Page 1, 17th August 1956

17th August 1956
Page 1
Page 1, 17th August 1956 — Statements by the Pope, the Cardinal and Mgr. Montini

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Locations: Milan, London, Rome, Vatican City


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Statements by the Pope, the Cardinal and Mgr. Montini


CARDINAL GRIFFIN has issued a statement saying that "the Catholic clergy and faithful of England and Wales are urged to pray earnestly that Divine guidance be given to those taking part in the forthcoming London conference on the Suez Canal."

The Chilean Ambassador in Rome, Senor Manuel Ossa, was reported as saying on Monday that the Pope in a private audience told him that he hoped the controversy over the Suez Canal can eventually be settled in a spirit of "peace, justice and love."

In a special pastoral letter for the Feast of Our Lady's Assumption, Archbishop Montini of Milan formerly Papal ProSecretary of State, called for prayers to the Mother of God for reason and justice to prevail over force in disputes between nations.

"Peace is fragile and a supreme asset," says Mgr. Montini. "It is not created to be thoughtlessly enjoyed but to be preserved with the constant and energetic enforcement of justice and charity.

"One must pray so that reason and justice may solve controversies pending between nations, not force of arms, not an unstable balance of fear.

"To invoke the help of the Queen of Heaven on this celestial and earthly day of peace" — the Feast of the Assumption — "will be in complete harmony with the liturgy of the Church and world anxiety."

For this reason the Archbishop made the feast day a day of special prayer for the 3,000,000 Catholics of the Milan diocese.

People throughout Italy on the Feast of the Assumption joined the Holy Father in saying the " Angelus " when, following his annual custom, be broadcast over Vatican Radio. His Holiness was also seen on television.


Disabled ex Servicemen from nearly all the European countries were received in audience by the Holy Father last week when they held their annual congress in Rome.

His Holiness had a telegram sent to the congress welcoming the "beloved war disabled" with a "paternal embrace.'

The message said that the .Holy Father entrusted their lives "to the Alt-merciful and Provident God," and exhorted them to "cultivate and increase the spirit of agreement and love which united them."

Osservatore Romano on Tuesday The Vatican City newspaper appealed to the nations to add a chapter on canal navigation to international law.

This, it said, would help to ease the tension between Egypt and the West by raising the issue to the level of a broad principle on which discussion and decision could not hurt the prestige or right of anyone.

General rules on canal navigation should include artificial waterways, such as Suez and Panama. and natural ones, such as the Dardanelles.

New French Bishop

Mgr. Francois Bougon, Vicar General of Amiens, a prisoner in Germany from the fall of France to the end of the war, has been appointed Bishop of Moulins. He is 51.

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