Page 10, 16th March 1973

16th March 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 16th March 1973 — Bishops' Engagements

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Organisations: Leeds Diocesan Council of Laity, Diocesan Pramual Council, Anglican Church, Council of Priests, Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication, Stella Marls Club, Central Co-ordinating Committee for Call, Laity Commission, Priests' Consultative Committee on Race Relations, Catholic Church, Liaison Committee, Carmel Sub-Commission, Boundaries Commission, Joseph's College, Se Cuthberes School, S. Thomas's Hospital, Catholic Association, Council of Administration, Committee for the Nurthern Seminaries, Service of Thanksgiving, Union of Catholic Mothers Rally, Ely Theological College, St. Joseph's College, Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, Choir School, Reading University, Pastoral Council, Manchester Clergy Senate, Catholic Ecumenical Movement, Christian Council, Union of Catholic Mothers, Upholland College, Hierarchy Religious Commission, Grace Dieu School, St. Joseph's School, Uphollancl College, National Missionary Council


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Bishops' Engagements

Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Strode), Sings Mess cre Day or Prayer for Northern Ireland, Cathedral, 10.30; says Mass and administers Confirmation. Cathedral, 5.30 Monday: Concelebrates Mass for Petrone! Feast, St. Joseph's College, Mill 14111. 5.45. Tuesday: Addresses Medical end Physical Society, S. Thomas's Hospital. Wednesday: Offers Mass for Diamorel Jubilee of Union of Catholic Mothers. Cathedral, 10.30; addressee Union of Catholic Mothers Rally. Festival Hall. 2.30. Thursdey. Choirs meeting of Governors of Choir School, Archbishop's House, 4; Concelebrates Lenten Station Mass. Sr. Augustine's. Hammersmith. 8.

Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Sunday: Visits Sr. Albans South. Tuesday: St Edmund's House. Cambridge, S.G.M. Wednesday: Hierarchy Religious Commission, Harewood Avenue, 10.30; Deanery Mass. Marychurch. Hatfield. Herts. 8. Friday: Harts and Beds Ecumenical Executive, Diocesan House, Bisbee Guentelli, Auxiliary of Westminster Monday: Little Sisters of the Poor, Portobello Road. Tuesday: Famey Group. Si, Thomas More, 7.30. Wednesday: Concelebrates Mass with Cardinal Heenan and others to celebrate 80th Armiversary of the founding of the Union of Catholic Mothers, 10.30_ Thursday: Station Mass, Our Lady of Victories. Kensington, 8. Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Monday: National Missionary Council. The Boltons, 10. Tuesday: Council Meetino. St Edmund's Flouse, Wednesday: Council of Administration, 11; United Christian Council Meeting, St. Margaret's. Twickenham, 8. Saturday; Diocesan Pramual Council, Church House, 2.30, Saturday/Monday' Pestoral visit, St. Augustine's. Haringey.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Confirmation and Benerliciien. Holy Family, Small Heath, 3 and 4.30. Monday: Meeting for "New Initiative'', Central Hall, 7.30, 'Wednesday: Diamond Jubilee of U.C.M.. London. 10.30. Thursdey: Visits Our Lady of Wayside. Shirley, 10.30; blesses Se Cuthberes School. Stechford, Friday: Boundaries Commission, St Chines, 11:

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of BirminghemSunday: Confirmation and Mass. St. Francis, Budworth, 2.30. Monday: National Artereinnaty Cnuncil, Londen, 10; presides at Catholic Association meetinu, 5.30. Tuesday: Concelebrates Mass at Si. Joseph's, Trent Vale, 11 Wednesday: Priests' Consultative Committee on Race Relations, Coventry, 12.30. Friday: Boundaries Commission, St. Chad's, 11, B ishop Emery, Aurriliary of BirminghamSunday: Mass and Confirmation. Our Lady, Tile Cross. 4. Monday. Visits school end sick and celebrates Mess, Birmingham Oratory, 12.45. Wednesday: Visits school and sick,, Sr_ Thomas More, Kidlington Friday: Meeting of Committee. for Boundaries, Se Chad's, 11; Mass and Confirmation. Elimereerarn Oratory, B. Bishop Hattie, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Visits parish and sick of St Raphael's, Widnes. Monday: Concelebratee Mass for Patron& Feast, St. Joseph's College. Upholland. Tuesday: Meeting with Minister of Houeing, London. Wednesday: Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of U.C.M., Royal Festival Hell, London. Thursday: Meeting clergy concerned with Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, University Chaplaincy, Liverpool. Friday: Co-ordinating Committee for the Nurthern Seminaries, Uphollancl College,

