Page 8, 16th February 1973

16th February 1973
Page 8
Page 8, 16th February 1973 — Diatribe against dialogue

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Diatribe against dialogue

DIALOGUE b etween Christians and Marxists has been condemned in Czechoslovakia as an attempt to weaken the Communist position in favour of "clericalism," As evidence for its allegation that any dialogue would be exploited by Christians, Radio Prague has cited a 1968 document on "dialogue with nonbelievers." This was produced by the Secretariat for NonBeilievens led by Oardinal Koenig.

Communists who have at. tempted a dialogue in recent years were called "renegades" in the broadcast.

They include the French Philosopher Roger Garaudy; the former director of the Government Secretariat for the Church, in Prague, Professor Er ik a K adllec ova ; Professors Milan Machovec and Viteslav Gardavsky; and also the former director of the Czech department for Ideology, C. Cisar.

As far as known, this is the first time that Profesasor Kadlecova has been attacked by name. She was dismissed from her post as Secretary for the Church soon after the Russian entry into Czechoslovakia.

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