Page 14, 16th June 2006

16th June 2006
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Page 14, 16th June 2006 — Archbishop V Nkhnts (Birmin g ham): Son. learn M and B l e g ssin g of N ew Sained Glu

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Archbishop V Nkhnts (Birmin g ham): Son. learn M and B l e g ssin g of N ew Sained Glu

Keywords: G, Religion / Belief

m windw, Bulkinit 6prConfinnations, Graell Hill. Iue

1031-kuo Newman Flood of Governors mtg. 7pm Ciofirnittions, Kingshurst. Wed. I Inn Blessing of new school bid, SI Wilfrid's Priman school. I tank 7pm Confirmations. Our Lady ol Perpetual Succour. Fenton Thu: am DSC Conference-Accrington; 2pm V Iasi .kihn Rigby College , Wigan: 6pm attends Ruby Jubilee at Bishop !tams. 930 Archbishop's ('uuncil mtg. 7pm Mass with headtatehers,Coleshill. Archbishop ?Reify His erpool): Sun: Mass of Consecration, St Richard Skelmerstkde 6.30pm. Tur: Nugent Care Trustees in Service day. Formby I Oum; C'hurches lbgether in the Merseyside Regirin Management Conunittee, Aeadems of St Fr.mcis of Assisi, I iverpol Wed: Clergy interviews. Archbishop's House 930ani.C'delinacs Muss, Mary rde, Binningham Rpm Thu. Ckwv, inteniews.Arch bishop's Home 930am; Mass of Thanksgiving for the Eriscopi Ruby Jubilee of Bishop Augustine Hanis, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. Fri; Choney Deaner Clergy day of Rornilection, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Servitt Dinner, Memoside Fin: und RescueSemite HQ, Bootle 730pm. Bishop K Conry & Brighton Sun: Lows Deanery Confirmations, Won h. CARR/ I ruskes Miming. Wed: Lourdes Plysi note Chiplains !tin .Storringtoa Priory: C'eletwates Silver Jubilee Muss for Fr William Junes. the: Visits St Wiltriii's School. Burgess Hill. Fri: Meetings in London. Ordination to Permanent lhaconate Michael Thorns. Ickfie Id Sat: Golden Jubilee of Our lady Help of Christians Parish . West Fly fled and the ()pening and Blessing of the Mario School. Bishop ID MeGough (B'harn nail): Sun: "oar mations, Iturisem )(tun; Songs of Praise, 1 hmicy Ilan. Dudley 7pm. Mon: V St Michael's penury. school, Wolverhampton 2prii, Confirmations St Michael's, Wok erhampu 7pro.Tue V Ss Gtorge and Malin Primary School. Birches head 2pm; Confirmati, os. Birches Head. Wol. V St Augustine's primary school .Melt 2pm; Confirmations. Aka r 7pm. Phu: M tor 600 ordination waiver. san of Mgr Thomas G avin, St Toms More. Owen )7pm. Fri: Archh Council mtg 931kon; V St Modwen's primary. school, Burton-On-Trent 2prn:Confinnations Burtonon-Trent7pm. Sat: 3pm Wedding St Mary 's flarborne. Bishop P Pargehr (Wilton mnil): Sun: V Holy Souls, Aocks Green 2pm: Confirmations, /tondo Grum 730pm. Toe Confirmations, Acocks Green 7 30tun. %Veil: V St May's school. Studley' 2pm; Confirmations Studley 7pn.l u: 2pm V St Edward's school . Sdly Park. C'onfimunitms Selly. Park 730pni. Fri. Archbishop's Council Mm 9,10am; Novena Muss.Munvule institute Split. Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Tue. Clergy Appointments Wed: Clergy Appointmerits Thu Attends Study Ihn, on Tile Gilt of Scripture. Chips ell Fri Clergy flppointments: Attends I hen Sheriff's Garden Party. Halstead. 4pni. Sat: ()pens Eases Itsx-usant Society Exhibition, Birniss,xxl 110.45 am; Medinglinterv lest Diocesan (louse of Prayer, I I 30am: !Semites at Youth 2000 Mass. lhocesan House of Prayer 12 noon Attends Cowen, St Thomas's Church. Brentwond, Bishop D Lang ((lifton): Sun: I pm, Annual Pilgrimage to (itastonbuty.Tue, Spin Dm kw Religious, Prinknash Ahhey. Wed: 10.30 am 'trustees meeting. Bristol; 7pm Confirmation, Si Thomas More. Bnidfordon-Avon. Tim: I lam Piimary School I tams Mass, Clifton t'adtedrul. Bristol; 7pm C7onfirmation, Holy

