Page 8, 16th May 1980

16th May 1980
Page 8
Page 8, 16th May 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Bishops' Diaries

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Bishops' Engagements

A Presentation .4 Mein!

C Confirmation M Mass Ordination V Visitation

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop 0 Wawminster; Sa...rPay Om rung ot Parish commirnity cenlia. White City. 5prn. Consecration of Church. VVhite City, /pm Sunday M. and meets parishioners Enfield, 10.30arn U. lsimulon. 5.30om Monday Gives address during ecumenical week All Saints. Fulham. 8pm.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham; sungyy, M and C. St Austin. Kenilworth. 1 land C, St Francis 2.30nm C. St Mary's. Warwlek. 6 30prn Tuesday,

Diocesan Poests Council islatburne 10.30Pal ArrJthishop Warlock of Uvemboi, Tuesday. Christ College. Governor's meetirry. 3ern Goveinues meeting of CND 4 30pm Bishop Alexander of Clifton. Fridny M and C. St C.atherrineis Church, f rorne. 7 30pm Saturday'

Procession Of VT/guess, Bristol. 2pm. Attends Play ' Saibad at Blaisdon Hall. 7 30pm. Sunday: MO., Lady ol LourdaS. Milton, 10am Attends St Joseph's school Pageant and M La Sainte Union Coevend Portishead. 2 30pie Preaches University Sermon at University Chaplaincy. Cardiff. 8pm. Monday: Attends nu:nation for Haeover industrial Mission at the ApOstoles Room, Clifton Cathedral. 7.30pm Tuesday. V. Clifton DiOreSilil Students, Oscott College. Birmingham 17 noon M end C ST Aogustine's Mats.. 7.30pm Wednesday. Attends meritrng ot Priests, Si Tereses Social Club, Fillets, 1 1,3Ciam. M end C, St John the Ettiptisi Church, Trowbridge 7.30prin Thiesdar M for School leaverS. St Bernadette Crenprehenaiye School, Whitchurch. • pi 5arn. M and C. St Peter's. Gloucester, 7.30pm.

B ishop Breww, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: iday. AIDC, Telford Saturday Attends South Dish hystere Education Day. Derby Suneleyr Presides Constituency Committee meeting Chester B ishop Casey of Brentwood: Wednesday. M and C, St James the Less and St iieren, Colchester

'Thursday: Meeting of Finance Board II) 30reo hi and C St Georgee Waitharnstow. Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday M and C. St Thomas, Walsall Saturday: AGM and NI, Covenant Scheme. 2.30pm Sunday M and C SS Mary and John, Wolverhampton 1 I ant. M and C. St Peitr. Rtowseich. 3pns M and C, St Maria Gorettl. Bucknall. 8pm. Menday Bishop's HOUK,. Northampton. Tuesday: Diocesan Priests Council, Harbrite Hall, Thuretlay: Mond C. Chorch of the Good Shepherd. Bludon. Tpin

Bishop Foley Of Lancaster: Saturday, Nemeth House Carder, Fete, Lancastet I 4Spim M for the Blind, Sacred Heart, Blackpool. 3pm. Sunday V. Holy Family, Blackpo,n. I1n. C, 3pm. A. Dloca can Youth Gala Day. Preston, 5.30pm. Tuesday: Reception party to meet HM the Omen, Lancaster, 9.45a0n. Meeting with schools Commission. Bishop's House, 3w, Wednesday Interviews for prospective church students. St Maty's High School. Blarkenni, TO 30arn M, All Saints High School. Blackpool, 7.30pm. Thursday V Holy Family, Blackpool

Bishop Gras. of Sh,ewsbury: Saturday

AGM Catholic Women s Leaoee. Bolleigtori

Saturday Sundey, V and C St Columbia's Chesterelihop Grey, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Sunday.

NI. and preaches on occasion ot V. St Paul's. Buttonwood 10.30am. Presiden end preaches, at M. In St Paul's Buttonwood 6,30p". Wednesday: V. St Luke s. Winston 10.30ton Thursday C and M. St Luke s Whirdon. 30oni Bishop Guaueali, Bishop In East London: Saturday Theology Conleter,e, Heythrop Former Students' Association National Apostolate for Lay apostolate London Colney, prn Sunday: NCLA London Colney. Tuesday: Heythrop Conference. 2Pro, C. Haverstock Hill, pm Watinearlayr C, Haverslock Hill. pm. Thursday C. Highbury. pm.

