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16th June 2000
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Page 12, 16th June 2000 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries


June 18 to 24

Archilishtip C Murphy-(1'(I nor (Westminster): Sun:M, I loly x* Green. Noon. Mon: interviews & Lngagenvents, Arehbps' Hse. hue: Archbishop's Ct yui sal Mtg, dpitt. Wed: Westminster Sch Boast, Vaughan Hse, 10.3tkint N Kensington & Harrow Deaneries, Archbp's Hse, Ilan. The Passage Fundraising Reception. Archbp's Hse, 6.30pin. 'Hsi: Corpus Christi M. CathedraLm 5.30pin Premier of MacMillan 51 & Reception. Anbhp's Fri: Meets Haringey & Ealing Deanery Priests, Archhp's Hse, I I am. 1 lospital Chaplais' Mtg. An:hbp's its. 3.30pm. Sat: Choir Sell. C. Cathedral, 0.30run.0, St Mary's, 1, Findley, 2poi.

ArehhiJiop V Nichuts Winningham): Sun. Deaconite 0, Cathedral. 3pi II_ 1u!. lips' Conf Ed C'ttee, London. Thu: M & Blessing. English Martyrs, Biddulph, 7.30pm. FrikConf of 'leachers, St Augustine's, Kist minster, Noon, 0, St John Fisher. Coventry. 7pm. Sat Prize-Giving, Aston Prinuay School, 1 lam.

Ardibkilsup P Kelly (Lively( Sun:V M. ST Anselm. Chapel of EaseDalltini.

• V M, St Alban, Warrington, 10ant V M, Sacred Hew, Waning:0n, 6pm. Mon 12.00pm. Funeral M for Bp Brewer Bp of Lancaster. Cathedral. Lancaster.Wed: V Sassed Heart Prim Sch, Warrington. Merseyside & Region Church Leaders' Mtg, 4pm. M with Catholic leachers, I' pool Hope U niv College, 7.30pm. Thu: Mtg, Archhp's Hse, B'hiun. 1 Nutt Fri: Deanery Review Mtg, Warrington, 10.30tun V. Warrington Hospital. pm, Sat: Procession of Witness, Choticy, I pm.

Archbishop J Ward (Cardiff): Sun: M & distribution of Papal Awards. Cathedral I lam. Tue: C, St Peter's, C"diff, 7.30prn. Wed: C. Holy Family C'diti, 7.30pm. '111u. M for beast of Ctspus Christi, Cathedral, 12.30pm. Sal: (lohl JuhilcY M, I Jantarnarn Abbey. I lam. V. Si David's, Maesglas, N'porl. 6pm

Bishop T MeNlahon (Brentwood): The: Mig with Publisher; & Editorial Board of Brentwood Nra,s, Cathtmlral Hse, 4.30pm. Clergy Dinner. lip's Hse. 7pm. Wed: Cath Hse Staff lunch, Bp's Hse. I pm. Heads' Reception. Bp's Ilse, 6.30p m. Thu: F Prayer Mtg. Bp's Ilse. Saint Reception for Religious, Bp's Hse, 6.30pin. Fre ('huts nag of Bps' Church Music Cftee, Loudly i. I I _ilium Parish Ouniiks Ramsay', Bp's Ube, 63(Ipm. Sat: 0. Rayleigh. I Litkuo. Reo..-pion lia Heads of Orgs. Bp's Ilse. 6.30pnt

Bishop 51 Alexander (Clifton): Sun: V C, St Bonaventure's, Bristol. Tue: Primary

Sett Leavers M. Cathedral, I I am. C. St Bernadenes, Whitcliureh, Bristol, 7.30pm. Wed: C, St Joseph's, Portithead. 7 pm. Thu: M. Si Thomas More Comp Sch. Bristol. 9.30arn. M. Clifton Cathedral, Noon. hi: Opens New Computer Suite SS Peter & Paul Print Sch, Redland, 11 am. C. All Hallows Sch, Shepon Mallet, Son. C, St Mary's, Gia.stunbury, 7.30pm. Sat: Catechists Symp. St Gregory's Sch. Bath. Concert Cathedral during the Spiritual Sounds Festival. 7.30pm:

Bishop J Rawsthorne (Hallam): SuhPilgrimage, Walsinshant Mote ACCE Conference. Ushuw College, 2pin. The: Bps' Conf Dept for Ed. London. Noon. C, Church of the Annunciation. Chesterfield. 7p111. Wed: Diocesan Finance Bilotti, Pastoral Centre. 10.45. C. Church of the Annunciaiiist Chesterfield, 7pm. Thu: M. Cathedral. 11.45iun. Anniversary M. St Thomas More Chapel of Ease. Shelf. 6.45pm. Sat: CAF01) Jub Celebrations, Wavertree Park, l: pool. Bishop A Griffiths (Hesitant & Newcastle): Sun: M. St Peter's. Low Fell. 8.30 & 10.30am. Service for Schools with Westerhope & Distria Churches Together at Westethope Methodist Church, bon. Tue: Vicar Generals hire at lip's Hse, 10.30am. Fittaioe C'tter 3pm. M, Ushaw College, 6pm for ACCE. Wed: Unveiling of Cardinal Hume plaque, Ellison Place. C, St Augustine's. Darlington, 7pm.Thu: M and practice for 0. I 2.05pm. Fri: V,Holy Rosary, Cetteshead Centenary M, Thomley, 630pn, Sat M, St Joseph's Gateshead, CWL, Noon. Millenn Celch Part View Spats Centre, Chester-le-Street, 6.30pm.

