Page 5, 16th January 1942

16th January 1942
Page 5
Page 5, 16th January 1942 — POPE GAVE £75,000 IN CHRISTMAS RELIEF

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U.S. Catholics' Generosity

Pope Pius XII distributed £75,000 to bring urgent Christmastide relief to sorely distressed victims of the war in more than a dozen countries.

This became possible when the Bishops' Relief Committee of the United States put this sum at the Holy Father's disposal early in December. The money had been collected in the Passion Sunday Bishops' Relief Appeal, and Pope Pius XII desired that it should be made available at this time, to bring solace and comfort to people who were in desperate want.

Polish sufferers constituted a large percentage of the war victims who received aid at Pope Pius Xll's hand. The Holy Father had allocated £12,000 to be disbursed for

Blessed de Mont fort's

Pope Pius XII disbursed £7,000 for

Christmas relief among the Slovenes and

Croatians, £8,000 in Greece. £5,000 in England, 13,000 in Scandinavia, 0,000 in Baltic countries. .£5,000 in France. and 45,000 in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.

The Holy Father also set up an emergency fund of £11.000 for the immediate distribution of relief among other peoples whereever this was possible.

By placing the suns of £75,000 to the credit of the Holy See, the Bishops Relief Committee added considerably to the actual succour which American Catholics have been able M recent years to extend to suffering peoples abroad. Through the facilities available to the Holy See, the money was expended directly in aid of the people it sought to help. The money extended still further the very notable assistance which had already been given to suffering peoples through the intervention of His Holiness wherever he has been permitted to assist. The Holy Father, on Sunday, officially approved the two miracles proposed for the canonisation of Blessed Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, founder of the Company of Mary and of the Congregation of Sisters of Wisdom, who was beatified in 1888 by Leo XIII.

The two cures were Sister Gerard, of Calvary, who suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis, and was found by a doctor on April 8, 1927, to be at death's door, hut who was cured through the intercession of the Urania later in the course of the same day. She was back at work two days later.

The second refers to Sister Mary Teresa of the Visitation, smitten with tubercular meningitis in 1934. Cured suddenly in the June of the same year, her restoration to lhaetaelrth was proved to be complete two days One of the two Diocesan Processes was held in the diocese of Portsmouth, where the Montfort Missionaries have a house at RomSCY.

In giving thanks to the Holy Father at Sunday's ceremony, the Postulator of the Cause mentioned that the Legion of Mary would receive the news with especial great joy, " as the statutes of the Legion are saturated with de Montfort's spirit." It will be recalled that Blessed Louls-Marie's great lame is due to his fervent. devotion to Our Lady.

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