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16th March 2007
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Page 14, 16th March 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: St Augustine's School, Ushau College, Archbishop's Council, Priests' Deanery & Deanery Pastoral Council, Bishop's Council, Angels Church, Service of Reconciliation, Episcopal Council, St Philomeria's School, Memorlb Service for Lord Michael Nolan, Pointy School, Mao Chaplaincy Conunissioning Service, Lady's School, Primary School, Health Care Ministry, Newman College Board of Govets, Term Service, °moo College, Gillis Centre, Bio Ethics Committee, Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council, St Joseph's School, CTS Committee, College of Consuhom,430pm, Standing Committee, St Thomas' Primary School, Centre for Evangelisation, None Dame High School, St Wulstan's Primary School, OSCOR College, Wellington College, St John's Commehensive School, Ushaw College, Lawside Academy, St John's High School, Cafod Board, Addsesses WhilS1101r Council of Churches, St Paul's College, Together Service, Newman College, Pastoral Centre, RE Office, Halewood Pastoral Area Service of Reconciliation, Church of England High School, United Nations, Bishop'court, Council of Clergy.Aldersbot, l'wo Cathedrals Service, St Teresa's Primary School, Pascal Centre, Birmingham University, RC Primary School, Union of Catholic Mothers, CPS Management Committee, Bishop's Conference Standing Committee, Lady & St Michael's Church, Omen College, Youth Management Committee, St Peter's Church


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March 18 to March 23

Cardinal MurphysO'Cotsnor l Westminster) Sun Cele/macs Mass. Our Lads M Csestochow a, Lslington, I lam. Moe NUM with Standing Committee, Archbishop's House. 10 ?O urn, Tue: Mesa with COIMCil of Deans. Archbishop's House. 1030arn Wed, Meets with Diocesan Trustees, Archbishop's House. Darn Thu-Fn, Archbishop's Council InSenace meeting. Kairos Centres sclera/es Memorial Mass for Lord Nolan. Wesuninster Cathedral. I lam.

Archht4b0P KAY (Liverpool) Sun: Vaitation Mass, St Michael, Dino, Widnes. 10am. Mon: Bishop's Conference Standing Committee. Westounster.10arn The, Archbishop's Coimcil, Liens pool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. 10.15am. Wed: Ptemot Pastoral Area Clem' meeting. St Leo.Whiston,930arn: Preses Pastoral Area Lenten Station Mass, St Leo, Winston: Wootton dr Halewood Pastoral Area Service of Reconciliation, Our Lady oldie Assumption. Gab-acre. 7pm. Thu: Council of priests, Liverpool Arcbtboceaan Centre for Evangelisation. 1030am. Fri. Pastoral Area Team Leaders' meeting. St Om id & St Edmund Anowsmith, Ashion-in-Makerfield. 2pm: Lenten Refleaion,SE Anse. Orms.kirk.73Cpm. Srt 'Set AL Free' Service. Liverpool Anglimn Cathedral. I Ism: Service of Reconciliation. Ow Lady of the Annancation , Bishop Eton, Liverpool. ipso: Visitation Mass, St John Fisher, Widnes. 6pm.

Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) Mon: Standing Committee meeting . Wed: Inter-faith Committee meeting. Thu: Cambridge Interfaith programme. Archbishop's House. 3pm. Sat Meeting, Anchbishope House. Westminster. ant Archbishop NkhoL, (Birmingham) SuM Mass ee Blessing new chapel. May Mother of the Cmach Convent. Stretton-under-Fosse. I lam. Mn,,: Standing Committee meeting. Westminster. CE,S Management Committee meeting Landon . 1pm. The 70th Anmveriary Mass. St Huheres Primary School. Oldbury. 10_30am: meeting with Newman College degree assessors. 130pm; Birmingham Citezeas puhlic meeting uo ktimigobort Birmingham University, 7pm. Wed: Newman College Board of Govets non meeting.1010am: Birmingham East Deanery Closing mating. 7pm. Thu: Clergy Day of Recollection, °moo College: torifirmations Redditchffiromsgrove, 7pm. Fri: Confirmations. Redditch/Brotesgrove, 7pm. Sat Parish visitation, Wolstanton.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Sim Pastoral visitsnon & celebration of Mass, St Mary's, Bangs, gam_ Mon: Inter-religious Leader'. meeting, Bishop'court. 7.30pm. Tue: Lunch with the Mayor of Salfcatl. Salford Civic Cease, 1145aro. Wed: Station Maas & Diaconate Ordination, St Chad's. Cheatham Hi11,730pin . Thu: Visitation, St Wulstan's Primary School. Great Harwood, 1030am: visitation. St Hubert',, Pointy School, Carat Harwood. 130pm. Fri: Private appointments.

