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16th November 2007
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Page 14, 16th November 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: St Augustine's Priory School, Archbishop's Council, Fre Episcopal Council, eta, Si Petnek's School of Evangelisation, Episcopal Council, Lourdes PtIgnmage Committee, St Edward'i Junior School, Pm-Life Service, St Mary's Primary School, St Paul's School, Council of Pfled.l, Mary's School, Fin CTS AGM Ned Mmegemeca Committee, Planning Board, Claklands Secondary School, Diocesan Center, Cathedral Church, Archbighop's Council, tIe Deceased, Union of Catholic Mothes.Glaigow, St Bede's School, Notts and Derhyshue Church, SPUC, St Joseph's Infant School, Pry Arehnshop's Council, Overseas Mission Commission, Council of Priests, %Franco Xavier College, Centre for Evangelisation, Ministry of Reader, Royal Anglian Regiment, WYEC Council, St Park's Evangeltsotem School, Derhyshue Church, Council of Pnese, Churches Regional Commission, Se Christopher's Primary School, Ushaw College, Trapevoi Communtv Centre, Dtacesan Centre, Inshop's Council, Tee Council of Mons London Caney, Sixth Form College, WIT Monads Maryiebece Imerferde Service, St Cathie= 's Pommy School, Saves College, Wimbledon College, Islam Awareness Wede Notre Dame School, St Margaret 's Primary School, Fn Vire Carmel RC College, St Ignatius Primary School, Royal Landon Hospital, Cardinal Hume Centre, King College, Frk Arelthotap's Council


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Bishops' Diaries

Page 12 from 7th November 2003


November 18 to November 23

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor Westrrunster Sun. Celebrates Mass. St ham the Fisher. North Harrow. Muld1eses, 105¢31 WIT Monads Maryiebece Imerferde Service. St Jame'. Spanish Place, 630pm Tun Meetmg of Trusree of Catholic National Len*. Archnhop 's House. 12.10pm. Tue Wed Meets with Cousin af Priests. Wed Mends Annual Reception fur Cardinal time Omete.Atehhishop's House 6.30pm. Thu Sat Attends Coosistary of Cardinals. Rome .

Archbhhop Kelly (Liverpool) SLM, VIRaathal Masa Our Lady, Heir of Chrtgians. Portioo. 9ant and 10_19.m. Tue: Archbighop's Council. Llacapool embdisresan Centre for Evangelisation. 10.15am, Churchee Togetlwr m Lan:imbue Coursed meeting. Ingot, 7pm. Wed Funnel Mass for the Most Reverend Mau.nce Co,,'e de Murydle, Atchbishop Emeritus of ffirnmehamielempotitan Cathedral Church of St Chad. Birmengham. 1 130ain Tem Von to Rome. Fn Vire Carmel RC College. St Helens. 930am Sat Evening Prayer with Catecheso. Sc Margaret Mary, Liverpool, 4.30.m: 'Wine and Wisdom' Emning.Metropolnan Cathedral of Chmt the Kmg. Lnerpool. 7 30pm.

Anehlskthop McDooald Southwark! More Meemg with Agencies to discues Vision Process. 10ain itern Tur Bisbeps'.Staff meeting, Wonende Wed, Funeral of ArthInshop CalveJ, Mueville. St Chad's Cathedral, ibrrnmgham.

Archbishop Nichols (Birnangharni Sto: Mass kir Munciarn% Chad's Cathalral.530pm The COPCA Mamagementlkord.Arahleishop's

F. lien. WedCouril of Pnests meeting , Orott. 10 30am. Birmingham Penh Leaders meeting 730prn. Thu: CCU Conference, London; Confirmattom. Ss Mary and Becodaa, Caren*. 7pm. Frk Arelthotap's Council meeting. Archbilhop's House. 930am: Dedication of St .tieeph's, Burntwood,7pna.

Bishop Arnold (Ausiliary Balky of Weseninger) The:Council of Pfled.l. Londmi Gainey. Wed: Council of Pnese. Londoo Colmy. until I pm P117 Arch. Inshop's Council meeting. Archbishop's Home, 9 3011; Westminster Choir Old Bonn' Catheeke, 530pm Sat: Confamation Vtgdhlama,Chrin the Kmgiiib.Putrxn on, 6RrptSalford) Sun Cc-ideation of Morn and Pastoral Visrtmon, St Mary's Sadien, 1030em. Tue, School Chaplana' meeting. Wairdley Hall. 2pnt Churches Together m Lancoahilt AGM, Preston. 7pm. Wed: Requiem Mass of Archbishop Couve de fehrville. St Chad's Cathedral, Bloomington', 11 30arn. Thu: Pastoral Vietnam of St Mary's Sdrol. Sexier, 10 30am, Pastoral Visitabon of sack and hourbotmd of Sr Mory's Perish, Sabden, apro Fti Poser ammornems, Wadley Hall.

