Page 10, 16th October 1981

16th October 1981
Page 10
Page 10, 16th October 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Lourdes Association, Catechetical Commission, Lancaster University, Council of Priests, Archbishop's Council, Association of Diocesan Schools Commissioners, Baptist School, Music Committee, Holy Family Church, Board of Administration, England Institute for Christiae Education, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Parise Church, Cardinal Newman School, St Luke's Service, Maas Mission, Area Pastoral Council, College of St Hild, Diocesan Schools Commission, St Margaret Mary Church, Tolentino Church, Sacred Heart School, Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, College of St Hild and St Bede, Secondary School, Catholic Archives Society, Pastoral Centre, Association of Catholic Clubs, All Saints School, Wigan Parish Church, SC Board of Directors, St Francesca Cabrini Pnrnary School, Ecumenical Service, Renewal Service, Canon Law Commission, Maw Mission, Reformed Church, United Service of the Medway Towns, Church of the Holy Ghost, Priests Programme Ad Saints Pastoral Centre, Teresa Church, Council of Episcopal Conferences of Eerope, St Patrick's Centre, St Gregory's Secondary School, King Church, Medway Towns' Christian Council, Norton Hall Hospital, Middleton Parish Church


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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday, Council of Episcopal Conferences of Eerope an Bishops. Rome. Tuseday-Sunday: Meeting of Canon Law Commission, Rome.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Sunday: Confirmation. Forest H111, 3 en!. Tuesday: Mass and Visit. St Gregory's Secondary School, Tunbridge Wells, 11.30 am Wednesday: Mass and visit. St Francesca Cabrini Pnrnary School. Honor Oak. 11.30 am.

Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool: Friday: Archbishop's Council Meeting. Curial Offices. 10 ern. Saturday: Festival of Faith. Wigan Parish Church. Sunday: Attends service, Middleton Parish Church. 10.30 am, Maw Mission Sunday, Metropolitan Cathedral, 3 pm

Bishop Almonds. of Clifton: Sunday: Maas Mission Sunday. Clifton Cathedral. 1 I arc Mass Sts. Luke and Teresa Church. Wincenton. 6.30 nm Tuesday: Mass and confirmation, Holy Family Church. Swindon. 7 pm. Wednesday: Requiem Mass for Father Daniel Hyland, Ashwicke Hall, Marshfield. 11 30 ann. Maas and Canfirrnation, Sr nechotas of Tolentino Church, Bristol. 7.30 Pm. Thursday: Meeting of Diocesan schools commission Clifton Cathedral, Clergy teouw. 10.30 ern. Preaches at Avon Catholic Teachers' Association Annual Mass, Christ the King Church. Filwooct Broadway. 7 30 per Siahop Brewer, Au:limy of Shrewsbury: Saturday-Monday: Visitation and confirmation, St SilvlaurS Ellesmere Pon.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: Visits St Cuthbert. Withington Sunday: Visitation, Sr Cuthbert's. 10_30 ore. St Luke's Service, Caldera-tones Hospital. Whalley, 3.45 prn. Tueeday: Visitiatibn, Farnworth. Wednesday: Board of Administration, 10.30 arc. Thursday: Clergy recollection. One aria Convent Manchester,

Bishop Clark of (eat Angliet Friday: Bishop's In -Service meeting, Chelsea Saturday-Sunday: Visitation and commiwionMg. Sudbury Mass. Long Melford United Reformed Church. 6.30 pro. Smurday. Mass. Great Coward, 5 15 pm Sunday.

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Sunday: Attends Young Peoples Conference, Park Place, Pastoral Centre. Sunday: Mass and commissions Special Ministers Cold Ash. Pastoral Centre. 4 prn. Monday-Wednesday: Association of Diocesan Schools Commissioners meeting, Loyola Han. Rainhili. Liverpool.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: Visits Fylde House of Help, Blackpool, 2.30 pm Sunday: Visitation of Bever:ton and Warwick Bridge pariah. Confirmation. Our Lady and St Wilfrid's, 11 ann. Townley: Attends Catholic Archives Society meeting, Lancaster University Chaplaincy. 10.30 ern. Attends Thurles College Re-union. Norbreck Hydro. Blackpool. 7.30 pm Wednesday: Celebrates with Jubilatians arid new priests_ Cathedral, 11.30 am. Thursday: Visits Housebound, Warwick Bridge Parish 2 on,