Bishop Budd (Plymouth) Sun: Visitation. St Josephe,Weyinouth. Tue/Wed: Bio Ethics Committee meeting, Northern Ireland. Wed: 'Talk, Christians Together in Newton Abbot, 7.30pm. Thu: Trustees rrreeng. Bishop's House,1030am.Tho/Fri: Overnight deanery meeting, Torbay Deanery. Sat: Visitation. St Joseph's Parish, Newton Abbot.

Bishop MUMS (HM Forces) Tee: Reception. Farnborough. Wed: End of Term Service, Wellington College, lOam. Thu: Council of Clergy.Aldersbot, 2.15pm. College of Consuhom,430pm; Chrism Mass, Cathedral , Aldershot. fpm. Fri: Hare Dame de France Lotdon Trustees meeting.

Bishop Corry (Arundel & Brighton) Sun: Accompanies Archbishop Jos of Nigeria. Mon: Mass of Thanksgiving, Copthorne. Tue. Council of priests & deans' meeting, Dab., Wed, Good Shepherd, Worth Abbey. Thu: Richard Stewart Memorial Lecture. St Paul's College. Haywards Heath; '40 Years On -CalhotioMethodist Dialogue' lies'd David Chapman, The Friary Crawley. Fri-Sat Cafod Board meeting, Leeds.

Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Sun: Visitation, St Patrick's. Corby including Confirmation. lOarn. Mon: CBS Management Committee. Ecckston Squase,Loncloo, 2pm. The Confirmations, SS Philip & James.Bedford.7.30pm. Um: Council of priests. Bishop's House, 10.30am: Salt & Light Team. Bishop's House, 7.30pm. Fe: Mass of Farewell for Mr David Tew. St Edmund Campion. Wellingborough. 1030am. Sat, Massa start of visitation, Our Lady's, Wellingborough. 6pm.

Bishop Dunn rilexham and NMC1141:1.0 SUM: Man for Health Care Ministry. St Mary's Cathedral: conanisseming of New Lay Chaplains, 3pm. Mon Religious Leaders Group meeting, Bishop of Newcastle's House. 7.30pm. Tue, Mass, Ushaw College in honour of St Cuthbert, 6pm Wed: Visitation closing meemg for Deanery 15, Bishop Auckland. 7pm. Thu: Meeting with Union of Catholic Mothers, Swanwick. 12.30pm. Fri:Episcopal Council & trustees meeting, Bishop's House . 930am. Sat_ North East Quinlan aunt. Together Service. Durham Cathedral. Ilarn. Bishop EVRIS (East Anglia) Mon: Bishop's Conference Standing Committee meeting, Westminster, 10.30am. Tut, Mass & Elections Quidenham Monastery. Sam. Wed: Shrine Council Mass & meeting, Vs'alsingham, 12pm; Norfolk & Waveney Churches Together Forum. Norwich.7.30pm, Thu: Cambridgeshire Church Leaders meeting, I lam; Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council. 2pm. Fri: Open new St Mary's Budding, None Dame High School. Norwich. am; Diocesan tidy Lied twinning gathering, 'Thetford, pm. Sat Diocesan Certificate Day (on Populorum Progressio), St George. Norwich, 10.30am-3pm.