Sashay Borne (KM Ravel Sun Wed: AfricaEurope Twang. Accu. Ghana. Thu. Royal Anglian Regiment pmt-deployment Servre. Norinch. Fre Episcopal Council. hm. 1030am; Reception. Bishop's Oak. Farehorough pm, Bishop Corny (Arundel & Brighton) Sun: Youth-group. Chted . MOW Darman Trustees meeting, meeting. Our Lady af the Forest Parish, Forest Row. The Apponmaents: Belays' StelY meeting. Sr John's Seminary. Wonersh. Wed: Fining Mass for Emeritus Archbishop Maunce Cou ye de Murville, St Chad's, linerungturn: Lourdes PtIgnmage Committee memo. Fri. Visas St Cathie= 's Pommy School. Liaise 'tampon.

Bishop Doyle (Northamplein) Sun: Confirma bon. Chen= Bois. 1030am. Mort Pastore Strateto: Group. Bishop's House, 3pne, meetae with Facilitators (or Group work. Dtocesan meeting El December. Bishop's House, 6pm. Tue: Gupta Maas for Deceased Clergy. Cadsedral. I lam. The: Half-Day Conference of Council of Church Colleges and Unversities. London. 10am; Northampton Catenisn Circle Clergy Night. Quality Inn. Northampton, 7.30pm. Fri: ViTal to St Edward'i Junior School. Aylesbury. am; visa to St Joseph's Infant School, Aylesbury. pm.

Bishop DU= Ole sham and Newcastle) Sum Attends National Conference of %suer Helen Ptejean. Neecastle City Hall. Wed: Visitatioo Closing moue for Deatery 9, St Gordy's, South Shields. 7pm. Thu: Scripture Day for Clingy, Ushaw College. 1030am. Fri: Episcopal and Council and Trustees meenng. Bishop's Hense.9 30am: opening of in:Junco senor. St Bede's School wed Sixth Form College, Lanchester, 430pm. Sae Aaends North East Christian Churerns Together Forum, Durham, 930am.

Illabep Rio= t East Angler Sun Parish Viss to Hadleigh. The: Enthronement of new Bishop. St Edmondsbory Cathedral. 2.30pm; St Edmood'" Boom. 350th Annivertrey Mad of Misaion. 7pm. Wed: Fuaeral of Archbeshop Morris Cove de Memille. Birmingham, I 130am. Thu: Diocesan Schools Scone. Furthered. 10.151ere Mart. Margoo Beaufott Ins. Cambridge. 630pm, Ii: Confirms. nom. Mush, 7.30pen. Sat: Chocesan Certificate Day (Confirniatirm). 10.30ern.

Bishop Hendricks lAusiharv in Southwark) Sun Confirmations. Colliers Wood, 10 A5am: Euchanstic !AMU:tees' Commissioning, Wimbledon College. 4pm. Mcm: Meenng with Dimesaa Agencies to discus. Towerds • Mahn. Archbishop's Home Tire Blessing of Clara-moms, St Joseph's Pnmary. Upper Norwood. 9am; Bishops' Staff meeting. Worersh. 3p.m, Wed: SEN Conference . Aylesford: induction d Parish priest, North chum. Brom. Thu: Biehops' Conference. Fri. Area %shops' meeting. London. loam: CTS AGM. London. 230pm. Sat Confumattons. Mehor Strom, 13errnon4ry. 5.30pm.

