Page 5, 16th October 1942

16th October 1942
Page 5
Page 5, 16th October 1942 — "Give Us the Tools

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"Give Us the Tools


Asked for views on the conditions of the Missions, Fr. G. F. Swcrritivteenn,:_of the White Fathers, has

" There ire many obstacles in the way, yet missionary work continues, and considering the fewness of the missionaries and their poverty, immense and durable results are obtained.

" Up-to-date statistics of progress arc difficult to obtain, but the figures for last year from the missions of the Belgian Congo have recently come to hand. They show that by the side of a pagan block of ten million, there are two-anda-half million Catholics already bap, tised, and nearly one million Catechu mens under instruction. There were 298,000 baptisms during the year.

" The missions in Africa are among the most vigorous in the world to-day. In many parts Catholic countries arc being brought into being. Whole populatirms are eager for the Faith. The missionaries could make (heir own the words, famous in a very different context. ' Give us the tools and we will finish the job!' The tools they require are prayers, more missionaries and financial help.

" Each of us can help in one or other of these ways; Mission Sunday conies to remind us of our duty.

" The Pope, therefore, and the Church can have no rest, until the Gospel is preached in every village and hamlet and in every land. We cannot avoid this duty by saying that our own country is not yet converted to God," Fr. Scriven reminds us. " Had the apostles said that, the Church would never have extended beyond the confines of Palestine; had Gregory and Augustine said that, our own land would still be pagan, and for us there would be no Mass, no Sacraments.

" But the missionary sees not only tha, clear, crisp cotnmand of Christ; he sees also the millions of souls in danger of being lost, he realises the great sum of adoration and love that is lost to God because men know Him not, and he must, like the Hound of Heaven, seek the souls of men across the very margent of the known world. He needs no command, for it is love that loges him on, and 101.0 is a tyrant."

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