Bishop Hendrkka (Auxiliary in Southwark) Mon: Meeting with UCM. Sutton. 1 lam; CTS Committee, Vauxhall, 2.30pm,The, Priest Support Group. West WmIshans, 4pm. Wed: Commissioning of Extraordinary Ministess of Holy Communion, St Philomeria's School. Carshalton, 2pm. Thu. Wandsworth R.C. Heads meeting, Tooting Bec, I lam. Fri: Priests' Penitential Day, Wimbledon. Al Day. Sat, biter-Diocesan meeting, Westminster.10am Anti-Slavery Walk of Witness, 12pm.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun: Theation. St Vincent, Dui:font The Addsesses WhilS1101r Council of Churches. 73,0pm, Wed: Attends Diocesan Schools Inspection meeting,Arch bishop's House. I lam: meeting of Marriage &

• Family Life. Eccleston Square, 2pm-4pm. Fri: Concelebrates Mass for School Ohmlains retirement. St John's Commehensive School. Gravesend, 7pna. Sat, Visitation, St Augustine Ramsgate.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun: Parish visitetion. St Thomas More. Teeyford. Mon: Bishop's Conference Standing Commie= meeting. London: Heodred Trustees meeting. Fast Hendrod. I lam. Wed • Father Mark Hartley's Golden Melee Celebra:ions, Mans Mount St Bernard Abbey. Leicester, hams Ihn-Sat Bishop's Confers:a. Department for intemanonal Affairs meeting, Rome.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Son: Meets Calm motion candidates, 5.30pm-6 30pm, followed by Mass. Ealing Abbey, 7pm_ Mon' Mass, Our Lady of the Rosary. Massie/sone, 6pm, followed by dinner with Ethnic Chaplains. Tue: Deans meeting. Archbishop's lipase. 10.45am:pm engagements, Archbishop's House: reception of body & Mass for the Repose of the Soul of Fr Isidore Gory. OCD. Our Lady of Mount Cannel Sc St Simon Stock, Kensington, Opm. Wed: Visit, St Benedict's Junior & Senior Schools, W5. Thu-Fri Archbishop's Council Sat Pastoral visitation. St John Fisher, Shepperms; Young Adults Mass. St Thomas of Canterbury, Fulham,6pm, followed by mating.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Sun: Confirmations. St John Vianney. Coventry, learn. Mot, Confirmations Si Elizabeth's, Coventry, 7pm. Toe: Birmingham Citizens Public meeting on Immigration. Birmingham University. 7pm. Wed-Thu: Come. meeting.Rome. Thu-Sat Folly Years Jubilee of Treaty of Rome, Rome.

Bishop Lang (Clifton) Sun: Celebrates Mass, Holy Family, Palcbss ay, Btisto1.930ant celebrates Mass, Holy Family. Patchway, Bristol. Ham. Mom Opening of St Joseph's School. Swindon, I tarn. RE: Schools Committee meeting. Bristol. 1030am. Wed: Trustees meeting, Bristol. 1030am. Sat Seekmg the Face of Christ Lenten messing. Cbeltenham. 10am.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Confrnatoons, SI Thom, Mae, Dulwids, 12pm and 3pm. Tut: Meeting of head teachers of primary schools in the South-Eat arm, Hartley HAI ,Catical, 2pm: Confirmations, St John Faher. Kidbrooke. emit. Wed: Meeting of Deans from the South-Fast area. St Peter's, Woolwich. I lam. Thu: Day of Recollection for the Carmelite Friars. Aylesford: Confirmations St Peter's, Woolwich, 7.15pm. Sat Ordmation of Br Michael Pocky,. OFM Cap, Our Lady of the Angels Church, Erith. 12pm.