Oust, . Sul: learn Diocesan Doom! Council, Alexander House, Bristol; Visitation, St Om und's, Salisbury.

Bishop M Enun (East Anglia): Sun: C'ivic service at Nom-kb C'athedral I I am Mon. Commission kw angclisation (Newmarket) 730pm. Wed: Christian Muslim Forum 113111. Thu: Ruby JuN Ice Mass for Bishop flans in Liverpool Clithuiral 6pm. Fri: Confirmations al Bars SiMinim& 7 Sat: Marriage Jubilee Mass at Cathuiral I Ian Chides. Sheffield. lon ( Christi paves Hurghw albs 12ontaster. More I (ant Puny Faith Forum, thshop's House; 7pm Confirmation, Blessed sat-nil-nein Athersley. Cafod board and trustees meeting Wed' I I am, V I intiluilme ['Own; 7pm Our fad> of 1 ustnjrs, Hat kcal home. ilia Assembly Management Cornmitaw nog, Dimond eagle 1(1.30um; Episeopul -1(kh anniversary:Liverpool. Fri: C'onfinnatii in. 1 loly Rood Barnsley 7pm. Sat: (-((PT Reunion 2pm Bishop P O'Donoglauc (Lancastcrh Sun: Visitation of West Cumbria tkonen ; Confimmtion St Benedict's, Whitchiven. I lam; KMPilgrimage Citator, 3pm. Mon: ConfirMil. 11011. OU1 Lady and St Mu-fusel, Wontington, 6.30pm. The: Confirmation, Si Joseph. Cockermouth. 7 30pm. Wed Confirmation. St Joseph. I nrington.7pm. Thur. finish Visitation of W. Cumbria deanery. FM tIsluev College, I lam. Sat: Diocenn pilipimage to 1 adyewcil. Bishop A Roche (Leeds). Tue. 1 pm [Chi tele conference; 630pm Confinnaticin (Humigale Ikanen Service ol the Word . St Robert's, Harnivue. Wed 9. I Stun Meeting with Mowry headteachers SS Peter and Paul, Wakefield; 7pm Cr intimation (Pontet ract Deanery) Service of the Word, St foltn's, Normuntun. Thu: 9.30um Mig with secondary head. teachers SS Peter and Paul, Wakefield; 6pm Attends celehralii in of Bishop Gus Harris Ruby Jubilee. Liverpool. FriI lam Celehm Lion of priesthood Mass. St Paul's. Alwoix1ley Sat. 2pm Mtg with prospectir e seminar. ions Hinsley Hull. Bishop V Malone I L' pool uusil): Sun: V St Joseph, Chorley. Tar: Churches together in the Merseyside Region Management Committee, Academy of St huncis of Assisi, I iverptsil 3.30pin. C. St Bede. Clay. Loll (iron7pm.

