Page 8, 16th July 1982

16th July 1982
Page 8
Page 8, 16th July 1982 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: VEC Finance Committee, pm. VEC Appeal Committee, Llnacre Centre, SI Joseph's Comprehensive School, Media Committee, Cardinal Allen Grammar School, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Venerable English College, Board of Administration, Salvatorian College, St Bonaventure's Church, Ushaw College, Children's Society, Christs School, East London Church, Hierarchy Working Party on Higher Education, Sacred Heart Primary School, Council of Administration, Secretaries and Laity Commission, Service of Thanksgiving, Bishops' Review committee, CWL Plater College, Deanery Pastoral Councils, St Mary's College, St Joseph's College, Crown Court, Church of St Thomas, Merseyside Council of Voluntary Services, Catholic Children's Society, Malpas, Digby Stuart College, Cathedral Maintenance Committee, St Mary's Church


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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Saturday: Mass, Nazareth House, Finchley. Sunday: Induction of new choristers at Vespers. Westminster Cathedral. 3.30 pm. Mass, Stroud Green, 7 pm. Monday: Silver Junilee of Ordination Mass, Archbishop's House, 6 per. Tuesday: Meeting of Hierarchy review committee, Archbishop'S House, 11.30 am. Golden Jubilee of ordination Mass, St Pius X church, St. Charles Square, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Meeting of Full C.D.A. Archbishop's House. Golden Jubilee of ordination Mass, East Finchley, 7.30 pm. Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Friday: Meeting SL Catholic Caribbean Chaplaincy, 11 am. Diocesan Bishops' Meeting, Archbishop's House, 11.30 am. Ordains Kevan Hayden to priesthood, St George's Cathedral, 7.30 pm. Sunday: Service of Thanksgiving, Canterbury Cathedral, 6.30 pm. Monday: Visit and plant tree, Sacred Heart Primary School, Roehampton, 2 pm. Tuesday: VEC Finance Committee meeting, 5 pm. VEC Appeal Committee Meeting, 6.30 pm.

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: Saturday: Ordination, St Teresa's Penwortham, 3 pm. Attends Walton Festival, Walton Hall Park, 6.30 pm. Sunday: Evensong celebration, St Mary's Church, Knowsley, 6.30 pm. Monday: Meeting for papal visit follow-up. otre Dame Convent, Liverpool, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: view committee meeting, Archbishop's House, We treinster, 11.30 am. Wednesday: Mass to

celebrate 40th anniversary of Fr Collins, St Joseph's. Kirkby, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Thanksgiving Mass, St Mary's, Little Crosby. 7.30 pm.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: Mass and confirmation, St Bonaventure's Church, Bishopston, 7.30 pm. Saturday: Visitation, SI Thomas of Canterbury parish, Fairford, 4 pm. Sunday: Visitation, and mass at 8 am. 10.30 am. St Thomas of Canterbury, Fairf ord. Mass and confirmation, 3 pm. Presents prizes at United Counties Youth Day at SI Joseph's Comprehensive School, Swindon. 8.15 pm. Monday/Friday: Attends Diocesan Clergy Retreat, Downside Abbey.

Bishop Brewer, auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Mass, St Thomas Becket School, Moreton. Meeting with Bishop of Chester, Runcorn. Sunday: Attends Diocesan Youth Rally, Dehon House, South Wirral. Tuesday: Attends Bishops' Review committee, Westminster, 11.30 am. Attends Venerable English College, Meeting, Southwark, 3 pm. Thursday: Board of Administration meeting.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: Chapter Mass, Salford Cathedral, 12 noon. Saturday:Ordains to priesthood Rev. Wilson, St Edmund, Little Hulton, 3 per. Sunday: Visitation, St William, Lee House, 10.20 am. Tuesday: Confirmation, St Clare, Black ley, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Board of Administration, 10.30 am.

Bishop Cleary: Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Mass and final profession of Bro, Joseph, St Michael's Wolverhampton. 7 pm. Sunday: Mass, Solver Jubilee Convent school of Sisters of St Joseph .of Tarbes, Church of St Thomas, Tettenhall, 10.30 am. Monday: Mass and papal awards, Holy Trinity, Newcastle. Staffs, 7 pm. Wednesday: Mass and Confirmations, St Thomas More School, Willenhall, 9.15 am.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster: Sunday: Mass, St Francis of Assisi, Hambleton, 10.45 am. Tuesday: Visits housebound, Cleator parish, 11 am. Wednesday: Attends ' Hanging of Sheriff's Shield' Lancaster Castle, 12 noon. Presides at Silver Jubilee Mass, of Fr Cochrane, St Bernard's, Knott End, 7 pm.

Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury: Monday: Attends AGM of the Shrewsbury Diocesan Catholic Children's Society, Malpas, Cheshire, 7 pm. Wednesday: Attends the Grand Week Meeting, Ushaw, Durham. Thursday: Council of Administration meeting, Crewe, 11 am.

Bishop Ouazzalli, Bishop In East London: Friday: Meeting at Centre for parish catechetics, 7.30 Pm. Sunday: Cord irmation, Kingsland, 9.30. Monday:. School Leavers' Mass, Millwall. 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Confirmation, Poplar, 10am. Meeting of East London Church Leader, 12.30. Wednesday: CDA, 10 am. Confirmation, Hackney, 8 pm. Thursday: Mass, Balls Pond Road, 10.30 am.