Bishop D Konstant (Leeds): Wed: Ed 2000. Sch V. San. Jubilee V. Burley-inWharfeilde Parish, 730prn. Thu: Cath Cam AGM, Hinsley Half, 4.30pm. Fri: Mtg With Vicars General, Hinsley Hall, 10.30am. Dia,: 0, Ushaw College.Durham. 5pm. Sat: CAFOD Jubilee Celebration.l:pool. Jubilee C. 01. of Good Counsel Parish. Leeds. Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Tue: Priests' Recollection Day, Croobeck Convent, 10.30am. Golden Jubikeof Priesthood. St Wilfrid's, Hull, 7pm. Wed: C. St Bede's, Marske, 7pm.

Bishop I. Metairli& (bloolvimptn); Sun: V & C. Our I ally's. Daventry. Mom M, Coffee Hall for 25 years S, 7.30pm. Tue: C, St Joseph's, Gerrards Crass, 7.30pm. Wed: M. Keynes Presidency Mtg, pm. AGM. 7.30pm. Fri: Child Protection Advisory Op.

Noon. C, St rimy ay's, N'hunpton, 730prn. Sat: Diaconate 0, Great Missenden, II am. Dinner with the KSC. Nhampton, 7.30pm. Bishop J McGuinness (Nottinghiunk Sure Diocesan Pilgrimage to Rodsley. Tue: Sacrament of the Sick, St Teresa's, El trots!, Leicester, 4pm V/C St Teresa s, Birstall, I tic, 7pm. Wed:Schs Comm Mtg, Wilson Hse, Derby Road, Noi'hnm. Thu: M. Corpus Christi, Clifton, NOELS. Eft: Diaconate 0. St Barnabas Cathedral, Nan, 7pm. Bishop C Budd (Plynxiuth): Sun:Diocesan Ng to Dorchester. ant/pm. Mon/Tue: Mtg, London. Wed: M. Margaret Clitherow Hse, I lam. Fri: Ded new cksurom.Teignmouth Sch, am. Sat: V. St Ives. Hoyle.

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun:M. St Lucy's Chapel, Medstead, I ihun. C, P'moilth Dmnery, Cathedral, 3pm. The: C. St Margaret Clithemw, Bracknell, 7.30pm. Wed: Priests & People Manage Cum, I lam . EMU Seminar Plan Mtg, London. 2.30pm. C, St Jospeh's. Maidenhead, 730pm. Thu: Berkshire Silts. Mapledurharn Hse. Corpus Christi Celebration, M 10.30am. followed by Pageant. 12.45pm. Bps' Council Mtg, St John's Convent, Kiln Green. 4pm. Fri: Bp's Council Mtg, St John's Convent, Kiln Green, ant. C. St Edmund Campion, Maidenhead, 7ort.Sat: Diocese Millenn C.elebration, Famboniugh Hill. Farnborough, 10-5pm Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun:C, Stonyhunt College, lOarn. C', St Wilfrid's, Longbridge. 3pm.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun:E Jab Celebration, Taos Park. pm. The: M of Thanks for Cletgy Jubilations, SS Michael & All Angels, Birkenhead, Noon. Thu: Secondary Head Teachers.' Mtg, Wrightington. pin. Sat: V Youth Jubilee 2000 camp.

Bishop F %bosky (Forces): Sun/More V, RAF CranwelL The: Armed Forces Trust Mtg. Aldershot, 930am. Fri: KC Forces Trust Board Mtg. Amhurst Ilse. 10am. Portsmouth Dioc Jub Gathering. rbortsigh. Bishop D Mullins (Menevia): Mon: C, OL Queen of Nam, Liunelli, 7pm. The: C, St Joseph's, Port Talbot, 7pm. Thu: Bp: C'ttee. B'ham, Sat: Family Fun Day, Oakwood Leisure Park.

Bishop K Regan (Wrexham): Sun: Prepnainn fir Wight Youth Driy.Pntrusaph lOans ToeDept Mtg. London. Wed: Steering Cam. London. Thu: ICONS, B'harn, pm: Fri: ICONS, B' ham, Mi I Icon M for Youth Comm. 6pm. Sat Cykh Cathulig, Cdiff.

Key: M-MassC-Confirmation. V-Visitritium 0-Ordination. Mk-Meeting. SchSchool ES•Ecumenical Service.

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