Bishop T Williams (I .'pooi auxil): Sun: V

nuol.Our Lady Walsingham, Nether. ton More Confirmation:St Bartholomew Barnhill 7pm. Tue: Nugent Care trustees in senice din: Formby I fkitn; Confirmation. Sr Benedict, Warringon 7pm WedConfirmation: St Thomas of Canterbury. Waterlixi 7pm. Thu: Mass of Thanksgiving fur the emscopil mly jubilee of Bishop Augustine Hams, Metropoh tan Cathedral Of ( twist the King 6pm. 1 fltohnp 3 Crowley (Middlesbrough g lac: Recommissioning of Ministers of the Word iind I Icily Communion, Ampleforth 730pm. Thu. Aucnels Ruby Jubilee of iwistopuo (Bishop Harris) Mattis:4Mo' t'adiednd. liverpsa 6pm. Sac C'elebratesJuhlee Mass Bar Cons cut. York I I 30arri, Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham)! Sun: Conti nations, chant of the Good Shepherd. Woixhhorpe I I 3(kim. Mom Education Management Board mtg. Holy Trinity. NCWIM, 2pm. Wed: Confirmations, St Mary's, lough hough 7pm. Thu: V the Pilgrims Community Mon Ki la nn I pm; Cektrates M at Marynde Institute 8pm. Fri. Confirmations, a Telesis. Birstall 7pm. Sat: UCM iilat,t St Peler.'s, Leioater. II 30aIri.

Bishop C Hollis (Porwrouth); Sun: St John's Cathedral.Portsmouth, ordinations to the permanent diaconate 2_311pm Toe: Bishop's taw, Pu rts omah Himp shii C'hum h Lea

as'Mtg 101030rn.Wed;Jersey CI,Contit ntion:Iha Engish

taw, Pu rts omah Himp shii C'hum h Lea d

as'Mtg 101030rn.Wed;Jersey CI,Contit ntion:Iha Engish Martyrs. Reading C'onfirmation for Reading Deanery 7pm. Fn: Sacral 1 lean. Hook, Mass 7pro, Sat: Mssistml C'onvent. Medsuad, Jubilee Mins 1 lam. Bishop Pi Noble (Shrewsbury); No engagements. Bishop Pflaidrido (S%s ad: Aux11): Thu: St Francis ier Col lege, Annual Review with Chaplains ttlOarn. Sat Diazonate (hdi nation. St kihn's Seminary. Wonersh I 03tium. Bishop Hine ): Sun: Preaches at Severstaks ci sic service held at St Thomas of Canterbury, Scvenoults 3.30pm. Mon: Attends I 'Arctic Chant, lenders mtg. 1.1161.1011 I 4pm; Attends Canon Francis Moron's 40th anniversary ol ordination 6pm. Tee: Attends receptirm hosted by the NI.1114.10 31 Archbishop's House. csuninster 6304Ipm. Wed: Meets newly confirmed lose St linesu's Ashford at The Hermitage 730pm Fri. C'onfinnation St Thomas of Canterbury , Rai nham Rpm. Sat: ordimaii al to the piesthoud ol demon Anthony rho at the Franciscan Study Centre, Canterbury I am; V SittingNiurne parish pm. Bishop P Lynch iS 'wank Ausilk Sun: ( 'orpus Christi Procession, Cork Wed: Mtg of hatchets of Catholic schools in the MUM • arca Cotton] pm. thu: Muss ut France, Cabrini School -Honor Oak I I

Mass at Sacred Heart school

I .30pm: Muss al Our Lady at I kJ, Acton 7pm. Sat: Mtg for Religious. St Peter's, Vauxhall Bishop A Hopei (Wrrninster Auxil): Sun: 1030 am Confimaniuo, Sacred Head C'hunt; Ikrishamsnod; 6.00 pm Mass and Corpus Christi Protession, St Patrick's Soho, Mon: Fagagements Arehbishw's House; 4.0l1 pm Pastoral Visit Co the Capitanin Sisters, Ealing. 730 pm Solemn Mass in honour of St Jaw. maria Escriva, St Thomas More. Sssiss Tee I I _30am In 3.00 gun, I iturgy Committee Vaughan House. In Engagements Archbishop's House. 7.00 pin Confirmation Our I at.' Quten Ap, 641c.. Hes!, Writ. 10 341 am Council of Deans' meeting. Pm Engage. mob Archbishop's KAN:. flat Am Equipments AnhNithep's House, I 30 pm meeting of Sick and Retro.' !Mesta' Committee, Vaughan