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Uverpool Sunday: Concelebrates Mass and preaches on the Metropolitan Cathedral, 5: celebrates Mass and presents religious certificates to teachers on the University Chaplaincy, 6.15. Monday: Concelebrates Mess, St. Joseph's College, Upholland. 1 celebrates Mass and confers Confirmation. English Martyrs' Church, Kirkby, 7.30. Tuesday; Concelebrates Mass in the Chapel of SS. Peter and Paul, Warwickshire. to corn memorate the publication or the New English Missal, 12; blesses school and extension at the parish of Our Lady of Walsingharn. Bootle, 7.30. Wednesday: Final meeting of the Central Co-ordinating Committee for Call to the North, St. Andrew's Hatl, York, 11; Deanery mooting of Pastoral Council, St. Aeries_ Huyton. H. Thursday: Visits schoola and sick of parish, St.Joseoh's. WrIghtinoton, 11; celebrates Mass and confers ConfIrrna tion, St Rariholomew's, Rainhill. 7. Friday: Celebrates Mass and confers Confirmation. St. Bartholomew's. Rainhill, 7.

Archbishop Cowdeioy of Southwark Sunday: Mess, Visitation and Confirmation. St. Jahr! Vianney. Bexley Heath, 3. Wednesday: Concelebrates Nitres at Westminster Cathedral, 10.20; U.C.M. Ratty, Royal Festival Hall, 2.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark -Tuesday: Mass, Visitation and Confirmation. St. Thomas Mora, Bexley Heath, 7.30. Wednesday: Meeting at St. Jahn's Seminary. Wonersh. Thursday: Mass and Confirmation, St_ Mary's. Clapham 7.30.

Bishop Warlock of Portsmouth Sunday: Mass at Catholic Chaplaincy, Reading University. 10.45: Confirmation. St. Joseph's • Maidenhead. 3.30. Monday/Friday. Visits diocesan students, Ireland.

B ishop Grant of Northampton Saturday/Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation at Olney. Monday. Meeting of National Missionary Council. Tuesday: St. Edmund's House Extraordinary Meeting at Holy Rood Convent. London. Wednesday: U.C.M. Diamond Jubilee Rally, Royal Festival Hall, Landon. Thursday: Clergy Study Day at Clapham Park. Bishop Ellis of Nottingham Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Mary's, Derby_ Wednesday: Diamond Jubilee celebrations U.C.M., Westminster. Thursday: Lord Mayor's At-Home, Nottinieharn; Lenten Station M ass, Good Shepherd, B.

B ishop McGuinness, Coadjutor of Nottingham Tuesday: Concelebrates Lenten Station Nless, St. Alben'tle Derby. Wednesday: Golden Hoursiu

Nottingham. 3; Concelebrates Lenten Station Mass. St, Joseph, Leicester. Thursday: Meeting of Building and Sites Commission, Nottingham, 3. Saturday: Confirmation at Grace Dieu School. 3.

B ishop McClean of Middlesbrough Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Joseph's, Stokestay. and St. Margaret Clitherow, Great Ayton. Monday. Celebrates Mass, St. Joseph's School, Loftus, 9.30. Wednesday: Concelebrates Bishop Brunner Annewersary mass. Cathedral, 7.30. Thursday Visitation and Confirmation. Sr. Leonard and St. Mary, Melton, 7.30. Friday. Mass at St. Mary's School. Hull, 11: governors' meeting, 2.30. Saturday. Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication. Hull Royal Infirmary, 2.

