Page 8, 17th February 1984

17th February 1984
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Page 8, 17th February 1984 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

0 Ordination. C Confirmation. M Mess. V Visitation

Cardinal Hume. Arelaishop ol Westminster. Seta:day. Returns from Rome Sunder. M tor Mayor of Brent. St Erconwalds Werhar, Mender Catenate Law Society Dinner. 7 30 p Thuntelak: Receehen M.Ps. Archasece's House Archbishop Savoie of Southwark. Saturday Celetvehon Day Si Thomas Mo, Cent, for Pastoral L■tufgy Monday: Diocesan Finance Committee meeting, Diocesan Finance Office. 12 /5 f0.11101617: Dont irtna1tOn. Waterle0. 7.30 o.m Want/say. Meettogs, Archbishop4 House aschbishop Cows de Merril* of Birmingham Saturday Solemn Professor,. Wolverhampton Carmei. 1, am V. S1 Jerre Fahey West Heath, m Sunder E C V John Ftsher. West Heath Mader. