Page 10, 16th September 1994

16th September 1994
Page 10
Page 10, 16th September 1994 — 18TH To 24TH SEPTEMBER Archbishop Maurice Come tie Muryitle (Birmin g ham):

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18TH To 24TH SEPTEMBER Archbishop Maurice Come tie Muryitle (Birmin g ham):

Keywords: Religion / Belief

Sun: M, Catholic Wornens' League, National Council, University, Warwick, 9.15am. Tut: Mewing New Chapel, Sr Edmund Campion 54condary Sdt, Erdington, 9.20arn. Wed: M, Diamond Jubilee, St Mary's Convent Sch, Mown Batenhall, Worcester, 1 .1 5arn. Thu: Lecrure, Archbishop Levada, Chateau Iminey, Droitwich.

Archbishop Derek Worlock (Liverpool): Sun: M. St Manhew, Clubmoor, 10.30am. Mon: Michaelmas Gaup Mtg, J1M Centre, Liverpool, Sam. Tue: Granada TV Recording, Manchester, 3.30p,nJ Thu: Church Leaders; Mtg, Friends Mtg House, 4pm. MARCEA, Friends Meg House, 9,30am. Archbishop Michael Bowen (Southwark): Sun: C, Hersden, 3pm. Mon: M, to mark departure Franciscan Missionarl of the Divine Motherhood, St John's Seminary, Wonersh, Item. Toe: C., Norbi , 7.30pm.

Bishop Cormac Murphy 0' (Arundel and Brighton): Sun: Thanksgiving and Farewell M, for work of S Les, Bognor, Noon. Welcomes Cor Lumen Christi Community, Storrington, 5.30pin. The: Centenary M, Nazareth House, Bexhill on Sea, 2pm. Wed: Church t alders M and V, Farnham, 3pm. Thu: Dedication M, Sacred Heart, Cataham pm. Sat: Sussex Country Forum, Brighton, 1 I am. Bishop Terence Brain (Birmingham auxiliary): Sun: Lourdes Committee Mtg, 7 . 30pm. Wed: Mtg, Vernon Road, 9.30am. Thu: Conference. Chateau Impney, Droitwich. Sat: NCOA Mtg, Floernemouth, Bishop Philip Pargeter (Birmingham analliery): Sun: 125th anniversary M, St Peter's, Blorovich. Wed: ARC MIS, Catechetical Conference, Chataeu Impney, Dronwich. Emmaus Mtg, Cropthorne, pm. Fri: Besford Ct, GOVerriOre /141g, 2pm. M and Bestowal of Knighthood of Sr Gregory on Dr Seymour Spencer, St Chad's Cathedral, 7.30pm. Sat: CCR Wks, merlon, I lam.

Bishop Thomas McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: All Saints, Stock, 6.30pm. Tue: Mtg, Cathedral House, 3pm. Parish Council, Stock, 5pm. Wed: Bishops' Liturgy Mtg, IJshaw College. Sat Essex Youth Orchestra,Cathedral, 7.30pm. Sun: V and C, St Luke's and St Thomas More, Harlow.

Bishop Mervyn Alexander (Clifton): Thu-Sac National Liturgy Conference,Ushaw. Bishop Alan Clark (East Anglia): Sun: V, Ipswich Deanery. Wed: Mtg., Diocesan Offices, Poringland, 10.3ream. Stir Friends Fund raising, St John's Cathedral): Wed: Clergy Mtg, Pastoral Centre, Biehop Gerald Moverley Hallarna 0.45am. Sat CThY, Conception, Rotherham. Bishop David Konstant): Fri: 150th anniversary M, Leeds SVP Society, Mount Si Joseph's, Headingley, al. Sun: 25th anniversary, ASDC, 2.30pm. Bishop Vincent Malone, (Liverpool awdlistry): Sun: Archbishop Blanch Memorial 5, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral 3pm. Tue: Lancashire Church Leader's Mtg. 2pm. V St Mary's High Sch, Ashley, 7.30pm. Wed: Archbishop's Courted Mtg, Curial Offices, 10.1 5arn. C, St Paul of the Cued, Burtonwood, 7pm. Tim Church I orders' Mrg, Merseyside, 4pm. Sat: MARCEA Assembly, 9.30am. Bishop John Rawathorne, (Liverpool sundliary): Sun: V, St Thomas More, Liverpool. Mon: E Chaplaincy Mu, I Opm. Lourdes Committee Meg, 4pm. Tue: Liturgy Mtg, 7pm. Wed: CARE Mtg, 7.30pm. Thu: Church Leaders' Mrg, 4pm., Fri: MARCEA Mtg, 4pm. Sat: V, M. St Anthony of Padua, Mosslry Hill, 6.30pm. Bishop Daniel Mullins (Menevia): Wed: Carecherics Commirree, London, 12.30pm. Thu: M and Opening and new Sch, St Diereses Parish, Port Talbot, 10.30am. Sat:Youth Day, Sr David's Pastoral Centre, Swansea. Bishop John Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: V , St Anne's, Eaton, M, St Mary's Sch, Grangetown, 9 and 10.30am. Tue: Dedicarion New Chapel, NM Prison, Kirklevington, 2pm. Wed: CArOD Mtg, London. Thu: Mtg, St Bede's, York, pm. Fri: Deane Mtg, 16 Cambridge Rd, I pm. M. Cathedral , Newcastle, 7pm Sat: Youth Advisory Mtg, 16 Cambridge Read, l lam. Farewell M, St Clare's, Acklam 7pm. Bishop Kevin O'Brien (Middlesbrough auxiliary): Sun: Commission, Industrial Chaplain, York Minster, 7.30pm, Wed: Mtg, Evangelisation Cnee, Bishops' Conference, Leeds, 1 1.30am. Thu: Pastoral Council, Hull, 7.30pm. Fri: Deans Meg, Middlesbrough. Bishop Leo McCartie (Northampton): Wed: M for Year 7 intake, Cardinal Newman Sets, Luton, 7pm.Thu: AGM Luton Day Centre, Luton, 7pm, Fri: ROMettiodist Talks, Bishops' House, 11.30am. E Coinrni%ion, Woburn Sands, 6,30pm. Sat: SVP M and Lunch, The Cathedral, Northampton, I I am.

