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17th April 1953
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Page 7, 17th April 1953 — AFRICA HAS 22

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Three Bishops from Britain among newly-established Hierarchy

KENYA, land of Mau Mau terrorism-but also a land of many thousands of loyal Catholic Kikuyus and White settlers-together with Uganda and Tanganyika, all in British Africa, have been given a Hierarchy by the Pope with four new archdioceses and 18 dioceses.

Three Bishops from England and Wales and two from Ireland are in the territory.

Nine of the Bishops are White Fathers. Three are Mill Hill Fathers. Two are Negro Bishops.

In May. 1950. the Holy Father established the Hierarchy in West Africa. Eight months later he took another great step forward in the development of the Church by creating the Hierarchy of South Africa, replacing the missionary system of vicariates.

Now Uganda. Kenya. Western Tanganyika and Eastern Tanganyika have each been made a province with the archiepiscopal and metropolitan sees respectively of Rubaga, Nairobi, Tabora and Dar-es-Salaam.

The metropolitan sees and the Bishops there are: RUBAGA (Uganda) : Mgr. Joseph Cabana. a Canadian White Father. brother of Archbishop George Cabana. Coadjutor with the right of succession to the Archbishop of St. Boniface, Canada.

NAIROBI (Kenya) : Mgr. John McCarthy. a Holy Ghost Father horn at Miltownrnalbay. Ireland.

TABORA (Western Tanganyika) Mgr. Cornelius Bronsveld, a Dutch White Father.

DAR-ES-SALAAM (Eastern Tanganyika) : Mgr. Edgar Mara nta , a Swiss Franciscan Capuchin.

Rubaga has five suffragan dioceses. They and the Bishops there are: Gulu : Mgr. Giovanni Battista Cesana, an Italian Missionary of Verona.

Kampala : Mgr. Vincent Billington. a Mill Hill Father who was born in Blackburn.

Masaka : Mgr. Kiwanuka, Africa's first Negro Bishop, a White Father.

Mbarara (formerly Ruwenzori): Mgr. Francis Lacoorsiere, a Canadian White Father.

Tororo : Mgr. John Greif, a Mill Hill Father born in Italy.

Nairobi's two suffragan dioceses and the Bishops there are:

Kisumu : Mgr. Frederick Hall, a Mill Hill Father born in Burnley.

Nyeri : Mgr. Carlo Cavallcra, a Consolata Missionary from Turin.

Tabora has seven suffragan dioceses. They and the Bishops there are: Rukoba : Mgr. Alfred Lanctot, a Canadian White Father, Karema : Mgr. John Siedle. a White Father born in Penarth, South Wales.

Kigorna t Mgr. John van Sambeck. a Dutch White Father.

Mama : Administered by Mgr. Joseph Blomjous. a Dutch White Father (see below).

Mbeya : Mgr. Antony van Oorschoot, a Dutch White Father.

Mwanza : Mgr. Joseph Blomjous.

Rutado (formerly Lower Kagera) . Mgr. Rugambwa. a 40-year-old African Bishop.

Dar-es-Salaam's suffragan sees and Bishops there are:

Dodoma : Mgr. Antonio Pesce, an Italian Passion ist.

Iringa : Mgr. Attilio Beltramino, a Consolata Missionary from Turin.

Mbulu : Mgr. Patrick Winters.

Morogoro ( formerly Kilimanjaro): Mgr. Joseph Byrne, a Holy Ghost Father born in Cionmel, Ireland.

Travelling Missions

Nottingham.-The Mission will this week visit : Claypole. Stubton, Dry Doddington and Long Bennington. Mass will he said on Sunday at Healey's, Main Street, Claypole, at 7.45 a.m., at the Holy Family Church. Eastwell, at 10 a.m., and at a place to be announced locally at 11 a.m.

Shrewsbury.Mass will be said on Sunday at The Grove. R.uyton XI Towns, at 8 a.m., and at Baschurch at 9.30 a.m. Next week the Mission will visit Atcham and Eaton Constantine in the parish of Wellington. Salop.

alenevia. The Mission will this week-end visit : (11 Parish of Pwlhelli: (21 Parish of Milford Haven. Next week: II) Parish of Machynlleth (Mass will be said at Commins Coch): (2) Parish of Trefriw.

Northampton.Mass will be celebrated at 8.30 a.m., at Molesworth, Hunts.

Southwark. The Mission will this week visit: (1) Westbourne in the parish of Chichester. Mass will be said on Sunday at "Deep Springs" at 8.30 a.m. (2) Brenzett and Aldington in the parish of Ashford. Mass will be said on Sunday at Harriett Cottages. Brenzett. at 8 a.m.. and at Pattisons Farm, Aidington. at 10 a.m.

Children of a Catholic modern school in Cologne have sent 34s. to Lowestoft "to buy gifts" for the children who were marooned in St. John's Church on the night of the floods.

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