Page 5, 16th May 1969

16th May 1969
Page 5
Page 5, 16th May 1969 — MISSING PAGES IN BOOK

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People: Hans Kfin
Locations: London


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Keywords: Bookselling, Publishing

IN the course of his kind review (May 2) of Prof. Hans Kfing's new book "Truthfulness: the Future of the Church," which we publish. Dom liltyd Trethowan, 0.S.1F1., mentions that one 32page section is omitted in his copy of the book and another duplicated in its place. He adds: "There have been too many cases of this sort of thing in hooks from Catholic publishing houses." would like to apologise to Dom Illtyd, to whom I have sent a replacement copy, and to point out that, despise every reasonable precaution on the part of printers and publishers, this sort of thing" dos nevertheless occasionally happen. When it does happen, it strikes at secular and Catholic publishers alike, without o fear or favour; and. since this kind of error, which occurs during theā€¢ binding process at the printers, never affects more than a few copies out of a whole printing,it is usually impossible to discover before copies are sent to the bookshops. In this particular case we thought we had discovered the mistake in time, and out of the several thousand copies of "Truthfulness" already sold, only four of a first batch to besent out were returned for replacement. Should any CA moist( HERALDreader be unlucky enough to have obtained one of those early faulty copies, we will of course replace it free of charge and refund any postage meinvolved. But let e assure all

rs that the

your other readers copies now in the bookshops all have their full complement of 240 pages.

Martin Redfern Sheed & Ward, Ltd. 33 Maiden Lane, London, W.C.2

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