Page 3, 16th June 2000

16th June 2000
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Page 3, 16th June 2000 — Reduce abortion time limit, says Hague

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Reduce abortion time limit, says Hague

A LEADING pro-life charity has welcomed Conservative leader, William Hague's call for stricter control on abortion, Writes Citra Sidhu.

Last week, Mr Hague said he believed that the age limit for abortion should be reduced because "a lot of babies who are aborted are recognisable human beings".

Nuala Scarisbrick, trustee of Life said that despite the fact that babies are all recognisably human from the earliest moment of their lives, Life welcomed the Conservative leader's remarks.

She said: "He is the first leader of any political party in this country to express any pro-life sentiments and speak out against abortion."

Mr Hague's comments were made in an interview with The Daily Telegraph and is latest move in his war on what he calls the "liberal elite", which he says is running the country. He said: "This is a case where freedom comes into conflict with the rights of others. 1 am very tolerant of people living in whatever way they like so long as it doesn't impinge on the lives of others."

The opposition leader said that he also backed capital punishment, although he accepted that it was unlikely that it would be restored.

"I've voted for it in the past and I still agree with it," he said. A party spokesman said: "This is simply Mr Hague's personal view. The proposals remain free-vote issuer," Guy Hordern, a member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, said: "I strongly support William Hague's views on abortion. The 1967 Act states that abortion is acceptable only where the life of the mother is in danger.

"The spirit of the law has not been kept and so as it stands it clearly needs to be tightened.

"The reason that the unborn child is recognisable as a human being is because it is a human being.

"As such, perhaps we should now be looking to recognise that it has human rights.

"Mr Hague's comments will hopefully open up the debate across a range of such issues as part of a common sense approach to tackling them."

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