Bishop Harria of Middkwborough: Suiteav. C arid attends Silver Jut-tiler, celebration, St Pius Church, Middlesborough. Tunsdnyi V and C. St Joseph's. Pickering, 7prn Wednesday. V and C

Ito Lourdes

i hurucrh,erdilleshornuoil 7rch ThteS

Bishop Hervey, Bishop in North London: &mutiny St Gregory , School. Keeton, 2 30pm Sunday: C Cathedral h .1(lorn Tuesday. SI Lukes.

Bishop Henderson, AuxINary of Southwark: ii.dxv 61 and V, Bemis Pastor School, Downhatn.

30 to 3pm Saturday Corder-error Day with Methodists nn Prayer Convent at Mania Rvpdrd..tilf, Wimbleden, 'litany to Sore Tuesday: Meeting of the Area Deans, Blackheath 10am to 12 noon Werines day' Knights of Si Columba Requiem M. St Georpe's Cathedral. Southwark. 7.30pm T,hursday. Blackheath Lonsheorr Club, pm, M and C, Chatham. 7.30prn Bishop Holland of Salford: Friday: V. Langley. 2 3Dorn Saturday, interviews candidates for the priesthood. Cathedral House Salford Sunday V. 1 1.30arn C, 3 30prp, Our Lady, Langley. Blehop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Sunday NI Our I My_ Portray, Isle of Skye. Monday' Attends Cannon law Society Conference. Ilkley.

Bishop Konstant, Bishop in Central London:

Frith.; r Ppoi SahrrirnyC Fulham.

30orn Sunday /Tuesday: Cherwell Centre. Osford. Tuesday r WednesdayPriestly Formation commis. mon Dem aseils Hneise

Bishop McCartie, Ausiliery of Birmingham: Friday: Church Lenders conference, Cuverdry, 3pm M and C, Sr Joseph s. Kings Norton. 7 30pni Satur day, &IVO/ Jubilee Third Order nf Carmel, St Chad's Cathedral. 3pre. Sunday: M and C. Olton Friary. It 1 6arty C and M, St Thomas More. Sheldon, 3pm Monday' V. St 1 eresa. Petry Bar, Tuesday: Diocesan Priests Consultative Committee, Educatioo Commission. 10.4Sam Cotton College Governors Meeting. 3pm. Consecration of St NiLlerlas Church. Baltimore. 7.30pm• Bishop Murphy 2 O'Connor, of Arundel and Brighton: FridayWoithieg Deanery C. Arundel. /.30pin. Saturday: Epsom Ofinriery C. Airusidgi, 3pm. Sunday V. Goring Parish Waybridge Deane., C. Arundel, 3ont Wednesday: Attends 1./nity Service. Christ s Church. Sr Leonard', Thursday' M and C, SI George 5 College. Weybridge, am. Meeting of Governing Body. Heythrres College, ton B ishop Person, Bishop in Cumbria: Friday Attends Jubilee Dinner tor Sr Pius X School, Preston Sunday: C. and V. St harps. Barrow in Fumes, Tuesday: Meeting of Cumbria Senate Worterme, Wednesday. Interviews Ire Diocesan Churn' Students. Bleatioui B ishop Baseman. of Plymouth: Sunday: M Christ ths King. Kinston. 11 ern C. 3pm Tuesday. M Cathedrel. Plymouth. 3pm Chapter M. 12 noun Attends Schools' Commission meeting Cathedral House, 7 30prn Thursday. M. St Boniface Church, Cidlompton on Golden Jubilee of Church.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: V. Si Joseph's College, Beulah Hill and M. el honour of SI John Baptist de la Salle_ Sunday Tuesday: V. New Malden lliesday Croydon Deanery Pastoral Courruil AGM with M Coelstion Beim Wed nesday. Induction of Parish penal, Tontine, Lieks Road, Bpm ThintalaY. Dedication of SI Llphege's Church. W011ingts.1, 7 30pni.

B ishop Wheeler of Leeds: Saiurttay.: Friday Lourdes Pilgrimage.

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