Page 7, 16th February 1962

16th February 1962
Page 7
Page 7, 16th February 1962 — New move to better youth clubs

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New move to better youth clubs

WELCOME news for those who are concerned with the welfare of our Catholic Youth is that a National Federation of Catholic Youth Clubs has been formed for England and Wales.

Mgr. Mahony, well-known for his work for schools and youth in the Southwark diocese, has been appointed by the Hierarchy as Chairman of the Federation. Priests representing all dioceses have been appointed to the Federation's Council.

The aims and objects of the Federation ate:

1. To advise on, to encourage and to co-ordinate Catholic youth club activities.

2. To help clubs, through their diocesan representatives, to keep in close touch with developments in youth work.

3, To act as a consultative body. and as a central organisation for the exchange of information concerning the Youth Service.

4. To assist, when required, in negotiations with the Ministry of Education or other government body, with local authorities and with national voluntary organisations.

5. To collaborate with the National Catholic Youth Association.

The Federation hopes to be instrumental in developing the life and activities of Catholic youth clubs. A preliminary survey has revealed that there are over 30,000 members in some 600 clubs throughout Britain. To help them and to encourage new clubs, a number of recommendations have been drawn up in a pamphlet "The Formation and Continuity of Catholic Youth Clubs"; a Model Constitution for such clubs is also being printed. These publications will shortly be available to all diocesan tepresentatives.

Although great sacrifices have been made to preserve our Catholic schools, comparatively little has been done to help our youngsters in the difficult years after leaving school, and it is here that the Federation hopes to play a useful part.

The Secretary of the Federation is Fr. P. G. Pierce of St. Anne's, 363, Kennington Lane, London, S.E.11.

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