Bishop James McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: V and C, St Mary's, Derby. Mon: S and V St Mary's, Derby. Tue: V & C, Allestree. Wed/ Thu. AGM Priests; Eucharistic League. Sat Macy Sisters Celebration 150h Anniversary

Bishop Christopher Budd (Plymouth): Sum V, St Edward;s, Plymouth. Bishop Crispian Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun-Wed: UNDA/OC1C Assembly, Prague. Wed: C, Our Lady of Lourdes, New Milton, 7pm. Thu: Churches Together, Bishopswood, Farnham am Growth in Faith, St Philip Howard, Fareham, 7.30pm. Bishop Patrick Kelly (Salford): Sun: V & M, St Joseph's, Halliwell, 8.30/10.30am. Tut: V St Bernard's Sell, Bolton, I 0.30am . Lancashire Church Leaders' Mtg, Blackburn, 2pm. Wed Day of Recollection, St Pace's Deanery, Wandiey Hail. V and M (with renewal of marriage vows) Ss Peter and Paul, Bolton, 7,30pm, Thu: GMCEC Mtg, Stuckport, 10.30;an. Snide Group, Cathedral, 7.30 pm. Fri: V, SS Peter and Paul Sch, Bolton, 10.30am . V, St Jollies Primary Sch, Bromley Cross, Bolton 1.30-3.30pm. Tea with Mayor of Bolton, 4pm. Sat: international J&P Mtg, London, 10.30am. Bishop Charles Henderson (Southwark awdliary): Sun: V Thamesmead Central. Mon: Farewell M, Wonersh, Noon. Wed: Council of Priests' Meg, 11.30am. S London, EC Leaders; Mtg, Southfields, 10.30am. F6: E for Parish Service Trustees 2.30pm_ M,Bmckley, 7.30pm. Sat J&P Mtg, Brixton Hill, 1pm. Bishop John Jukes(Southwark atudliary): No Engagements all weekBishop Howard Tripp (Southwark auxiliary): 'Wed: Council of Priests, I 1.30am Thu: Mtg of South London Chard' Leaders, 102111. Sat: SW Area Clergy and Laity Mtg, Merton, 9.30am. Bishop Victor Guameelli (Weetualaster, east area): Sun: V, Wapping, am. Survivors Group, Westminster Cathedral, ipm. More Celebrations, Kentish Town, 6.30pm. Thu: Arca licads of RE, Maria Fidelis Sch, 1.30pm. Sat V, Underwood Road, pm. Bishop Vincent Nichols (Westminster, north area): Sun: M, Golden Green, Tue: Haringey Deanery Teachers' M, St Thomas More Sch, 4 30pm C. Golden Green. Wed: N London Area Clergy Day, London Colney, "Churches Together in New Barnes & Southgate", 7.30pm. Thu: Brent Borough Teachers' Si, Cardinal Hinsley, Sch, 4.30pm. Fri; 13ra:shire Primary Heads Assoc, AGM, 9.30am. Sat: V Whetstone. Bishop punts trlsrien (Westminster, Hertfordshire area): sun: V, St martin On Purees, Cuffiey. Wed. Commissioning Special Ministers, Nicholas Breakspear Sch, pm. Bishop Patrick O'Donoghtie (1Aharmiasser, west area): Sun:V, Middleshmugh. Wed: Mtg with Japanese Catholies, 7pm. Mtg, Kensington Square, 2.30pm. Centenary , St Mary's Bch, M, Our Lady , I/ridge, 7.30pm. Sat: Our Lady of Ransom M,

Warwick St, I lam. 125th Anni , St Gebriers Convent, St Patrick's, Soho, 2pm. Saints, Rotherham, 6.30pm. Sun: V, immaculate

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