B ishop Holland of Salford Sunday: Visitation 11, Confirmation 3, Sr. Gregory's. Farnworth. Tuesday: Allen Hall, Manchester Clergy Senate, 10.30. Wednesday: Lenten Station, Cathedral. B. Thursday: Schools Commission, 10.30; Lenten Station, Si. ,1\114r,(1 Eccles. le, Friday: Vrtihaits10s3chooci: ylisatned sick, St. Gregory s, Farnwo

tion, Si, Teresa s, Firewood, 2.30.

Bishop Burke Auxiliary of Selford Sunday: visitation 11 Confirmation 3 At. John Fisher, Kean:day. Tuesday: St. Edmunds House Society, Holyrood Convent, London. Wednesday: Hierarchy Religious Cum-MsSion, Harewood Avenue, London. Thursday: Schools Commission. 10,30. Friday. Lenten Station, St. Cuthbert's. Withington. Saturday! Parish covenant. scheme organisers A.G.M., Stella Marls Club. Salford, 3. Bishop Restleaus of Plymouth Sunday: Okehampton Mass and Visitation, 11; Confirmation, 3, Tuesday: Deanery Conference, Bishop Casey of Brentwood Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Sr, Theresa's, Stansted. Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmslion, SS. Peter and Paul, Ilford, Wednesday:

Meetinp of Essex Churches Consultative Group, New Hell. Chelmsford, 1030, Thursday: Colchester Deanery Meeting.

Bishop Cunningham of Hexham and Newcastle Sunday: Mass 81 St Dada's, Newcastle, 11. Tuesday: Meeting at Holyrood Convent. London Thursday: Council of Priests, Mary Peewee.? Convent, Newcastle. 11.

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle Tuesday: Mass at St. eerie:fel-es Colleoe Ushaw 9.15, Thursday: Council of Priests, Mary rkeparatrice, Newcastle, 11, Friday: Laity Commission, K.S.C. Clete Lender,.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Joseph's. Brighouse. Mondey. Consecration of St. Patrick's Church, Birstali, 7. Thursday: Diocesan Finance Commission Meetine, 11. Friday: Governors' meeting. Trinity and All Saints Colleges, 11. Saturday: Leeds Diocesan Council of Laity Meeting, Headingley, 2 pm_ B ishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Sunday. Confirmation at the Assumption, Blackpool, 3,30 Wednesday, Liaison Committee for Religious at Harewored Avenue. Loedue, 11, U.C.M. Rally. Festival Hall, London, 2.30. Friday; Meeting of Vocelion Directors at Upholland College, 11.30. Saturday: Carmel Sub-Commission. Carlisle. 11.

Bishop Grazer of Shrewsbury Sunday: Celebrates Mass for Peace In Northern if-eland. Cathedral, 11. Monday: Ordinations, Sr. Joseph's College, Hawkstone. Tuesday: Administration board meeting, Crews, Wednesday: Diamond Jubilee celebrations of U.C.M. Festival Hell, London. Thursday: Meeting Of Council of Priests, Crewe. B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Saturday/Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. John the Baptist, Timperley, Tuesday: Administration board meeting, Crewe. Wednesday: Preaches at Anglican Church of Resurrection and All 'Saints, Caldy, Thursday: Council or Priests meeting at Crewe Saturday: Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady and St. Christopher, Ftornilay. B ishop Bowan of Arundel and Brighton Monday: Meeting of Diocesan Council of Administration. Bishop's House, Hove; visits Little Sisters of the Poor and Si. Joseph's Horne for the Aged, Hove. Tuesday: Confirmation at Convent of the Holy Child Jesus, Mayfield. Wednesday; U C M Jubilee, Festival Hall, London. Thursday: Leaves for visit to Irish seminaries


Fr. Henry Fleming St. John, 0.P., founder of the Catholic Ecumenical Movement, aged 2. Educated at Haileybtrry and Cambridge, he went on to Ely Theological College and St. Stephen's House, Oxford, to prepare for Anglican Orders.

He was ordained in 1915, but after a brief period as a curate in Devon he enlisted as a private Soldier and served in Flanders. In 1917, after two days of conversation with Fr. Viiicent McNabb, 0.P., he joined the Catholic Church. After demobilisation in 1919 he joined the English Dominicans.

In the late 19305 he inaugurated a series of conversations with Anglicans at Kelham, and after the last war these continued at Mirfield, Yorkshire.

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