Bishop MeGough (Birmingham) The: Visits Primary Schools in Kidsgrove & Golden/Q.130pm Conformations, Cloldeishdl. 7pm. Wed, Clergy Day of Recollection, OSCOR College. !2pm; celebrates Ordination Jubilee of Canon Gerry Hanlon, 7 30pm. Thu, Clergy Day of Recollection. Omen College. 9ans: visits St Teresa's Primary School. Trent Vale. 2pm: COOSMUM0113, Trent Vale, 7pm. Fri, Visits St Thomas' Primary School. Team 2pm: Confirmations. Tem. 7pm.

Bishop McMahon IBrenewooi; Sun: Visitation & Confirmation, St Peter's. Dagenham. Tue Meetingsrusteniews,Cathsdrol House. Thu. Attends Leaves Day of Reaillection.Chigwell. Sat Meeting. Westminster. 10am: attends Gift Aid AGM. Brentwood, 4pm.

Bishop McMahon Nottingham Sun: Visitaern, St Joseph the Wodcer. Suton-b-Ashfeld. Mort Biahop's Conferen. Standing Commune. Archbishop's House. Wennunter, I lam. Wed, Diocesan Sick & Retired Priests meeting, All Sainte Old Glossop

Bishop Malone (LivetpooD Sun: Ecumenical celebration of choral evening prayer, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, :1pm_ Tue. Archbishop's Council, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 10 15atn: Confirmation. St Stephen. Orford. Warrington, 730ml:1.Thu: Council of priests. Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. /030am For Pastoral Area Team Leaders' meeting, St Oswald & St Edmund Armwsmith, Ashton-in-Makerfiekt Ann. Sat 'Set All Free' Service. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, 11 art

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun-Sat Visit to Rome.

Bishop O'Donoghne fLaticastet) Sun: Visitation, St Mary's. Yealand; Mass, Cenacolo. Kendal. 3pna Mat Meming.Ampleforth Abbey. Toe' Deanmy meeting and lunch, St Joseph, Lancaster. 1pm: Mass for Feast of St Cuthbert. Ushau College, 6prn, Wed. Council of priests. 1030am. Fri: Bishop's Council meeting, 1030am: Youth Management Committee, 4pm: Set All Free Campaign. Catbetal, 730pm Sat. Travellers meeting, WisLILS100 Hall. Crewe visitation. St Mary's of the Angels. Bolton le Sands, Bbhop Pargeter (Birmingham) Mar Mass, St Sosepli's Home, Harboroe, 7mti.Tue: Visits Our Lady's School, Worcester, 2pm: Confirmations. Ota Lady's, Worcester, 7pm. Wed: Birmingham East Deanery Closing meeting, 7pm. Thu: Visits St Augustine's School. Handsworth, 2pm: Confirmatiora , St Augustine's. Handsworth, 7pm. Fri Mass for Canon !oho Gonne 40th Anniversary. Hall Green 730in.

Bishop lervisthorne (Hallam) Mao Chaplaincy Conunissioning Service. Sheffield Cnikerne Flospita1,12,15pm. Toe: Causal of priests, Pascal Centre. I Lam: AGM, South Yorkshire Workplace Chaphinny. 6pm. Wed: Mass, St Michael's Catholic & Church of England High School. 1por, Diocesan Jose. & Peace Comtnisuon. Pastoral Centre, 7pm. Thu: Church Leaders meeting, Barnsky.1230pot SST Dinner. Town Hall. Sheffield, 7pm. Cafod Reudental meeting, Reeky 1-1,11.

Bkthop Roche (I eels) Moir StandirtgCommittee meeting. Archbishop's House, Westminster, lOom. Wed: Deans' mechog.Ffinsky Hall. 10am. Fri: VG's meetmg, Bishop's House. 10anx meeting with Deans of Whartedak.KeighleySkipton. Harrogate

