Page 9, 16th March 1935

16th March 1935
Page 9
Page 9, 16th March 1935 — TOWARDS A CATHOLIC SOCIETY The Question of Immunity

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[We printed a fortnight ago tinder the above head,og an artie1c by Mr.

Bernard editor of " C'utosseuin." He sends tis (his week a sit/1*mm. Lary article wirl.gog certain, clepitile .,;ingeslions. This 'meets the point made,

it huieprri N. by Bernerrd Thislleibicalic lie has sent tie, from wittch tie. print the following extrach—E,DiTon,I I agree with ntost of Nilr. Weirs ttrtirio, bitt VOuld like to multe one er two observeleate.

In the Mist Heel., I would like

me, to \vr11.• eceen(i article in

which lei eel us ia) how oh evil of mode venetly ee. ere to become. immune eondltiOrie, end de hew exectly wj . are. to develup epirelialily and tionterepla. lion so Mai the right. hind of action begins I., they from it.

These ere reeily the thing:3 Ave illit 11-1 knew. In whet way are we. to siert from tee see:elute end, as lie puts it?

In the eheetilie or hie further \iews, F end Irini un this mu in filloStir;11 iiLl11,11 loss helpful anti etigeeselve Omit I found the amen-, liii 1i-e.-ed for Quiet" In the it Illeteimher II last.

IF he NVNI• ti say 1111111110 obvious ;newer j more prayer and ntore .Anuraincio:, I sramici nut feel helped, beceuse I feel that WC still have to distiover how to rnake devout emetic:es 11101.ild the minds and actions of Cathelles.

One does riot_ observe in real life filet the ruldlipiying iii ilcvollt li:eS le have Christian II dlr. There are

leirdreds beeke Hit the spirituel lite. eild pleely I ii ericill sernione the eiiilei seek, I Ian their effect is \yr-H.41E11y seihell.

II le nei that I die:levee well Tele. \Neill; het it eeems to Tile that he

iiiitslarttli-i „Lieu inn., an ri/ly itsientlIce6,


la his lollor 1,1 Editor, err.

ThIslIetIlWaite Ills r;i1s5il Li 1ii,t Ewe

thee ;eel ihet \ve ;well hi L te Mink ;diem ;eel leelly ley I, sulii,e rot, (Air ;wet lien ird the \yield around Lls.

If I 1.hal. mule often apprnaciiIng Thal, rung end I mean that we

often enneciitrate on the eriernots iiilliI,i111;111 on Ilse 1.i■ir:Iti;11 life. lies te. riper lFiat lt peeler. can get viten the realities.. of the Feith, fiction IA ill full■ro, ill ila• riehl way as a matter or cotiNe.

I iii11,1■1111,, 1.11110iir ;1;.`111:1S110--iS lkyroree, hieeliee Li I[l()l.iIltl IP', Trion the wrung end and eopsidete nine's tillysical. erelle apart from those of his S111111Crial5miI: or per/enlister, weiteh reineits basely the

externale of eanetity witleeet the inner Ilre, "Purify the Source"

Of eutirse. Fin net eaying that -Lowe, and do what you will" should lie shrieked from the hotiee-ieps : but if a man asks "How can I beet improve the poor?' the answer is not "Become it member of parliament.," le o. "Purify the source—Improve yourself." Similarly. If Cateolics ask how they may ronveri the A■orlcf, the answer is

not .tt.tilulL Prete:earns' or "Lainili

at the Flaywini,ds,"IliealiZe the Faith viiliiih ■,_.1.1 :mil lite rest will tithe care of itself."

With regard to Mr. Thistlethwaile's Inquiry as to how we can acquire this "immunity" from the mode,irinit.iwHoirtidL: which we require if we are to be able to influence the world, fei teu vest to be answered Iii ;hey article or eny lifetime, bill I have ecit

doe it the lullowing rionsiderations while! Play serve as tA basis fur further diseussiOre

There IS a Problem If I Li I I H I In by ii iL,Uiliiiirind it1

i\ it l'ealiZe

that their ■• piCad. i3 Ihe Intzgo,i ■Inr Mr lay Cellielies in tee. tine. tiiui ‘e are already hall-wey

lee eulie ton, the great lienger le that Ceti].

ree s should accept of the I hee Ili, .1111 ;11.1!..1:1111le 111)1111, ;rod H. they um' be made le [Teller. the fell import of the predilem they will oilen hid the srAntion thoinseives—ror it may °riot, he a personal. one, Entirely New Methods

'We mustn't lie afraid Of eevolu tieliery methods. We way actually tni e to envisage nit eds of organization entirely different irom those of the peel. simply bee:else the innieral framework re ie 'Orreries', Often our mistake rimy lie Li I tryieg

epply materiel xtisleili.s—Vla systems — \\ heel were made for a different end It: eeinelieuteil age than our own.

