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17th April 1981
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Page 8, 17th April 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Wastminstw:

Friday: Lord's Passion, Westminster Cathedral. 3 om. Saturday: Mass of the Easter Vigil, Westminster Cathedral, 8.30 pm. Sunday: Capihrlar mass, Westminster Cathedral. 10.30 am. Maws for Handicapped people. Westminster Cathedral, 2 pm.

Archbishop Dwyar of Birmingham: Friday: Liturgy of Good Friday. Sr Chads Cathedral. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil, St Chad's Cathedral, 8 pm. Monday: Annual mods Mass, SI Chad's Cathedral, 9 am Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: Friday: Solemn afternoon Liturgy, Metropolitan Cathedral, 3 pm. Watching at the Tomb service, 7.30 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil, Metropolitan Cathedral. 11 pre Sunday: Mass of Easter Sunday. Metropolitan Cathedral, 11 am. Wednesday: Hopwood Hall Confinance, Middleton, re. Manchester, 11 am.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: Stations of the Cross. Clifton Cathedral. 17 am. Youth Walk from Bristol Cathedral to Clifton Cathedral, 12 noon. Good Friday Liturgy, Clifton Cathedral. 3 pm SaturdayEaster V,di mass Clifton Cathedral. 10 pm. Sunday: Mae and preaches at Clifton Cathedral, 11 am. Tuesday: Mass on occasion of Handicapped Childrens Pilgrimages to Lourdes. Clifton Cathedral. 7.45 pm.

B ishop Burks, Auxiliary of Salford: -Friday: Liturgy of toe Passion, Christ the King. Burnley. 3 pm Saturday: Easter Vigil, English Martyrs, Urrnston 9 pm. Sunday: Pontifical mass of Easter. SI John's Cathedral, Salford, 11 em. Wednesday: Commissions estraordlnery ministers of the' Eucharist. St Bernadette. Whitfield. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Schools Commission, 10.30.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia: Fritter Procession of Witness, Norwich Tuesday: Bible Society Service. Norwich, B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: -Friday: Liturgy of Good Friday. SS Mary and John, Wolverhampton 3 Prn Saturday: Easter Vigil_ SS Mary and John Wolverhampton. 9 pin. Monday: Annual Men's mots. SS Mary and John, Wolverhampton, 10 am

Bishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: Stations Dr 'h.' Coss. Cathedral. 10 am So,emn Liturgical

Action. Cathedral. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Cathedral, 9 pm. Manley: Mass of Easter Day. Cathedral. 11 am. Tuesday: Meeting of Charity Bell Committee. Preston Guild Hall, 7 30 pm. Thursday: Attends Preston and District Catholic Clubs League, Annual Presentation of Trophies. Roper Hall. Preston, 7.45 tans

Bishop Gray, of Shrewsbury: Friday: Good Friday Liturgy. Cathedral, 3 pm. Stations of the Cross, Cathedral. Saturday: Easter Vigil ceremony, Cathedral. Sunday: Mass, Cathedral. 11 em.

Bishop 131.1•210411. Bishop in East London Sunday: Mass. Manor House, 12 noon. MondaySunday: Handicapped Children's Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Morrie of Middlesbrough: Friday: Good Friday: Liturgy Cathedral. Middlesbrough, 3 am, Saturday: Attends "Reachout". Cathedral, 6 pm. Vigil and first mass of Easter. Cathedral. 9 pm Sunday: Mass for the handicapped. Cathedral. Thursday: Attends Standing Committee meeting, Cleveland Council of Churches. 7 tan.