& Selby. Bishop's House. Sat Sister C.:amyl's Final Profession, Wood Hall, Cannel, 2pm.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Sun: Visitation continued, Holy Cross & St Helen. St Helens: ecumenical celebration of choral evening prayer. MeoupolitinCatheiral of Christ the King, Liverpool. 3pit. Moo: l'wo Cathedrals Service' meeting, Metropolitan Cathedral of Chest the King, Li 9ansTue-Wed, Bishop's B m Ethics meeting, Cam lough.Northern Ireland. Thu: Bishop's Conference Healthcare Refereuce Group. London, 12pm. Fri: Vain St Mary's RC Primary School. Blackbrook. St Helens, 9.30am: celebrates Mass, parish church of Our Lady & St Nicholaa.Liverpool,130pm, Pastmal Area Team Leaders' meeting, St Oswald & St Edmond Arrowsmith,Asthon-m-Makerfield, 2pm. Sat: 'Set All Free' Service, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. 1 lam: visitation Mass, St Mary, Blackbrook, St Helens, 6pm, WALES

Archbishop Scnith (Cardiff) Mon: Bishop's Conference Standing Committee meeting. Westminster, 10am: CIS Management Commis. meeting, Vanhall. 2.30pm Tue: Station Mass for North Gwent Deanery. Our Lady & St Michael's Church, Aberit=.7pcn2. Wed: United Nations Day fiLithde bag, Cardiff Bay. gam: Station Mass for Cardiff East Deanery, St Peter's Church. Cardiff, 7 Thu: Memorlb Service for Lord Michael Nolan, WM:72117SSE7 Catheft. 2M11: meet. n , Ecclestaa Square. London, 2pm. Sat: LIFE Conference, Northampton.

Bishop Jaballe (Menevia) Mon: Chapter Mass & lunch, St Joseph's Cathedral. 1130arn; Lenten Station Mass ,Ammanford Parish, 7pm Toe, Lectio Divine Group 7, Bishop's House. Dam. Wed: Mass, St David's Parish. Swansea, 12.30pm: Liturgy of Admission of Choristers and Blessing of Robes, St Joseph's Cathedral, 4.45pm. Thu, Lectio Divine. Group f, Bishop's House, I lain.

Bishop Regan ,Wrexham) Sun: Visitation. Rhyl. Moo: CPS Management Committee.London. Tile, Leadership in Catholic Education Course, Rome. Set: Legion of Mary Aries Ceremony. Ruabon, 2.30pm.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sun: Mass with National Directors of Pontifical Mission Societies of Europe . Lindisfarne 12.15pm. Mon Inter-faith meeting, Samye Ling Buddhist Monastery, Borders Region, 1 lam. The: Meeting of trustees of Archdiocese, Gillis Centre, Edinburgh, I lam: celebrating Feast Day Mass of St Cuthbert. Oahu's, College. Durham, 6pm. Wed: Thanksgiving meal with Mrs Joyce McLeod. Secretary of RE Office, 1pm; nectars of St Cudsbett's Poen. Deanery Sc Deanery Pastoral Como], Ss Mary N. r Hawick, 4pm, 6pm; Lenten Station Mass. borders Deanery, Ss Mary Sc David. Havvick. 7 30pm. Thu: Launch of new education guidelines. Gillis Centre. Edinburgh. I lam: presentation of Archdiocesan Medals, St Magnet's. Loanhead, 7pm. Fri: Meeting of Mears General. St Bennet's, Ilam; meeting of trustees of Anthdiocese. Gillis Centre ,Edinbuzgh. 2pm: meetings of St David's Priests' Deanery & Deanery Pastoral Council. St Gahnele , Prestonpans, 4prn, 6pm: Lenten Station Mass. St David's Denary, St Gabriel's, Presionpans, 730pm. Sm, Annual Romero Mass with Apostolic Notices. Sound Heart. Edinburgh, 6.30pm.

Bishop Logan (DunkelsYDtmdee) Sun: Mass, St Joseph's Convent, Wellborn, 11 am. Mom Feast Day Mass. Lawside Academy, Dundee, 7pm. The-Wed, Cotmcil of Priests. Thu: Faith in the Eunice meeting. Bishop's House, Dundee, 12pm. Sat: Day for Eucharistic Ministers, St John's High School, Dundee.

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