Page 8, 16th May 1997

16th May 1997
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Page 8, 16th May 1997 — BISHOPS ' DIARIES

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Keywords: Religion / Belief


Cardinal B Hume (Westminster): Sun: M, Cathedral, 10.30am. Mon-Wed: V, Luxembourg. Thu: C, St, Jo's, W'm Cross,7pm.Fri:0,Cockf's, 7pm. Sat: CTE, E Conf, Enfield. A'bishop M Couve de Murville (Birmingham): Sun: C, Cath 10.30.Tue.Clergy, Maryvale 1 lam.C,Acocks Gm, eve.Wed:Sch.Chapls, Coleshill,Ilam. Thu:M.Bp Ullathrone Sch, Coventry 1 lam.C,Alcester,eve.Sat: Deacons,Maryvale. A'bishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: M.Cath,l lam; 2 Cathedrals Service, L'pool, 3pm Mon:London; Tue: Mtg, JM Centre,8pm.Fri:Mtg, Belfast.Sat: Walsingham Pilg. A'bishop M Bowen (Southwark): Tue: C. Cath, 11.30. Tue: Jubilee Celeb. M, Cath, 12.30pm. Bps' Mtg, Mops Hse, 3pm. Thu: Schs Pil'ge, Aylesford. C, E Sheen, 7.30. Bishop C Murphy O'Connor (A & B): Sun: C, St Thomas of Cant, St Leonards-on-S, 3pm. Tue: Priests Mtg, St Joseph's Hall, Storrington. Wed: Priests' Mtg, Fri: Mtg, Storrington. 6pm. Sat: G. Jubilee, Christ the King, noon. Bishop T Brain (B'ham auxil): Tue: Clergy Mtg, Maryvale, Ilam/ Emmaus Mtg, 6pm. Wed: C, St Catherine's, B'ham, 7.20pm. Thu: Schs Comm Mtg, I lam. C, St Austin;s, Stafford, 7pm. Fri: M, St Augustine's, Sch, Redditch, 11.30am. Sat: Lourdes.

Bishop P Pargeter (B'ham auxil): Sun:C, Tutbury. Tue: Clergy Mtg, Maryvale, 1 lam. C, (Holy Cild Sc) ST Cather

ine;s, Wham, 7.30pm. Wed: Sch V, St Joseph's, Warndon, Worcester, 2pm. C, Wamdon, 7.30pm. Thu: Wolv Uni Mtg, 3.15pm. Sat: Golden Jubilee M, Soli Hse, 3pm.

Bishop M Alexander (Clifton): Sun: RCIA M.of Thanksg,Cath.3.30pm,C.Cath.6pm.Tue:M for Assoc Sisters in Past Min,Cath.noon;C.St Peter's,Stonehouse,7.30pm.Wed:C.StJoseph's,Stonehouse,7.30pm.Thu: C.OLof Lourdes, Kingswood,7.30pm.Fri:P.P.induct,St Mary's, Swindon,7.30pm. Sat:M.Prior Pk Coll, Bath, 10am; V.St Francis, Nailsea Bishop P Smith (East Anglia): Sun:C.Cath,11 am Bishop A Griffiths (H. & Newcastle): Sun: Send off Unemployed Rally, Jarrow, 9am. Tue: V Gs' Mtg, 10.30am. Catholic Care NE Mtg, 5pm. Fri: V, Berwick. Sat: Convent Elections,Oaklea. M, OL & St Cuthbert, Berwick. Bishop J Brewer (Lancaster): Sun: C.Cath.10.30.MonFri:Italian Hierarchy mtg.

Bishop J Rawsthorne (L'pool auxiff : Sun:C, St Christopher, Speke, 11.15.2 Cathedrals S, L'pool. Mon: Hope Uni Day, 10. C, St Mary, Leyland,7pm.Wed: C, St Catherine, Farington, 7pm. Thu: V, All Sts, L'pool, am. C, St Anne, Freshfield, 7.30pm. Fri: S Jubilee, St Anthony, Scotland Rd, L'pool. Sat: V, St Francis de Sales, L'pool pm.

Bishop JCrowley (Middlesbrough): Sun:M, Cath, 9.30am. ES, St Joseph's, Scarborough, 6.30pm. The: Priests Mtg, Crossbeck Convent. Wed: Lourdes May 30. Bishop K O'Brien (Mbro'): Wed:M.Dean.7.30.Fri: L'rdes Bishop J McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun:C, Cath, 11.15am. Sacrament of the Sick, 3pm. Cath. Wed: Bless new ward Convent Hospital, Notts, 2.30pm. Thu: Council of Priests Mtg, Nazareth Hse, Notts. Sat: Celtic Spirituality & Culture Day, Soar Valley College, Leics.

