Page 4, 16th September 1994

16th September 1994
Page 4
Page 4, 16th September 1994 — How Catholics warmly welcomed me

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Organisations: Eliot Church, Anglican Church


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How Catholics warmly welcomed me


your article "Eliot Church links faiths", (Catholic Herald, 24 August) where you reported an attempt to forge greater understanding between the two denominations; that is the Catholic and Anglican Church.

Recently, as an Anglican priest, I went with a group of Roman Catholics, priest and laity to an retreat in Lisieux. At first, I was afraid at being the odd-man-out, but this was not the case. I was made to feel most welcome. Of course I could not celebrate the Blessed Sacrament, but in all other respects shared in the fellowship of prayer and meditation centering round St Therese and her Little Way to deeper fellowship with our Blessed Lord. This experience has had a tremendous effect on my spiritual life.

It has also made me aware of the pain of separation which, in my case, cannot be healed by turning my back on my parishioners, who would be hurt and confused by such action; nor can I deny my priesthood of over 30 years, however deep my love for the Catholic faith.

Such links as you mention and experiences similar to mine, cannot but prove good and helpful to all who share in them and bring about the better understanding mentioned in your article. Donald Kerridge Lincoln

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