Page 6, 16th January 1987

16th January 1987
Page 6
Page 6, 16th January 1987 — Working structures to feel the Holy Spirit's power

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Working structures to feel the Holy Spirit's power

Good News Bible with Introductory Helps (Bible Society, £6.25 hardback). Helps include an outline of the bible story, headlines to introduce sections, suggestions for finding help with personal and spiritual problems, visual guides to understanding given passages, a reading plan and a checklist of well known biblical passages and stories.

God in Action (GNB Mark); The Power of God (NIV Mark); The Way of God (GNB John); The Love of God (NIV John); (Bible Society 75p each). These are printed with full colour contemporary photographs

throughout and they fit neatly into the pocket.

Know Your Bible Workbooks 7 & 8 (Intervarsity Press, £1.50 each). Each workbook contains 50 daily bible studies covering ten weeks, with less-structured weekend projects and can be used independently of the rest of

the series.

The Quest for Faith by C Stephen Evans (Intervarsity Press, £3.95). The book seeks to remove today's common barriers to faith, which demands honesty and a sincere commitment to truth.

The Prayer of Cosa by Cornelia Jessey (Geoffrey Chapman, £4.95). An unusual collection of' meditations by a woman who brings to her reflections the insights of St Francis of Assisi and other spiritual writers.

Holy Spirit of God by F X Durwell (Geoffrey Chapman,

£9.95). It reflects on the Holy Spirit's action in the history of salvation.

Man's Inhumanity to God by David Matthews (Kingsway, £1.95). Is the Church faithful in its witness or has it sold the world a cheap imitation of God?

The Case against Christ by John Young (Hodder & Stoughton, £1.95). This new and fully revised edition provides anew a defence of the Christian faith for atheists, agnostics and enquirers.

Truth in the Son by David Winter (Hodder & Stoughton,

£1.75. A sharply argued affirmation of God's reality and relevance in a sceptical world.

Jesus Loves Brixton Too by, Michael Armitage (Marshall Pickering, £1.95). Michael Armitage vividly portrays the poverty, homelessness, unemployment, racism and aggression that add up to life for many people in Brixton, and finds that the solution to these ills lies in the same liberating and revolutionary principles which Jesus taught.

Foolishness to the Greeks by Leslie Newbigin (SPCK, £3.95).

A deeply thoughful arch challenging book which shoas what must be done if the Churn is to engage effectively with the whole way of perceivini, thinking and living in or modern western culture.

One of Those who Said Yes ly Mariarosa Guerrini OSA (it Paul Publications, £3.25). Tle book's message is explicitly about the call to the religious life, but it is equally addressed > all those who sincerely seek Gal in their own walks of life.

Thomas Kai

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