No Insularity

nllp.torn One emoliey treing tu eiend indepetidertily of timer .1.11 eceeeling the i'llITC11I lietienelization er thought.

eitell hi ste70 of mind e5,pecially fbittibfcor eireensil ceneoir.e lia.ven't gutf a (Athlete: elllittre. ilenre we need le humble oursepec,e,ii till Iltill depend Terve,: on Connie-nen thonelit, end methods einet beeause they are in a.dvanee of orni own), we're docile:eel unless we can set our roots in the great

movement of 'spiritual renewaie whleh is taking place from Sicily to Norway.


ti t id iisi:itiid ii ii I nationaliet bounderiee—end in this respect we can take a n?,sull 'from the eumniuniets, who eeern to terve done u 11=11 in lifteen e'eure as we have done ill a centute. Ire thee lir eeeentially modern move

nienis ii Cummunism we need to do everethine We ean to eneourage Eureoemi "Citthulie solidarity."

It's ner telly theories which we can get from the Continent but, for instance, Inc method or applying Cathote setectiogy in its infancy here), by stiel.-itig movements such as the Jeuilesee Cuivriere Chrelieune, and the practieel application of the papal eneyelleaie In factories in Belgiuni, Holland and north France.

Vocation 0) 'rho qui?sruo or the -spiritual in the .mudern world eves reeenuy touched on in Esprit--a Frenchi

monthly review —Emphasizing the

element ot voyatiote m secular hUh which 1111"Y ..".Errt aWaY by the

mulish of indu,arialisni.

Something or the epirit of the old eppeentieeetup Lysteiii we all know :wont. M. Mounter, tho director of eeprit. hue tried to ehow that it is possible to have a real vocation qua cirtholic, us a doctor, lawyer, poet:teem or what-not else,

The esseilliut element uf this "vocation" isli't a cOlUsStit list of "Don'ts for Catholic doctors,' but a purification of the souree, informing one's. whole. Iiie with the supernatural and the "folly of the Cross."

A New Lay Order?

(3) M. Francois Mauriee, however, the fe.mous, novelise took no this question ii i .'9f—ii. Frerieli Catholic weekly—a gicater mi./Miele en the espiritual " Fortnight ago, by pointing outlitsheatotet

element in a el'aeatien " the wOrld

to tiavitu thi, would. Tu roe

nearly always redueed one in the end

suggestions .111ade by Mounier, itC pointed Out, would remere something whirl] wuuld be very like a new tap religions order ; " the true apostles of our Time."

Now, ilfe, been pointed mit already that there's a strong Movement in that direettoo. and—as the Nvant has been fen. front 50 many different sources— One might say that it will come, hlltnarily speakitig, just bocalie,e it will Mili‘.::fell:011t1' movements Of thie nature have elready been started in Holland' and Germany and ere only a hint. .ft• What TIMY yet COMe. .1 dynamic: force ut the world, ;vet not of the world.

Houses of Quiet iii On tho other hand, if we are, ogricee that the immunity—end prim:ley of eunlemelation—we tee-Jun.0 will be _helped rtorweril by external nidt. ottior item prayer and the seeraments (end I are wholly lit one ie lb floIr 'eh\eii:tt.iulunteitoit: un. this point', then it's clearly IAN. j0.1) to gel together inirnedinieiy for ..oping with the here-andThaw a. practical cluctStiOrt.Son ething.g II)-1 'hie' rile (e7i1111-1Ceslsvt p'''rar,jcil; (1-.te.1 winch still need exploring. Fe; instance, if we're tO 'get together' more lie eae suggested, we certainly do need more then a spiritual life which we have In Common: a Mose organiselion to eo-ordinate many different 11YPeaS ej st yrea7:.°ntiti"1.. 11avlon rriory, a meeting of '..earliolies representing varloos activities from the Catholic Soria' to publishing showed a poesibie

line it

It:s not eve:11y a question of

Immunv of Plae^ colossei highbrows and furious lowbrows going into retreat with one

asriatter a i Loyoia—Ntict4, ttt hainiofbn%sides,mignt ia;

preemie But WP need badly chains

Of houses in the country, for inelanee ehese hilve been suggested benmee sellich are iitollilint• es to piece, where people can stay al a reasonable have lime lo thine. reed and discuss common problems.

T know' it h "else in nurgundy 'where —On entirely nonosdie imes—this sori of thing is done with hrillient seeress.

there's nn rinestion that if ;le he clone fey 171P eeee of A VII;.; iii'

riScr:ritTrlo'r; r. el It nr..hapy run Ty could ne

peeteth human underetalatme.

Conference for Action 1;,,, La.:1 pi., liti,.i erie [roe' verireis itelepetultitie t,f.:7IIICNi 111111 IZ ;..,,,Ans hi hhih I I i i t i I ouglil to he perfeeny peesible to ginner Iegether nemiee' i.r poupic d; to iib5itl-tL ii Vii' vele'teethe ilte probleni I ii b ii Ii ii ii I I II V :;1111 I I./ Sil) 1 hiS souk 111-/S_,1141' hI ii C.slahlls1111:14'llt elong the ernes neigtily ltiiliiILIIl which NVOLIII!

he Ile. hegi i hi hihi of eo-operallon

arnoilL; Nod roprerted aetiott.

If only we even realize what the Issue Is, we'll have clear in our minds--as was said at Laxton—the need for a Catholic ethos. Our principle throughout should be to keep to our own business primarily, and amend our wave, That's the only means of amending the world,

Let's gel on with It straight away.

A Dominican friar contributes a memoir of Fr. Bede Jarrett, O.P., the first anniversary of whose death °Deur, to.merrow (Sunday). Page 11.

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