poi ill this novel Ono do 1101, [1,11, rii..i'111 no the world we lice ill neither. 111 111C Ellglarld nor the Boland_ t.1 time.

r).‘olclle of Lourrt's. By Fran i ors !minor Tram-dared rry the Bev. Vs. .1. .1ndersOn, M.A. (Sands

Lord 1.0., ilk" 0' Bernadette appears at 1 :gill. moment 111 \lC u thre.

ii idlilLibI ori Otossoloolic. The author, tody of Ms subject, and the er.111t is it most moving and living picture of i41. Berttaciette, with 1101 gatcly, sitOpherty alld great "Hie book is iliustrated by pnotogiorphs:

Fon. Dominic ,Sorio, By St. John

Bosco. 'Fran:slat ed by Miss Mal y

ilassell. Moseley, 3.. 6d.) \oven'. 11115 fallen under tne

claim of Don Ille 0 nd WITO could I op iol,ring the sand 1 liti vas "merry 'Om riot glally"7,1 will want to possess this pupil by himself. 11, records an amazing story of devotion to 0111 I .■Ill all CI Ili is 1110111Cr frOnt earliesi I Ithilhoorl. a devotion which a 1111(151 unheard of to our

Foolish minds. Dominiu . in his simplicity and gairty was completely devoi11 of priggishness, ond we in

faiglitud should till nl Ut him witti graritucte, for this boy or fifteen prayed for

Books Received

The Two Sources of Itoralitti and

Religion. By Henri Bergson. Macmillan, los.

Return lo Philosophy. By C. E. M. Jooet Fairer and Falter, •is. 6d.

Matter, .1111th and .tipirit. By Dorothea Cloronri Simpkin, 8s. 6d.

Tli r Hedge SI-hoots of Ireland. By nuwling, M.A.. Ph.D. Longmans. les. c.d.

Tire Lena( po,itlon. cif the Holy Sre 11(Pr Ihr Lairrroi yreeniriiR By iMorio Falco. Oxford 1:1-0tCl'sily Press, :Is. 6d.

totre 1'ilqrifo Ways. By F. I. Cowles. .IS.

.; of /Yard a/3.d war. By (diot.. r). minis Oatts, 25.

The rdrierrOon of Catitofir Girls. By toner. Erskine Stitart. fiongmans, Is.

in., the Third l'ear,. Part H. LougnianS, 5$.

The Sarrantent of Confirmation. By

Sticillar Priest. Burns Oates-. rd.

Prayers lo flip rwilrsit CO!lipiled II Fr. Itarmiers, tOSS Burns Oak's, Is. trod Is.

Earf4 Irish 1.,a.u-s

Ily Professor Eirlia Borns Oates. 5s.

The catholic church t'nrirr Iferirti

I-111. Burns Oates, Is. 6if.

Fifty-si.r Iritr8 a .11i:,,ioltary in ( hina. Fly N1611)01' Burns (bates, ;le.

Thr I..10 of Ihrisfiner of ;.;11 earl+. By Alfred Nercoorrie The 1 ordinal s 11..III ill

kor, 111-,.

Tbr 11111N ir:nd, I ly Er1151 Lot ha, Seeker% 5. fifl, Familir Ronk. Edited by Gwen SI. Auhyn. Bhrlter, 10s. 6d.

Oa the King's Highway. By Maud Thr Squabbling Ga earn. By Mariu.n '

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