Page 5, 16th February 1951

16th February 1951
Page 5
Page 5, 16th February 1951 — 'JOIN US IN THE ROSARY

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Locations: Lancaster


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Bishop Flynn invites non-Catholics

WHEN the Lancaster diocese's Family Rosary Crusade was opened on Sunday, Bishop Flynn, preaching in his cathedral, invited non-Catholics to associate themselves with Catholics by restoring family prayers.

"If they do not know the beautiful prayers of the Rosary," said the Bishop, "they can at least join together in the Lord's Prayer, and doubtless many wili be moved to ask the Mother to plead with her Son as she did for His first miracle at Cana in Galilee."

The campaign is being directed by Fr. Patrick Peyton, the Irish-American priest whose " Family Theatre" radio programme is listened to regularly by millions of people.

In his Lenten letter Bishop Flynn urged his people to unite in the Rosary campaign to avoid " a campaign of bombs," On Sunday he urged every Catholic family in the diocese to say the Rosary together every day.

" If the family is united in prayer before God it will hold together in spite of the disintegrating modern notions of divorce, loss of interdependence. and State encroachment on the rights and duties of parenthood. " Hence Fr. Peyton's slogan of The family that prays together stays together.'


" Let us restore the primitive family Units and we shall save much individual unhappiness. " Let us restore a unity based on prayer and we shall have Christian families which together will constitute Christians nations. Both of these objects we hope to achieve by the daily recitation of Our Lady's Rosary. " A land of Christian families ought to have peace within its own borders.

" It should find no room for that class warfare which is so un-ChrisCaro so unsettling. and such a distressing feature of the present age. " It should be a power for peace in this distracted world, It should provide an example of those -moral virtues, of jusuce, fidelity, love of one's neighbours, the lack of which is the cause-of wars. " Thus our campaign is for peace in the family, in the nations. in the whole world, All this should flow naturally out of happy family life. " But we intend something far more than a merely natural restoration of socieey.


" We are asking for supernatural aid : recognizing the desperate straits of the world we are asking God to intervene, to scatter the nations that delight in wars. to restore captives to their families, to break down the Iron Curtain and bring East and West together in amity as members of the one family of God.

" We do this invoking the intervention of Our Lady with her Son on behalf of all those for whom He shed His blood."

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