Page 9, 16th June 2000

16th June 2000
Page 9
Page 9, 16th June 2000 — Understanding the Old Mass

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Understanding the Old Mass

From Mrs Kathleen Johnson Sir, After attending a Low Mass in the Tridentine rite recently, the first for over 30 years, I felt moved to tears My overwhelming feeling was that of sheer relief. Relief that I was able to flick over the pages of my missal and the beautiful prayers of the Mass were still there unchanged for centuries.

Relief that I fully prepared for the reception of Holy Communion, and able to kneel at the altar of the Lord, hands joined, my soul rejoicing at the reverence surrounding me. Relief that instead of having to stay behind after Mass, to make sure that I had I my thanksgiving prayers, these were incorporated in the Mass in the Thanksgiving prayer, Communion Antiphon, post Conununion and in addition the Last Gospel and prayers after Low Mass.

I hope and pray that the Latin Mass will be restored to its rightful place at the centre of our faith.

Yours faithfully, KATHLEEN JOHNSON Blackpool.

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