Bishop Hal& (Portsmouth) The: Bigeops'Stefe meeting, St /ohne Seminary, Winiersh. pm. Wed: Churehre T:gethcria Hampgure and die Isle of Wigi,I Council Metang, 1 (ltun alm. %shoes' Comm:ham for Oversew. Mission meeting. London 1 lam' Confer. mannn for North West Hempahire Pastoral Area, Baxingstoke, 7pm. Fre Diocesan School Day, Claklands Secondary School, Waterleoville. 9 45am 3prn, Confirmation, St Mary's. Ascot. 7pm Bishop Hopes I Westminster) Sun: Pastoral ensure:on Ow 1.-erly Queen ot Apostles, Hessuee To, Upper Themes Deanery meeting, 51 Ignatius of Loyola. Sunbury. am: Council of Priests meeting (to Wednesday morning), All Saints. London Colony, Spm. Wed. Funeral Mass for Archbishop Maurice Cinere de Munille. Birminglerti Cathedral, I 1 30am. The School visit. St Ignatius Primary School. Sunbury. erre Vespers and =mine with the Mater Howe of Formation Commundy. Lmedien. 6.30pm Pry Arehnshop's Council meeting; engagements Archbishop's House, pm: Mass for ITC 50th AratiVersae". of the St Stephen's Guild Altar Servers. SS :Wilier and Metro HOUOSIOW, Tpra. Sat Mass Sc Sr aOth Anneversary of the opentng of Our Lady and St Joseph, Hama, 630pm. &shop Kenney (Birmingham} S.: Confirm.tions. Sacred Heart. Coventry. I tarn. Wm, Dia[0811.13 hicnce and Peace Coenmisson. Shelley, I leen. Tue• Confirmations, St Pabiek's.Coventry, 7pm. Wed Fre COMECE, Brussels. Sat, Ordmation Priesthood, Oratory, Oxford, Bhhop Laiqj (Gillen) One Vsitation.The Sacred Heart, Wootton Bassett. Wed: SchooLs CANTraiaailla. meeting. Bristol. 1030arn: Induction uf Reverend Michael Healy as Parish Priest.% Plus X, Winywoocli Bristol. 7 30prea. The Priests Jubilee Day. Clifton Cathedral. &eta I lam Confirmation for Bath Deanery. St Alphege, Bath, 7.30pne Sal, Visermon. St Thome Mire. Marlborough.

Bishop Langley (West-Mogen. Sun: Celebrates Mass fm tIe Deceased members of rsughts of St Columbia. Southern Pmvures, Westminster Cathedral. 11130sm, Tee Council of Mons London Caney, Spin, Wed. Council of Priests continued, London Corner, Cardinal Hume Centre, Annual Reception, Archbishop's Home. 630pm. v.rt to Travellers' Site ,Waterden Road, Hackney Week, 1030nm. Fr,Archbishop's Council., Archbishop's House, 9.30am. Benediction with Si Petnek's School of Evangelisation students. Westreureter Cathedral Crypt. 6pm, followed by Reception. Sat. Celebrates Mass, The Royal Landon Hospital. Wheeehapel. 5pm; Suppe/. St Anne's . Under.. el Road with St Park's Evangeltsotem School students , 7pm.

Bishop Lynch tAmatiary to Southwark) Sun: Mass. St Thomas the Apostle. Nunbead, 10.30am: Mass fur Or Brazilian Community. Holy Rosary Ch.M. Brislon, 7pm. %NT Meeting with Diocertan Agencies. Archbishop's Home. The . Bishop.' meeting. St John's Semmary, Wonersh. 3pm. Wed: Meeting of Headteachers of die South-East Area. Thu: Meeting of Overseas Mission Commission, 22 Ecclegon Squere.London.1 etc Mae, ter Bremley Mechem Pens Wend, 430pm. Fri: Mtrs. Chest The King

College, 2pen. Sae Thankspeing Mass for dr Mmoiry of Fr Jim Nolen, St Anthony ' 5. Mel it,. 6pne

Bisbee fatoGough Brminghwrir Sun. Parish Visitation.% Anthony's. Welvatumpton. Mon. ',Am., St Mary's Primary School. Newcastle. 2rins: Comer nualun5,14 5pm. The Earth Leaders meeting. Nantwich. 11-45are, nieenng of Cele and Relipous Larders Stoke. 2pm. Wed. Cowed of pness meettag. Oscort. 10 30arn. Thu: HentheachersChaplams meeting, %Margaret Ward. Tunstala lOarn: veins Se Christopher's Primary School, Codsell, 2pm: Canermartens . Coisall. 7pm Fri: Archbishop's Cuuncil meetue. Archbishop's House 9360am. Sat. Visitation Si Tense's. Wolverhampton.

