Page 4, 16th March 1979

16th March 1979
Page 4
Page 4, 16th March 1979 — Religious Books

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Organisations: Alcoholics Anonymous
Locations: Canterbury


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Religious Books

The Way of the Disciple by George Appleton (Collins 95p)

This is not a book to be read through and then put down. It is a book of prayer and meditation. Each section is preceded by a text from the New Testament to serve as a hook on which to hang what follows.

The author's deep spiritual life shines through all he writes. Each page needs to be read slowly and its spiritual message digested. There is a Foreword to the book by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Yours Faithfully by Gerald Priestland (Collins 95p) These five-minute talks were given on Radio 4 under the title "Yours Faithfully". They deal with the religious issues and controversies of the day.

They are descriptive of what happened in the religious world of 1977 and 1978. The author has no pretentions of being a trained theologian. He describes himself as a sThristian journalist.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day compiled by Alan L. Roeck.

This book was intended for members of Alcoholics Anonymous, but it is not confined to them. It is for all those who suffer some emotional or spiritual affliction.

It comprises meditations for every day of the year. Each day contains a "Thought for the Day"; this is followed by "Meditation for the Day" and finally there is "Prayer for the Day".

The purpose of the book is to provide help and comfort for those in trouble. This is an American book which is distributed by Broadway Lodge. A treatment centre for Alcoholism in Weston-super Mare.

A Season with the Saviour by Edward R. Sims (Seabury Press and SPCK £2.50) These meditations cover the Gospel of St Mark. They are arranged to occupy the 40 days of Lent, including Sundays, with morning and evening readings for each day.

Each meditation is headed by a text which provides the matter for the subsequent interpretation and exposition. The readings are well thought out and are spiritually inspiring. They should make the reader think not only of the meaning of the Gospel text but also of his own involvement in the life and teaching of Christ.

The book can also be used as an aid to study. Suggestions for discussion and reflection are given at intervals.

[he Bootstrap Fallacy by Robert K. Hudnut (Collins £3.95) The sub-title is "What the selfhelp books don't tell you". The author states that they leave out a fundamental element in selfachievement and so are unable to become what he calls a superachiever.

The writer, who comes from the US, has Americans in mind as his style clearly indicates. His book is full of the factors that go to make a super-achiever. Reli

gion based on the Bible is essential, he states, for personal wholeness and , therefore for super-achievement. This helps to bring about an inner and outer fusion in a human being.

He writes: "The key to our problem of achievement ... is to heal the split within each of us between doing and being. To fuse the outer and the inner person."

People, he says give up "being for doing". They neglect their inner lives through being caught up in external activities. We cannot, he says, of ourselves bring about our wholeness. We need God.

Maurice Nassau SJ

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