Bishop Grant of Northempton: FridaySaturday: (SC Board of Directors meeting and Club Dinner Sunday: Bishop celebrates Mess for the Missions. Cathedral, 11 are Monday: Silver Jubilee of St Luke's. Kettering. Tuesday-lNedneedsy: Post Ordination Course_ Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury: Friday: KSC Dinner, Crest Hotel. Runcorn Saturdey: Mass lot Teachers. Hawkestone Hall. 5.3D pm Sunday: Mass, St Columba. Chester

Bishop Eiuswelli, Biehop in Eawt London: Fridsaiy.-hBoopturHdaayr,Cisila

of Middlesbrough:

Seturday-Sundey: Leeds Walsingham Pilgrimage. Tesaday, Mass with Clergy at North Ormesin Conyent. Middlesbrough. It ern Thursday: Attends Formal opening of St Paul s Secondary School, Middlesbrough.

Bishop Harvey, Bishop In North London: Saturday-Sunday: Parish Renewal. St Philip the Apostle. Finotrlay, Monday-Friday: Ministry tril Priests' Programme, London Coiner_ Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southenvark:

Friday: Attends BCC'RC meeting. Eaton Gate. 12 noon Attends Annual Dinner of Association of Catholic Clubs, St Thomas More, Beitleyheath. 7.30 pm_ Sunday: Attends and preaches at United Service of the Medway Towns' Christian Council Annual Meeting, Strood. 330 Pot Monday: Presides at Diocesan FMence Meeting. 11 am Arc Meeting. Mill Hilt 4 pm. Tuesday: Arc Meeting, Mill Hill. until 4 pm. Mass end confirmation and visitation Nunhead, 7.30 tarn Thursday: Maw and confirmation, Care8siveell. 2.30 pm. "

B ishop HItchen, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Fifty: Archeishoos Council Curial Offices, am Confirmation. St Paul s, West Derby. 7.30 pm Sunday: Mass, Holy Angels, Kirkby, 11 am Monday-Thursday: Youth Pilgrimage to Holy Lend Land.

Bishop Holland of Salford: Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. SS Peter and Paul. Rarrowford. 11.15 em. Tuesday: Visits, Farnworth Wednesdey: Board of administration, 10.30 am Thursday: Clergy recollection Cenacle Convent, Manchester, I lam. Mass end presentation of papal awards. St John s Cathedral. Salford. 7.30 pm.

B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Visitation to Rochester. Bishop 'Constant, ilishop in Central London:

Friday Meeting of parish sisters, Kensington Square. 3 pm. Saturday: Confirmations. Oueensway 5 30 ern. St Patrick's Centre. Soho 9 orn Sunday: Confirmations, Marviabone, I 1 am,

Confirmations. Westminster Cathedra!, 5,30 pm, Wednesday: Mass. St Gabriel's, Hatch end 5,15 bra.

B ishop Lindsay of Newham and Newcastle: Sunday: Attends Ecumenical Service for the inauguration of the North of England Institute for Christiae Education, College of St Hild and St Bede, Durham. 2.30 pm Tuesday: Dedication of St Wend. Blyth. Thursday: Creatures at Evensong. College of St Hild and St Bede B ishop McCertle, Auxiliary of Birmingham:

Friday: Diocesan Schools Commission, Cathedral House, 4.30 pm. Saturday: Chairs discussions on nuclear disarmament, Cathedral House 2 per Sunday: Mass, St Chad's Cathedral. 10.30 am Mass, Sacred Heart, Coventry. 6 pm Tuesday: Visitatien, English Martyrs, Hiernotton. Parish meeting Great Haywood, 7 30 ens Wednesdey: Attends West Indian Chaplains' Meeting Manchester.

Bishop McGui nnnnn of Nottingham: Friday: Church Leaders' meeting, Cathedral Hail. Nottingham. 10,30 ern. Presentation of Flag Day Cheque el Nazareth House. 3 pm Opening and blessing of New Churcn. Duffield. 7 pen. Saturday: Mass at Norton Hall Hospital. Woodhati Spa, 5.30 pm. Mass in Parise Church. Horncastle, 7 pm, Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Splisby. 1.0.30 am. Woodhall. 3.30 pin. Monday: Meeting of Religmus, Loreto Convent. Nottingham, 5 Pm. Tuesday: Visits All Saints School and Visitation end Confirmation, 7 pm. Wednesday: Visits St Philip Howard s. St Mary's Road Thursdey: Catechetical Commission meeting, highfields. Derby. 2.30 pm. Consecration of new Church, Our Lady end St Patrick's, Nottingham 7 pm