Bishop C Budd ( Plymouth): Sun:C, Cath,am.Mon: OCV Cath, pm.RE Team am/pm.Wed: Priests' Mtg Plymouth, am/pm. M, St Rita's, Honiton, am.

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun:M.Cath, 10/30am. L'des Reunion, St Peter's, Winchester, 3.30pm. Tue: Clergy Day Basingstoke, 10am. C, St Dominic Savio, Hawley, 7pm. Wed: Me,orial M, Oxford Chaplaincy, 11.30am. Thu: C, Farleigh Sch, Andover, 3pm. Fri: M, Cath. 1 lam. Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun:M, Cath, 10.30am. C, Cath, 3pm. M, Cathedral, 12.15pm. C, Holy Angels. Hale Barns, 7.30pm.WediSat: Beda College,Rome. Bishop John Jukes (S'wark Auxil): Sun: M.Cath,12.30; Bps' Meet,2pm.Wed:CTin Kent mtg, W. Mailing I lam. Thu.-Fri:Brussels. Sat:O.OLHelp of Chr's,Folk'ne 1 lam Bishop Howard Tripp (S'vvark Auxil): Sun: C. OL Addiscombe, 11.30am. C, St Teresa's, Morden. Mon: Employment Mtg, 10.45am. Tue: Jubilarian M, Cath, 12.30pm. Interviewing Panel, Christian Ed Centre.Wed: Catholic Children's Society Mtg, Bird-in-Bush, Peckham, 2.30pm. Fri: C, Marymount Sch, 2.30pm. C, SS Peter & ' Paul, Mitcham. Sat: V, St Mary Mags, Wandsworth E. Bishop V Guazzelli (W'minster, E area): Sun-Tue: C, Paris. C, Haverstock Hill, 7.30pm. Fri: CAFOD, Stockwell, Noon. C, Tollington Pk, 7.30pm.Sat: Cath Hall 7pm Bishop V Nichols, (W'minster, N area): Sun: C, St Mary's, Ponders End. 3pm. Tue: Finance Mtg, NI"minster, 1 lam. C, St Joseph's,Wealdstone, 7. 15pm.Wed: E Borad Mtg, 10.30pm. C, Church of the Transfiguration, Knsal Rise, 7pm. Thu: Joing Dialogue Gp. 1pm. C, St Joseph's Wealdstone, 7.I5pm. Fri: C, St John Vianney, W Green, 7.30pm. Sat: "Open Forum" Churches Together, Enfield, I lam.C, St Edmund's, Edmonton, 7pm.

Bishop J O'Brien (W'minster, Herts area): Sun:C.Holy Rood, Watford 3pm. Mon:Semins Co-ord Comm.London

Ilam,RCIA Thankgs,St Teresa's, Borehamwood 8pm. Sat: V, St Joseph's,Carpenders Pk.

Bishop P O'Donoghue (W'ster, W area): Sun:C, Northwood, Ilam. OL Qn of the Apostles, Heston, Recept. for new RCs,3pm. C, St Jas, Twick'm, 6.3 Opm. Mon: Lourdes Mtg, 1 lam. Passage Trustees, 5pm_ St Francis Pottery Ln, 7.30pm. Tue: U. Thames Dean., St Margs, Twick'm, I lam. Allen Hall Students, Isleworth, 7pm. Wed: VicsRels. Mtg, 10.30am. Recept., Isleworth, 7.30pm. Thu: 6th Fm Leavers M, Gumley Hse, 4pm. Fri: Area Deans, 11 am. St Benediet's, Ealing Abbey,8.1 5pm. Sat: V, Greenford, C, 4pm. Archbishop J Ward (Cardiff): Sun:Pilgrimage, OL of the Taper, Cardigan, 2.30pm. Mon: V, 1-loly Family Primary Sch, Cardiff, 10am. Tue: C, St Mary's, Canton, SH, Leekwith, 7.30pm. Wed: Trustees Mtg, Cardiff. C, St Patrick's Grangetown & St Patricks, Docks, Cardiff 7.30pm.Thu: E.Mtg,Llandaff,10am;C.St Peters,Cardiff,7.30pm Bishop Daniel Mullins (Menevia): Sun: shrine of OLo' Taper, Cardigan.Sat:Prov.E.0 omm.mtg.Rhavader,11 Bishop Edwin Regan (Wrexham,): Sun:M.Newtown 10;M.Cardigan 2.30.Mon-Fri:Dioc Retreat;Jubilee M.Rhyl pm Sat: Prov.E.Commission, Rhayader

Key: M-Mass. C-Confirmation. V-Visitation. 0-Ordination. Meg-Meeting. Sch-School. ES-Ecumenical Service.

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