Page 2, 17th August 1956

17th August 1956
Page 2
Page 2, 17th August 1956 — Conscientious Objectors

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Organisations: Swiss army
Locations: Surrey, Paris


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Conscientious Objectors

Sir,-Your correspondent M. Lucie may be interested to know that my reference to St. John Viannev as a C.O. has the support of the late Pierre Lorson. Si.. in his book Un Chretien peut-il etre Obiecteur de Conscience ? published with imprimatur in 1950

(Paris. Editions chi Seuil). After relating the circumstances. Pere Lorson says on nage 90: "11 s'agit le d'une veritable objection de conscience."

But whether we agree on this does not affect the difficulty of understandine the reported statement by Bishop Charriere that Catholic teaching does not support conscientious objectors. Only last month Fr. G. P. Dwyer wrote in one of your contemporaries: " There are those who hold that the evils resulting from modern war are so great that nothing can justify recourse to arms and that therefore in practice today all war is immoral. This is a tenable oninion and could be held by a Catholic."

You commented, Sir. on my previous letter that any individual Bishop's ruling is for his own flock. May 1 suggest with respect, that this does not quite cover the point, as Bishop Charriere was addressing himself not to his diocese hut to the annual convention of Swiss army chanlains and his remarks were reported internationally as a categorical statement of Catholic teaching. It is hard to see how the position of the C.O. can he morally tenable in one diocese and not in another.

Charles S. l'hompson 93, Malnistone Avenue,

Merstham, Redhill, Surrey,

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