House 73 pm Patron-al FtlISI. tit Ito Fisher. Barrow North. Frl:Arehhishop's Council meeting; prn humeri-tents Archbishop's House; 630 pm l'orifirmation,The Sacred Heart, leddington. Bishop B Lengley 'rni osier Auxill: Sure Ordination to pcmsutent diatomite of Fr Mike Bykar, Christ the King, Cockfosters I Oam. Si x doms' meeting at Spanish Place 12noon: Talk at the most Sacred Hunt parish. Rui sl Enangeliwn Vitae-. The (i(vd of I ife Rpm Wed: Council 01 dums.Archhishop's House 1030am, Celebrates CCS Good Shephiml Mass, Westminster Cathednil 2pos, Copenhagen Sven puish 90th anniversary celets-ations 7pin. Thu: Celebrates Maw it St Mary 's


Sch Swiss Conage Iftun, l'onfimiation at Our lady of Hal , Camden 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's Countil,Aschbishop's House 93fkini. (TIT IN celebration Mr retirement of Re, Gethin Abraham-Williams, C.ardiff 6pin Confirmation at the church of the Immaculii. Hart of Mary, Hayes 630pm.

Bishop G Stack (9t mi ismer su'ear. SunDean .

en festival at st Albans Abbey 2 30pin, ('omit en festival at st Albans Abbey 2 30pin, ('omit ir tuition , Our lady and Sr Michael 'c, (incite 6pm. I ue: Reception for celebration of the Pontificate of Pope Hernalict ,Archbisho p House. Wed: Ecumenical commission. A., I bishop's House I 45pm. Fit: Archbishop's Council 0_30arn. Sat: Confirmation. West /tendon 7pm. Bishop T Burns (1-tates): Sun-Mon. Confirmations Rheindahlen Gernutny. Tue: Aporaleship of the Sea Roo:pion !louses of Parliament. Wed: Meeting and furewdl (urinate: ■S AnS HMS Wellington Thu -Eii. Family %voiding Manchester


Aryhbishop P Smith It lintitt): Sun: Continuanisi, at St Helen's church, Barn 1030um. Mon: Knights of St C'ol mho ON( Tournament lit Radyr Golf Club, Conlin. 630pm. Tee: tulig Ecelestort Squirm. London I boon: Sch..; leavers Mass at ilisImp Holley High Scholl . Menhyr Tydfil 7pm, Wed: day for retired clergt in 1 /antarnam Abbey. Cuantinin 1 111171 Thu: Confirmation at St Joseph's church, Pentirth "?..lOpm. Fri. Celebrutien Llundall Cathedral. ■Card fT Iry retirement of C'YT1IN SCCILlary 6pm, Sat Golden Juhilee Mass at 1Junta mum Abbey ,Cvvmhrtin Ilium; I haeonate iaslinatiiins in St 1)tiv id 's .

Bishop M Jabale (Mimi:via): Sun: Confirmation. Holy Name parish. Fisliguard 1(130_ Mon: Radyr (iolf Clubt Clergy Golf Dinner 1830. Fri: (tsairmation Sacred Hum parish. Morrision 7pin Bishop E Regan I Wrexham): Sun Visitatirs, Bung. w..lue: 10 30-1.00pm Priests' Council. I ordo 24pin Clergy tomti ng, Loreto. Wed:


1 30pm Cathed , SR(i Yr 9 pupils' E,rnmaus Huy.: 61X)prn VA' AGM. the: 1030am Clergy Formation mtg; Pm Diocesan Piimary School Sports, Colwyn Bay; 6pm Bishop Hanis's Jubilte. Liverpool. Hi: Vaitation Bangor Primary School; 7pm DPC Sterling Group mtg. RM.! Presto-wry. Sac (rpm Retirement

Gahm Abraham Curchfi

Key: MMass. CA'ontirrnation.V-Vishation. 0-Ordination. Mug-Meeting. Sch-Sthool. ES

b:urnenical hen lee.

We regret we =not guatanteethe inclusion o hii shops' engagements received later Man

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