Page 10, 16th November 1973

16th November 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 16th November 1973 — I BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS Cirdinal Heenan of Westminster Thursday: Presides al Mass

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Organisations: Council of Priests, Ecumenical Society of the B.V.M, Administration Council, Council of Clergy, English An Catholic Commission, Guild of St. Nicholas, St. Cuthbert's School, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Knights of St. Columba, Clergy Council, Council of Administra, Car&eat Bourne School, College of Education, Oscou College, Nottingham University, Council of Administration, West ECUrneniC81 Commission, St. Paul's College, Cherwell Centre, Pastoral Centre, Maria Assn/mita College, Pastoral Contra Liaison Committee, Catholic Parents Association, Diocesan Clergy Council, Lady's School, Voluntary Missionary Movement, Reception Council of Christians and Jews, Metropolitan Catholic Teachers Association, St. John's College, U.K. Council, St Mary's Parish Church, Pastoral Council, St. Edmund's College, Newman Association, Liverpool Catholic Schools Athletic Association, Catholic Association of Widows, International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, Catenian Association, Oscan College, St Anthony's School, Religious Education Centre, Pasteral Council, Education Commission, Advisory Committee, Westminster Pastoral Council, Cheltenham, Oscott College


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I BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS Cirdinal Heenan of Westminster Thursday: Presides al Mass

fin Patrunal Feast, St. Edmund's College, 11.30. Saturday: Choirs Meeting of Pastoral Council, Carlisle Place. 10.30. Sunday: Mass and Confirmations. Cathedral, ta.30. Tuesday: Mass, Voluntary Missionary Movement. 3.30. Wednesday. Mansion House, Meeting of U.K. Council of Europe Architectural Heritage Year. 2.

B ishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday: Patronal Feast. St Edmund's College, Saturday: Pasteral Council, Carlisle Place. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Hemel Hempstead. Tuesday: Administration Council meeting, 11: West ECUrneniC81 Commission, Archbishop's House, 3; Jews and Christians meeting. Jerusalem Chamber, 7. Wednesday: Advisory Committee, All Saints, London Colney, 1. Thursday: Anglican/R.C. meeting Westminster. Friday: Vocations Mass. Car&eat Bourne School, 4.

Bishop QueueIli, Auxiliary of WestminsterFriday: Meeting. Maria Assn/mita College. 3; meeting with Bishop of London. 8. Saturday: St Vincent's, Carlisle Place. Westminster Pastoral Council, 10. Thursday: Confirmation, Paddington, 7.

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Saturday: Westminster Pastoral Council. Sunday: Installs new parish priest. Uxbridge. Wednesday: Talk, Westminstei Religious Education Centre, 2.30; Metropolitan Police Guild Requiem Mass, Cathedral, 7.30. Thursday: Confirmation Chiswick, 7.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Tuesday: Council of Clergy, Oscan College, 10.45. Wedeesday: Presides at Mass, Olton Friary, 10.15: visitation of sick. Olton, 11: blesses St. Cuthbert's School, Stechford, 3. Thursday: Attends St. Chad's G.S., Wolverhampton, 8.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday: Confirmations and Benediction. St. Patrick, Stafford. 4. Tuesday: Councii of Clergy, Oscott College, 10.45, Wednesday: Visitation of sick and schools, Holy Name, Great Barr, 9.30. Friday: Concelebrates Mass, St. Thomas, Tettenhall. p.m. Saturday. Finance meeting, Archbishops House, Westminster, 10.30.

B ishop Emery, Auxiliary of 111/' mingham Sunday: Confirmations, St. Augustine, Solihull, 4. Monday: Visits school and sick, English Martyrs. Hil!mouton. Rugby. Tuesday: Council of Clergy, Oscou College, 10.45. Wednesday: Visits Our Lady's School. Bicaster. 10.45: visits school and sick, St. Aloysius, Oxford, 12.45, Thursday: Meeting of Governors, St. Paul's College, Rugby. Friday: Mass and Confirmations. English Martyrs, Hillmortnn. Rugby, 7.15.

Bishop Herds, Auxiliary of Liverpool Saturday: Attends Conference on Aid to Developing Countries. a.m. Sunday: Vislta• tion of parish and sick at Our Lady's, Prescot. Monday: Council of Administration, a.m. Tuesday: Leaves for meeting of International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations.

B ishop Grey, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Presides and preaches at Mass on occasion of parish visitation, St. Oswald's, Coppull. 10.30: presents prizes and attends concert in Phithat manic Hall, Liverpool. at annual meeting of Liverpool Catholic Schools Athletic Association, 2.30; celebiates Mass and preaches. St. Oswald's, Coppull, 6.30. Monday: Meeting of Council of Administra tion at Curial Offices. 10.30. Tuesday: Meeting of Diocesan Clergy Council at Loyola Hall. 10,15; celebrates Mass and confers confirmation in St. Aidan's, Huyton, 7.30. Wednesday: Meeting of Clergy Council, continued. Loyola Hall, 10.15; celebrates Mass end confers Confirmation in St. Oswald's, Coppull. 7.30. Friday: Meetlog at Curial Offices, 10.30.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Saturday Mass in Cathedral for Catholic Association of Widows, 2.30, Sunday: Mess visitation and Confirmation, Rotherhhhe, 3 Wednesday: Mass, Knights of St. Columba, St. George's Cathedral. 7.30. Thursday: Presides at centenary of St Mary's Parish Church, Blackheath, 7.30. Friday: Mass, Metropolitan Catholic Teachers Association. St. George's Cathedral. 5.30.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark Sunday: Confirmation at Brixton Hill, 3. Monday: Diocesan finance meeting, 11; centenary celebrations. Blackheath parish. 7.30. Tuesday: Visits St Anthony's School, Dulwich, and °Here Mass, am.; centenary celebrations, Blackheath parish. 7.30. Wednesday: Centenary celebrations, Blackheath pariah, 7.30. Thursday: Solemn Concelebreted Centenary Mass. Blackheath Parish, p.m.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth Friday/Saturday: Pa tronal Feast Day celebrations, St. Edmund's College, Ware; Diocesan Pastoral Council, secretariat meeting with commissions' and deaneries' representatives. Park Place Pastoral Centre, 7. Sunday. Visitation and consecration of new altar, Abingdon. Monday: Visitation, Abingdon, a.m.; education meeting with priests. Reading, 3.30 Wednesday: Celebrates Mass for Patrons! Feast, St. Cessian's, Kintbury. 11.15. Thursday: L.S.0 College of Education. Southampton, governors' meeting, 2.

S kimp One* of Northwiden Saturday/Monday: Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady's, Luton. Tuesday/Friday: Visit to diocesan students, Rome.

B ishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton Saturday: Meeting of Norwich Ecumenical Conference, 10.30. Saturday/Monday; Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady Star of the Sea. Lowestoft. Wednesday: Conference up Areas of Ecumenical Growth, Wadderton, Birmingham. Thursday: C.T.S. Executive meeting, Centenary Mass, Sr. Mary's, Blackheath. Friday: Meeting of the English

An Catholic Commission,11,

Bishop Ellis of Nottingham Satur day: Opens parish bazaar, Shepshed. Sunday Visitation and Confirmation, Langwith Junction. Monday: Ecumenical meeting. Nottingham. Wednesday: Catenian Association reception, Chesterfield. Friday: Rich Man Poor Man Dinner. Nottingham University.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Tuesday/Wednesday: Council of Clergy. Thursday: Guild of St. Nicholas meeting, p.m. Saturday: Vocation Seminar, Loyola Hall.

B ishop McGuinness, Coedjutor of Nottliiham Saturday: Opens bazaar. Radcll e-on-Trent 2. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Holy Cross., Leicester. B ishop Holland of Salford Friday Begins visitation, English Martyrs, Whalley, 11,30, Sunday: Visitation, English Martyrs, 10.35; Confirmation. 3. Tuesday. SI Gabriel's Hall governors. 3; Alien Hell governors, 4.311. Wednesday: Begins visitation, 3. Confirmation. 7.30; Our Lady and St Paul, Heywood.Thursday: Blesses and opens now primary school and social centre. Corpus Christi, Miles Platting. 7.30.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Sunday: Visitation, St. Mary. Osbaideston. 10.15, Confirmation, St. Jerome's, Mellor, 3, Tuesday: Meeting of chaplains to foreign im migrants, Cherwell Centre, Oxford. 11.Thursday: Cardinal Langley governors, Middleton. 3.45. Friday: Begins visitation, St. Marie's Bury, 11.

Bishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton

Saturday: Annual Mass, Amos Vale Cemetery, 10. Sunday: Visitation and Contemation, SS. Peter and Paul, Bath, 10.30. Tuesday: Pastoral Contra Liaison Committee, 7,30. Wednesday. A.G.M. Diocesan Trustees, 11. Newman Association, Cheltenham, 7,45. Thursday: Attending "Any Questions?" session. Ptiory Ram. Bradford-on-Avon, 7.30. Friday: Speaking to the Ecumenical Society of the B.V.M.. Glastonbury, 2,30. B ishop Restieeux of Plymouth Saturday. Visitation of Trernough Convent. Sunday: Maas and visitation. Penzance, 11: Confirmation, 3. Thursday: Parish anniversary dinner, Newouiry, 7.30 Bishop Casey of Brentwood Friday: Visitation and Confirmation. Our Lady Star of the Sea, Tilbary Saturday Offers Mass and commissions extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. St. Angela s Convent. Freest Gate, 3.30. Sunday: Annual Mass for deceased members of Knights of St. Columba, St. George's. Waithamstow, 1.30. Mass and Confirmation. Blessed Sacrament, Chelmsford, 8.30. Tuesday: Concelebrates Mass with Deans. Brentwood, 11. Wednesday; Visitation and Confirmation, St. Patrick s. Walthamstow.Thursday: Meeting of Education Commission, Brentwood, 7.30.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Sacred Heart. Thornton, 11.15 Tuesday: Presentatlop of Belie Merenti, St, Mary's, Preston, 7. Wednesday: Recollection for clergy. Wigton, 11.30 Thursday: Entertains new priests at leech.

B ishop Wheeler of Leeds Saturday: Commission meeting, Curia, 11. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Starbeck. Tuesday: School Mass, St. Nicholas, Leeds. Thursday: Finance meeting, Curia. Saturday. Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting, Trinity and All Saints' Colleges, 2.

Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancemer Friday: Confirmation at St. Wuistarns, Alston, 6. Tuesday: Carlisle Deanery Conference. Wednesday. Recollection for Clergy at Sacred Heart Convent, Wigton

Bishop Gras.. of Shrewsbury Sunday: Visitation end Confirmation, St. Peter's, Birkenhead_ Monctrry• Visitation, continued. Nesiday: Clay of Recollection. Havyksrpse, 1 1 . Friday: 1Nellasey Catholic Parents Association annual dance.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Saturday: Visitetion, St Philip's, Offerton. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Philip s. Offerton. Monday: Visitation continued. Tuesday: Day of Recollection,

B ishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton -Saturday: Enthronement of Anglican Bishop of Guildford, Guildford Cathedral. Monday. Meeting of Diocesan Council of Administration, Bishop's House, Hove Bishop Cunningham of Mecham and Newcastle Sunday. Mass and Conti, tion, St. Bede. Newcastle, 330 Wednesday: Reception Council of Christians and Jews, Mansion House, Newcastle, 11. Thursday: Council of Priests, Marie Reparatrice Convent, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 11

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcamie Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, St. Alden, Ashington, 3.30. Tuesday: Lourdes Huspitalite, Our Lady's, Washington, 7. Thursday: Council of Priests. Marie Reparatrice Convent, Newcastle, 11.


Judge Edward Cussen, tar 18 years prosecutor and then for two years a judge at the Old Bailey, aged 69. He was born in Limerick and educated at Beaumont and St. John's College, Oxford. Soon after coming down from Oxford in 1931 he was called to the Bar by the Inner Temple.

Al a ceremony' at the Old Bailey after his death, Sir Carl Aarvold, the Recorder, said: "Many a convict Found with surprise that the bitterness of his conviction was lost in his admiration of Edward Cussen's gentle skill and firm understanding . • . . It was said, and not without some truth, that a substantial proportion of his Christmas mail consisted of cards from prisoners in Wormwood Scrubs and Wandsworth."

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