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Frieley: Meeting at County Hall, Chelmsford. 12 noon. Meeting of Music Committee, Archbishop's House, Westminster. 2.45 pm. Attends Catholic Police Guild Dinner, London, 7 30 pm. Saturday: Attends Fee Group Workshop Cathedral Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Anne Line, South Woodford. Tuesday: Visitation. Our Lady of Ransom, Rayleigh. Wednesday: Attends Clergy In-Service training. New Hell. Chelmsford. Mass and blesses new Church, Custom House. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Maw and Confirmation. St Peter's, Dagenham. 7.30 prn.

Bislvop Mahon, Bishop in West London: Monday-Friday: Ministry to Priests Programme Ad Saints Pastoral Centre, London Colney

Bishop Movarley, of Friday: AGM of 51,M-flare Life Group. 6 pm Saturday: Mass and isa with OAPs at Forty Martyrs. Rotherham, 3 pm. Sunday: Confirmation, Forty Martyrs. Rotherham. Tuesday: AGM of YWCA. Polytechnic, 8 ont Wednesday: Opening of Sr sasoie a Bookshop. 10 am. Inaugural meeting of diocesan Lourdes Association, 7 30 pm Thursday: School Mass and Parish Visititliefi. Saved Hewn, Sheffield.

Bishop O'Cormor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Archbishop's Council meeting, Curial Offices. 10 arn. Sunday: Visitation. St Cuthbert s. Pemberton. Monday: One World Week', St Edmund s Junior Schou, Waterloo 7.30 pm Tuesday: Confirmation. St Cuthbert's, Pemberton, 7.30 pm. Wednesdey: Dedication of Hospital Chapel, St Luke's. Weis-ten, 7.30 pm Thursday: Chief celebrant of Golden Jubilee Mass and opening and blessing of new chalet complex. Lisieux Hall. Chorley, I I am Goyernqrs' meeting. Notre Dame. Wootton. 4.30 pm.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and B righton: Friday: Speaks at inservice day for staff of St John the Baptist School, Marwale Pastoral centre. Woking. Saturday: Attends Diocesan Pastoral Council. Cardinal Newman School.

H ove. Sunday: Visits Ashread parish. Monday. Friday: Attends 0.00,,, C'.'gv Retreat Miiā€¢ovs e Pastoral Centre B ishop O'Brian, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Friday: Confirmation, and commissioning at St Augustine s Hodelesdon, 8 pm. Sunday: Area Pastoral Council. All Saints Pastoral Centre, Herts. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Holy Family Church, Welwyn Garden City Tuesday: CWL 21st aretiyersary at Maryland Convent, St Albans. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: St Joan of Arc.. Rickmansworth, 2.35 pm. Thursday: Visits Sacred Heart School, Bushey. 10.30 am. Ova World Week, Hemel Hempstead, prn.

Bishop Peerson, Bishop In Cumbria. Friday: Meeting with parents and sponsors, Keswick. 7 pm. Sunday: Confirmation. Keswick, 10.45 am. Tweedey: Confirmation, St Kentigem's. Blackpool, 7.30 pro Thursday: Mass and presentation Sr Bene Martine, Si Ninien's. Brampton, 7 nm.

B ishoP Sestieaux of Plymouth: Friday: Consecration of St Margaret Mary Church, Plymstock. 7.30 pm Sunday: Viaitation and Mass at Church of the Holy Ghost. Exmouth. 10.30 am. Confirmation Service. 3 Prn. Tuesday: Council of Priests meeting. Cathedral House. Plymouth. 2.30 $101 Wednesday-Friday: Visits Parishes in North Devon Bishop Swindlehurst, Auxiliary of Hexharn and Newcastle, Sunday: Visitation end Cone, molior,. St Julrn Vianoey, Hartlepool Tuesday: Centenary Mess. St Cuthbert's. Chester-le-Strew,

Bishop Tripp, Ausillery of Southwark: Friday-Sunday: Visitation to Merton.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Mass. St Maiachy's, Halifax, 7 pm. Saturday: Mass, Hebden Bridge, 7 cen. Sunday: Mission Sunday, Cathedral, Renewal Service. Cathedral. 8 per Monday: Mass, Bradford Universey Chaplaincy, 7 30 pm. Tuesday: Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, Wood Hall, 7.30 pnn Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation. Viand

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