Page 5, 16th October 1964

16th October 1964
Page 5
Page 5, 16th October 1964 — APPOINTMENTS

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THIS week the following A appointments were announced for Liverpool and Nottingham.

Liverpool. — The following have been appointed: Revv. 'Booms MoroneY .to Si. Ambrose, Socket Joseph McNamara to St. Bartholomew's, Rainhill; George Grime to St. Patrick's, Newton-lc-Willows; Bernard Dickinson to Holy kantily. Ince Blundell; Edward Quigles to Si. Raphael's, Widnes: Gerard Mitchell to Si. Hugh's, Liserpool. 15: John Coyne to St. Brendan's, Liverpool, 16: Godfrey Carney to St. Slargaret Mars's. Knotty Ash; Bernard Keatine to Sr. Joseph's, Liverpool. 3; Denis J. Kelley to St. William's, Thornton; Very Re,Francis Harvey to St. Mary's. Douglas land to he Dean of the Isle of Man); Rest, Edward Crowley to Our I ad', Portico, St. Helens; William O'Connell 10 our Lady's, Eldon Street, Liverpool; Ambrose Hickey to Si. Cuthbert's, Stanley; George Songhurst to St. Austin's, Thant) Heath; Very Rev. Mgr. Charles Jackson to Si. Antic's, Liverpool,. 7; Very Rev. Thomas Kennedy to Si. Swithin's. Gillmoss land to he Canon of the Chapter.); Rem John J. Flynn to form the new parish of Si. John Fisher at Knowsley: P. Ryan to form new parish in West Vale, Kirkby: M. McCawle) to form a parish at Astley, Lanes; Joseph Howard to form new parish in Macketts Lane area; C. Kane to form new parish in Leathers Lane area; B. Eager to be Archditicesan Archivist.

Ron% J. Carter from St. William of York, Thornton, to he chaplain to the Little Sisters of the Poor. Belmont Road, I iverpool; E. I.cahy front St. Alossius', Roby, to Si, William of York, Thornton; J. Purcell from St. Francis of Assisi. Garsion, to Star of the Sot. Scalorth: .105. Weston from Ss. Peter and Paul. Crosby, to Si. Malachy's, Liverpool; R. Seddon from St. Malady's, Liverpool, to

All Saints. Liverpool; P. McNamara from St. Columha's. Huyton, to Si. Hugh's, Liverpool; M. O'Neill from St. Michael's. Liverpool. to Our Lady and St. Bernard, Liverpool; Kesin O'Connor from Our Lady and Si. Bernard's. Liverpool, to St. Michael's. Liserpool; 'F. Crilly front St. Alphonsus to St. Columba's, Ilnyton; J. Daley from Holy Angels. Kirkby. to St. Hugh's, Liverpool; 0. Brady front St. Anne's. Freshfield. to Si. Charles, Aiabunli. Liverpool; James Dunne to St. Anne's, Freshlield; F. Frayne from St. Chore's, to Our Lady and Blessed Julie, Eccleston, St. Helens: J. Magee from St. Laurence's. Kirkby. to St. Bernadette's, Allerton; K. Ashton from St. Swithin's, Gillmoss. to Si. Joseph's, Kirkby; J. Burke from Holy Family, Boothstown, to Si. Margaret Mary's, Liverpool: V. Burrowes from St. Margaret Star's. to St. Anne's, Liverpool; J. Flanagan (Kiliegan) temporarily to Sacred Heart, Kirkby; Donal Coffey from St. Teresa's, St. Helens, to St. Joseph's. Leigh; J. Thompson to Rome for post-graduate studies; R. Daly to Rome for post-graduate studies.

Lite fallowing recently ordained priests have been appointed: Revs. Vincent Doyle to, St. Patrick's. Liverpool; Francis Calderbank to Messed Sacrament, Aintree; Austin Hunt to St. Francis of Assisi, Garston; John Cunningham to St, let's's:es, Hirkdalc; P. Gibson to Queen of Martyr,, (Mimosa: John Collins (Lancaster) to Mother of God, St. Helens: Robert .10}ce temporarily to Si. Bout's, Netherton; P. Cookson to Rome for post-graduate studies; B. Newns to Paris for post-graduate studies.

Nottingham. — The following have been appointed: Misr. A. J. Bird to be Dean of the Loughborough Deanery in succession to Canon L. MeReasy; Very Rev. G. D. Sweeney and Rev. 1. O'Keeffe to be honorary canons; Canon Leo Melitcavy from Shepshed to Our Lady's, Leicester; Revs'. J. P. Klee from Mantle Bridge to Shepshed; C. Wall from Southwell and Calverton to Barton on Humber; L. Kovacs from Barton on Humber to Ashby de la Zouch; J. Kearns from St. Peter's, Grimsby, to Marp:e Bridge: G. Collins from Ripley to St, Peter's. Grimsby; A. Mo'yneux from Ashby de la Zouch LO St. Hugh's College. lolls:non; W. Snowdon from Harworth to Ripley: A. O'Dowd from

Si. Hugh's, I ineoln, to liar-worth; J. McGhic (Torn Our Lade,. 'xis-ester, to Southwel and

Calverton; \V. Walsh from St Thomas More Leicester. to St. Philip's, Mansfield, as assistant: A. Lynn tram Si. Philip's. Mansfield, tO St Thomas More, Leicester, as assistant

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