Page 8, 16th March 1962

16th March 1962
Page 8
Page 8, 16th March 1962 — CHRYSLER EXAMPLE VORFY FIVE employees of

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Locations: Liverpool, Detroit


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Chrysler's Defence Operations in suburban Center Line, Detroit, gather every Tuesday to recite the Rosary for world peace. Led by driver-mechanic Albert Bernier, the group has given up part of its lunch period every Tuesday for the past 15 months. The group is composed of secretaries, mechanics, clerks, engineers, draftsmen and others occupied in the design and manufacture of tanks and vehicles. we stand up in." In addition to the suggestions above, could not manufacturers make their caravans more fire proof? At the moment they seem all too vulnerable.


RETURNING to more orthodox housing, Margaret Remond of Liverpool would like to see "self-build" groups organised by local parishes. She comments, "Most young couples would willingly work all day and every day to get a home for their families, but they need to be organised by experts. Each parish must be rich in 'experts' such as accountants, surveyors, architects, plumbers, builders, painters and labourers, and perhaps "loans" of experts could be arranged between parishes.

"I know that priests have more than their share of worries building churches and schools, but I feel sure they would give their blessing to these schemes and lend halls for meetings."


ALANDLADY who had better remain anonymous wants the law made much harder on 'tenants, and "a return to the method of a month's rent, a month's notice; a quarter's rent, a quarter's notice, i.e. a contract between the landlord and tenant only without other interference or legal proceedings."

This reader's experience of bad tenants leads her to believe that if this were the case, tenants would be obliged to behave better, and more property would become available for letting.


AN Essex reader, Mrs. K. Deffee, suggests many more blocks of tiny flats, with alcove bedroom and kitchenette, each with its own bathroom and w.c., and a little hall equipped with sliding door so that the space could be turned into another room for an occasional visitor.

People living alone would be able to move to these more manageable homes, thus benefiting themselves and leaving their larger accommodation available for families. Mrs. Deffee had the elderly especially in mind, and mentioned as desirable amenities lifts or chair lifts, sound proofing. and someone to help in case of sudden illness.

Engaged couples often need a house, whereas a middle-aged widow would gladly exchange hers for smaller accommodation. One pair of newly-weds recently moved into a house, and the occupant, a working widow, moved in with the girl's mother, who happened to be a friend of hers. It is rare for things to fall quite so neatly into place. but there is no reason why it should be an isolated instance.


WHITE nylon has a built in tendency to go grey or dirty yellow. Once the dirt is in the fibres, it is (or was) virtually impossible to get it out, and daily washing was the only way to slow the process down. Now Pearson's, the international chemists based on Hull, are marketing Hi !, a detergent which whitens the nylon as it washes it. The "top secret" whitener in Hi! costs £10,000 a ton. Worked out in shillings and pence, it means that the colourful squeeze pack costs 3s., and it really seems to work. It is also suitable for coloured nylon.

Pearson's other new product is Collar Stick. The housewife (or careful bachelor) rubs this on the clean collar of cuffs where dirt accumulates, then irons it in. When the shirt is next washed, the dirt is merely resting on the invisible barrier. and floats away in the wash. Scrubbing with a nail brush is eliminated, and frayed collars and cuffs should be a thing of the past. It is renewed each time just before the garment is ironed. (2s. 6d.).

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