Bishop MeMehon rtientwou% Sun. Pastoral Vieitatinn and Coneummon. Leigh-un-Sea. Tue Meetmesemene WA. Cathokal Home Wei. Attend), meeting of Fast of England Church Leaden. Busy Si Edratuels, Dm Chan nreong ref Patrimony Coml.tee, Landon. 1 23epm Bishop McMahon Nortmghand Sun Vernaoon, St Enure of Assist. Long Patel Mon Nees and Derbys Church Leaden mental:, 10am. Bleseng of New Bukting, St Eltrabeth's %mum School. Meer, 3pniTue: Vigil Funeral Mass of Archbishop Meurer Come de Murville ,St ChM's Carbectral. Bentinghen 7pm Wed CASE meeting Lunien, I lam, Pax Christi Mass, Westmineter Cathedral. 7pm. Thu Biehop's Cowen]. Bishop's Hour . loam: Education Management Beard meeting rhireran Centre. Mackworth. 2pm. Fn. Budding ;mil San meeting. Willson Home. I pm, Curthereateen. Ss Peter and Paul. Earl Shelton. 7pm Bishop Malone live:Tool) Sun. Mao with the Si Vincent de Paul Societe. Trapevoi Communtv Centre. St Helens. l2no,,u Archbishops Com. cd. Liverpool An-teem-man Cenne for Evangettsanon. Ina 5am Wed. Funeral Mass fie the Most Reverend Mature Couve de Murville. Archbishop Emerrus of Elumingbam. Metropolitan Cathedral Chinch of St Chad, Birmingham, 1 1.30arn. Thu: Cenfirman on fie dr Wein Preenal Area. 730pm. Sae Old Xaveriern' Dow, %Franco Xavier College. Liverpnnl. Apm !Whop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sum Pastoral Visitation. St Agnes, West Kirby. Tue: Clergy Day of Recollection. Wiseman Hal1.10.10am. Wed Funeral Man of the Most Rev Maurice Came de Murville. Birmingham Cathedral , 11 30em: Confirmation, Si Werbugh's Chester with St Clare's and St Princes'. 7pm. Thu, Leech meeting with the Prime Minster's Advisor On Rural Affairs, Middles:doh, 1230pue, Euchang ronark the 75th Anniversary of the Opening of Our Lady and St Chistopheet, Rornley. 7pm. Per Chapter Mass St Chad's. Cheadle. 1.2noon: Confirmanot SaVIOla'S,Elluimere Pon with Our Lody'a ard St Bernard's. Ellesmere Pon aid St Mary of the Angels. Houton. 7pm. Sat Pastoral Visitant-to, Om Lady of Pity, Ormsby. Sprn Bishop O'llbesghne 'Lancaster) Sun Mon Vuunion, St John Yummy. Blackpool. Tue: Diocesan Education Conference Churches Together in Lancashire AGM, ingot. 7pm. Wed: SVP Spiritual Day. Thu: Diocesan Education Crenference Sat: Confer, Candidacy, Cathedral. 12noon Visitation. St Monica. Blackpool, pm. BWiep Forgoer (Birntingtorn) Star Pariah 'list'anon. SI ClatatTiaeS. Binningharn. MCIIT Maas and Blessing, St Paul's School. Kings Notton. III 3oarn, Lourdes Cormetre meeting, Catheets1,7.?Opm. Tao_ Visit, Si Gingery's School. Berewood. 2pm, Coneyminions ..13eawocd, 7pm. Wed: Council of ?nest, meeting. Grote 1030em: Coofamations. Four Oaks, 71'n. Thu: Wits St Joseph's School SunonColiefield, 2pue Conformities, 14oly Trinety, Sutton Coldfield. 7pm. Be Atchbishop'sConeed tomeng,Archlashop's Home.930arteCoofnmations. Holy Tnney. Sutton Coldfield, 7pm. Sat Parish Visitation. Si Anne's, Birmi=rn. Rawsthoroe (Hallam) Sun. Visitation, St Joseph and St Teresa, Woodlands. Slam: nsuanon, St George's. Carcroft. 6pm. Mon Notts and Derhyshue Church Leader, meeting. Notonsham, loans hunch of Islam Awareness Wede Notre Dame School, 430pm, The Vintateon commued. Woodlands aoll Bentley Sctouti.9.15am, Confirmation St Bede. Rotherham, 7pm. Wed. Visitation. Sr Mary's School. Edlington, 9.15am , Churches Regional Commission. Leeds. 2.30pm: Inter-communal Dulogue event, "Zone Dame Schaol, 630pm Thu: Visit to new Mosque. I Lam; Ministry of Reader. ST Michael's. Wombwell , 7pm. Sat: Witsom, %Thongs of Canterbury. Kirk Sandell , 6pre Bishop Rode ileedst Sun. Venetian, St Paol Leeds, I I MIL Toe: WYEC Council meeting. Hensley HaS, 10am. Wed Fri: Meeting Congregation fix Divine Worship. Rome Sat, Come and See Day. LendsTrittity and All Saves College, %enteral. Bishop Staith(Westminster( StM7 High Sheriff's Justice Savoie, St Albans Ades, arn Tee: Council of Priests meeting, London Colney. Wed. Chairing Westrnmster Diocese Education Corrinuesein meeting, 1030am Thu: Opening Ceremony of new Performing Arts Block. St Marks Scheel, Hounslow, I !am Blessing drew Science Blurb. St Augustine's Priory School, Ealing. 2.15pm. PM Archbishop's Council meeting. 9 30ate. Sat Consecration of Church. St Hugh of Lincoln, Letchworth.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Sun: Visitation Main. St Michael, Kirkby, 9.30am: Visitation MKS, Holy Angels, KokbLellara. Tar: Arthteshop's Coinel, Livapool Archttioceran Corer for Peangolisaton. 10 I Sam Confirmataon. St Benedict, Wadley, Wigite, epm. Wed: Presentation of CCRS Certificetes, LITerpan! Arab:14048M Casa= for Evareelisron. 730pm, Thu: Confirmation, Our Lady of Lowder and St Joseph, Steethport, 7pm. Pre Meets with Preece' Pastoral Atm. Primary St Luke the Evangelist, Winston. loam; Celebrates Mass, Parish Onuch of Our Lady and St Nicholas. Lrverpool. 1 115pm, Confirmation. St Bernadette, Liverpoul. 730pm. Sr Nierriage Care Conference. Adolph Hotel , Liverpool. 12roon: Pm-Life Service, Metrepailerttaahend of arm: the K.sng. Loerpoof, 3pm; Confirm:mon, Our Lady of Wale ing,ham. Netherton, 630pm.