Bishop Harvey. Bishop in North London: Saturday: Easter Vigil service, St Erconwald. Wembley-Preston Road. Sunday: Ordination of Deacons, White Fathers. Bernet. 12 noon. Monday: Daughters of Charity. Mill Hill 6 pm WednesdayThursday: Irish Chaplains Congress, Dublin.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark:

Friday: Good Fnday Liturgy. Blackheath. 3 Om. Saturday: Easter Vigil mass. Blackheath. pm B ishop Hitchen, Auxiliary of Uverpool: Friday: Good Friday Service. Our Lady's. Formby. 3 Pm. Saturday: Vigil and mass of Easter Dawn, Our Lady s. Formby, 11 am. Sunday: Walton Prison, 9.15 am. Mass Cur Lady of Walsingharn, Netherton, 12 noon Bishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Liturgy of the Passion. Salford Cathedral, 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Salford Cathedral. 9 pm.

B ishop Jukes. Auxiliary of Southwark: Thursday: Mass, St George's, Cathedral, 7.30 pm. Bishop Kortatant, Bishop In Central London: Friday: Day of recollection, Damascus House. 10.30 am Saturday: East, Vigil Spanish Piece 9

am. Sunday: Mass. Our Lady of Victories. Kensington, 10 stn. Tuesday-Sunday: Lourdes with the Catholic Handicapped Pilgrimage Trust.

Bishop Lindsay of Heaftern and Newcastle: Friday: Good Friday Liturgy, St Mary's Cathedral. Newcastle. 3 pm. Procession of Witness, Newcastle City, 5 45 pm Saturday: Easter Vigil, S. MaryS Cathedral. Newcastle, 8.30 pm.

Bishop McCartia, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Procession of Witness, Theme. Oxon. 10 am, Liturgy of Good Friday. St Joseph's. Theme. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter VigIl, Our Lady of Wayside, Shirley, 13.30 pm. Sunday: Max St Gregory's Stratford, 71 am. Mendel": Annual Men's Mass, St Osburge, Coventyr. 9 am.

B1.1°Pletuinmielrngh""'-FrldY Good Friday Lirgy. Cathed3pmStationaf the Cross, Cathedral. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Vigil Mass. Reception of Converts, B pm. Sunday: Addresses Polish and Italian Communities at their Masses. Monday-Friday: Attends Clergy Retreat St Hugh's College Tollerton. Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Procession of Witness, Stock, 12 noon. Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday. Stock. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil and Mass. Stock, 8 pm. Mass. Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Stock, 9.30 am. Mass, Cathedral. 12 noon

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Good Friday Service. Lowe House, St Helens

B ishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Friday: Solemn Liturgy. Arundel Cathedral. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil Mass Cathedral, 8.30 tarn. Sunday: Easter Mass, Arundel Cathedral, 9.30 am. Wednesday-Thursday: Attends meeting of Bishops Committee for Europe, Brussels B ishop Reatisaux of Plymouth: Friday: Leads Liturgy of Passion at Cathedral, 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil, Cathedral, 8 pm Sunday: Mass, Cathedral, 10.30 am Solemn Pontifical Benediction 7 om Wednesday: Jubilee mass, Stoodley Knowle Convent. Torquay. 11.30 am.

Bishop Swindlehuret, Auxiliary of Mesh*. and Newcastle: Friday: Goad Friday Liturgy : Patrick's_ Consett, 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil I Mary s Cathedral. Newcastle, 8 pm.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Soullnvark Friday: Sotemn Liturgy at Solite-ton, 3 per. Moon Service. Kingston. 8 pm. Thursday: Preaches St George s Hospital Tooting. 6 om Bishop Wslmeley, Bishop of the Force Friday: Goad Friday Liturgy, RN Hospital Oat Hasler, Gosport. 3 pm. Sunday: Mass of Eastday. Church of SS Michael anti George. Aldershot, bm.

Bishop Ward of Menevis: FrIday:.rd's Passion 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. pm. Sunday: Mass, Cathedral, am.

Bishop Wheels, of Leads: Fridasioce Friday Liturgy. Cathedral 3 per BaturdaYltier Vigil, Cathedral. 8.30 pin Sunday: Solematin Mass Cathedral. 11 am_ Monday: M for Mentally Handicapped. Thursday: Maw Conference of Teaching Religious, Training lege, Horsforth. 5.30 pm

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