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Friday:

Attends Golden Jubilee celebrations, Our Lady's. Lealholm, Mass 7 pm. Sunday: Attends "Springboard", Amplefortn, Mass 6 pm. Monday: Dedicates Blessed Sacrament Chapel. St Pius X, Middlesbrough, 6.30 pm. Tuesday/Thursday: Attends meeting, London.

Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday: Mass, St Thomas More school, Wood Green, 10 am. Saturday: Opening, Nazareth House, Finchley, 5 pm. Sunday: Pastoral visit, St John Vianney, West Green. Tuesday: Mass, Salvatorian College, Wealdstone, 11 am. Thursday: Mass, St Mary's Priory, Stamford Hill. 9.30 am.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Diocesan Bishops' Meeting, Archbishop's House, 11.30 am. Sunday: Mass and Induction of a Deacon, Aylesford Priory, 11.30 am. Monday: Diocesan Finance Meeting,

Bishop HItchen, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Sunday: Our Lady's, Formby. Tuesday/Wednesday: Grand Week, Ushaw College. Wednesday: Merseyside Council of Voluntary Services, 5 pm. Thursday: Cathedral Maintenance Committee, 4.30 pm. Lourdes departure Mass, Metropolitan Cathedral, 8 Pm.

Bishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Chapter Mass, Salford Cathedral, 12 noon. Sunday: Confirmation, St Alphonsus, Old Trafford, 3 pm. Wednesday: Board of Administration, 10.30 am. Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Attends Kent County Show at [telling, 12.30 pm. Parish visitation, to Hythe. Monday: At tends Hierarchy meeting.

Bishop Konstant, Bishop in Central London: Saturday. Ordination, Sacred Heart, Ruislip. Sunday: Confirmations, Westminster Cathedral, 5.30 pm.

Bishop Lindsay of Hexham and Newcastle: Saturday: Attends Founders Centenary Mass. Leamington Hall, Alnwick, 12 noon. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Monkseaton, 3.30 pm. Tuesday: Committee Meeting, Archbishop's House, Westminster.

Bishop McCartie, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, Sacred Heart. Bilston, 10.30 am. Mass for young people, Begbroke, Oxfordshire, 5 pm. Monday: End of School Year Mass, Bishop Challoner, Birmingham. 10 am. Wednesday: Day of recollection CWL Plater College, Oxford.

Bishop McGuiness of Nottingham: Friday: Mass. Holy Spirit, West Bridgford, 10.30 am. Anniversary of laying Foundation, Mass, Melbourne, Derbys, 7.30 pm. Saturday: Mass for Special ministers, St Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham, 4 pm. Sunday/Saturday: Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Sunday: Mass and attends distribution of prizes, New Hall. Monday: Blessi no and opening of new Crown Court, Chelmsford, am. MondayfFriday: Attends Clergy Retreat, New Hall.

Bishop Mahon, Bishop In West London: Friday: School Mass. Hayes, 7.30 pm. Saturday: Silver Jubilee. Kensal, 7 pm Sunday: Western Area celebration Day, St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill. Monday: Meets Mill Hill General Chapter Delegates, Archbishop's House, am. Llnacre Centre, Governors meeting, pm. Tuesday: Deans meeting, Whitehall Gardens, 10.30 am. Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, Meeting, Archbishop's House, 10.30 am. Visits Good Shepherd Sisters, Staines, 6 pm. Thursday: Attends Mass and presentation of KCSG, Little Crosby, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Moverley of Hallam: Friday: Media Committee meeting, 7.30 pm. Saturday: Garden Party at Oldcotes, 2.30 pm. Sunday: Confirmation, Woodseats. Monday: Diocesan Clergy Retreat, Spinkhill.

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Governors' Meeting St Edward's, College, 4 pm. Sunday: Mass for Sr Bernard Joseph. St Hulks's, Eccleston, 10 am. Monday: School Mass, St John's. Fountains Road. Liverpool, 4, 2 pm. Mass, Cardinal Allen Grammar School. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Golden Jubilee Mass, Rosemont Convent, Laurel Road.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Saturday: Ordination, Christ the King, Eastbourne. Sunday: Attends Diocesan Youth Rally, StorrIngton. MondaylWednesday: Attends Hierarchy Working Party on Higher Education. Thursday: Leeds Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Rewsthorne, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Mass for Schools of St Teresa's, Norris Green, 10 am. Saturday: Post papal visit meeting, UpholIand. 2.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation, St Elizabeth's, Scarisbrick. Monday: Post papal visit meeting, Hope Street, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Grand Week, Ushaw College.

Bishop SwIndiehurst, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle: Saturday: School Mass, St Anne's, Sunderland, 10 are. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Thomas. Tuesday: Grand Week. Ushaw College, Durham.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Mass, St Joseph's College, Beulah Hill, 7.30 pm. Sunday: Tea with Deans, Chairman, Secretaries and Laity Commission members of the Deanery Pastoral Councils, Marian Lodge, Wimbledon, 3.30 pm. Monday: Papal visit reflection Day at Digby Stuart College. Roeharnpton. Tuesday: Attends Play at Ursul one Convent school, Wimbledon. 8 pm. Wednesday: Attends meeting Children's Society, 3 pm. Thursday Mass, St Joseph's College, Beulah Hill, 12.45 pm. Presentation at Christs School, Richmond, 9 pm.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Sunday: Diocesan Rally Mass, Hazlewood Castle, 3 pm.

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