Page 15, 16th February 1935

16th February 1935
Page 15
Page 15, 16th February 1935 — OBITUARY

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'The deuth took pluse et Rome last week -of Duni Henri Quentin, abbot of Si. Jolene's in the City.-11.I.P.

Dom Henri Quentin wus horn in the archdiorese ef Reims in 102 and was professed i. mime of Solesmes. In 1907 he was reined to Rome to lielP In the work of the commission for the revisiOn uf the Vulgate Bible Cardinal tlien Abbot) liasquet. His ability gilined hint other offices of reepuneibility. In 1933 Pope Plus XI founded the monastery Of St. Jerome. near the villa Doha. Pamphili, for the Benedictine:" engaged on the Vulgate revision, and Dom Henri was named its tired abbot. His death I's a serious loss to the monastic order und to the Church.

FR. EDWARD BUCKLAND, 1.-1. Edward Buekland, elm tltell iii Preetoft on Saturday last. had a vat II it career in tbe Society of Jesus.

Ile was born in King William's Town, Cape Province, 111 1864 and edurated at St. Aldan's College,

Graltanielown. Beginning his noviceehlp iit St. joseph's Douse, Slough. In 181its, lie jollied the Zambesi inissMn. In 1591 he was transferred to the Englien province end was ordained six years later at SI. Ileuno's College, unit was anpoinled to the mission at Preston. During the years 19t'0-15 lie /lad several apponitinents i uicIudiuug Tronehienties (Belgium). (.rahamstown, and Oakwood Ilan, Romney:

lit 1920, Fr. Buckland returned to South Africa and was placed in charge

at Port. Alfred, C.P. He retained. this position milli 19-1-7, when he was

:(111)0ifilhii stif trill ut Duribrody, C.P., where Mere onet inritirriy proaperons strict] ferne Fr. Iluekland len the m hislot I tit .193:1 and returned to

avower. Towards the end of las. year Ills health improved and h., Was able to inglartake work at Clitheroe, hut on Januery 30, he had to go into St. Joseph's Hospital at Preston, when.he died un February 9.—R.I.P.

MONS. G. LENOTRE The 1:tench academician G. Lenotre died in Paris on the night of February G.—It.I.P.

I'be mime of lnenotre is familiar not only to students of the French. IleVolu. tam but to almost everybody ivlio lovee Ie. read about those stirring limes. Ile lived .enricely amidst archives, hilt his

e trOng ilotigiiiati.01 and PoWel (..)1

iiting enabled him to write V0111111.0 aftvr volume of isethentle history which reads like a romantic historieal novel. Many of his books have been translated into English.

Lunotre (whose real name was Theodore Gessolin) was born. iii 1857. Ile was educated by. the Jesuits in Metz, :11,11 nets elected to the Aearleiny I uieue e cssion to the novelist Rene Baena.

Ismotre is the fourth historian of the eteademy to hinc 1ied in the course of Iwo years. Tht• :ebbe laremond, Pierre de In Gore,' :nal himself were devout members of the Church.

MR. MARK SYMONS )1. Mark Lancelot Symetle. who died oil iiienlay night at ‘Vokingham. the age uf forty-eight, was beet knokk I. aeil Most talked about for reasons which bOre upon the ideas berried ,ortti o f his pictures rather than upon his

talent as uli 1 I t1:-.t. lie 11M, a arai had a rolls i kri hie

PoWer Of (.0-ordirhiiiti.g pd[iitrtl tit ti " prelhri Pl1t1clef: " Mr. ‘Va. [JONI jut London, his F, ther, wilham Christian Symons, being aiso tut artist. Ile studied at the Slade school, but for a good many years deserted painting ilk order to devote ',wanes to religious wenn It was only till er his marriage to Miss Coustance r■ertair, by whom he had two daughters, that he took up painting. a.gain, workieg in a shod at the lentom of his garden ill Bertehire. lie ixIuthutied at the Nev Ltiglisli Art club ae.well as at the Royal AeadeMy. his "Sedesniapientire" is at Downside Abbey; 'Ave Maria" is at the Reading Art, tiallerV; and "The Day After Christmas s at the Bury Gallery. He was fond of usiiig the streets and buildings of Readieg in his pictures, REV. MOTHER ANGELA

Rev. Angela Tait It died at

the cone eta of the Peer Chinn, College Road. Cork. Slie was of Scottish ancestry and a convert. and was mei Of a suiia I I pioneer hand of three or fieir sisters NS'hil came from England e. Mend the first Poor Metres convent ;it

rl. Vrtii'41.11', Ca.1111W.

\;,'l Lit 1111.Inundation was prepein estaleielied Mother Angola mote uteelull tituS Wellt, 1(1 Cork and helped lit -lit I iiie cork linuse of the order. ye.11.!.. ago she wrete an account the Lesions:eel:elle foundation, portione of which hake. brim published. line• a number of ..QA !'s She held the o o mh ti ill the Cork ffiri, f oter MRS. LUCY RYDER Lucy Ryder, who died at her hrrnie in Tooting Cai Saturday at the age of seventy, )vas one uf those whO :started the parish in that suburb. " When we canie here in 1900,she used te say, 'we met in it little room near the present publie lil,i.ary; later. \ye nieved to some school, arid then built a small church. In those days there were only twenty-four Catholics in 'roeting, now there are over 1,500."— R 1.1'.

MRS. CAROLINE KUSS The tuneral leek Han, en TeeedaY, rifle' requiem etas, ....b•brated by 1:r. it Spittle, of Mee. Caroline hiuse. widow ef Leopold Kuses, of nieeere. Camera, Kiss, and Company, watch aind clork makers.

Ihie dectreeed lady was a generous het-term:trees to the Sitepherdee Baer' perish and, besidee inakieg a recent nendsome donation ti, the new paresit hall site fund, presented u jewellea crown for the processional statue or

Out' lAdy. Mrs. Kuss and her late husband were original parishioners. and most or their family or twelve children were amongst the chief Mc:turners at the graveside le se Mary's, feeesal Green, whet• ; .1 Carey. P.P., otteiated.—R.I.P.

MISS HELENA BATEMAN Requiem Mass was offered at the church of e,t. Mary Magdalen, Brockley, on alonday for miss Helena Batetnari, head-teacher et the English Martyrs' infants' school el eeeltveorta

fOr the past tidily-two yes. billowed by burial at Brockley .

The Mass was attended he Ii-Charles Collins and Albert Tomei, of the English Martyrs', Wrdworth, and several other clergy who had been associated with the church in the past.. A large number of old boys and girls, several members of tile past staff of the cehool. the present, teachers. end ernie sixty present pupil were also present.'

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