Archbishop Smith Canlifi) Sun, Contirmauons. St Dend Lweis, Berns. 1 0 30en: Mass.Cantiff Coinersoy Chaplaincy, 6201,,,. Mon Westminster Abbey. Queen's On Anniversary of Marnage. I 1.30am, Toe: Confirmations, St Mary's, Menhyr Tydfil, 7pm. Wed. Archbishop Conte de Mournlle's %enema Liverpool:Thu Meeting, Archbishop's Howe, Woomoister. Fin CTS AGM Ned Mmegemeca Committee. 230pm, Sae Confere.nre for Young Cad:role. (Notre Dame Un). 10.30am, Bishop Jahaff (Meneura) Sun: Attending Beatification of Amcor Roamine BYthop Regao (Wrexham) Sum Visitation, Vielshpot. Tie: Confirmations, %Anne's, Wrexharn.7pm. Wed: Funeral of Archbishop Manse Cou ye de Murville Pu Bryn Mair Convent. Peitasaph, 75th Anniversary. liar"; Confirmatione, Colwyn Bay, '?pm. Sat Welsh Language Poky Group. Llandudno, lOam, Visitation, Overton, 6.30pm.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's Ar Edinburg/OS.: Annuni University Mass, University Clutplaincy for Catholic Students, Edinburgh, 7.1 5pre. Mon: Meeting with members of SPUC, St Banner's, Edinburgh. I 0.30em. Retinal Mass for Mrs Mary Robertson. Head Teacher. St Margaret 's Primary School, Dunfermline, 2pm.. 60th Anniversary of Estabhsh mere of Union of Catholic Mothes.Glaigow, Christ the King, Kingspark, 630pm. Wed inter-Faith meeting of rebel°. leaders. Edinbugh, 10.30am, Tree Depart for Rome for Comistuty of Cardneds Bishop Logan (Dunkeld."Dundee) More Hew Lorimer Trust meeting, Rene Castle. I leen Tue. Sixth Yew Cornereree, Bonn Hall. Dundee: Mass and Opening of Exharnion to mark 175th Aneuvemary of St John's. Perth, 7prn. Wed: Mass in the Dtacesan Centre . Dundee, 12ncon, Diocesan Vocanons Team. Bishop's Hong. Dundee, Spas. Thu. Reetphon to mark mtleement of Peer Bares as (barman of WFS. Tayside, Bishop's House Dundee. 7pm. Fn. Franc and Planning Board. Diocesan Center. Dundee. I 1.15am.

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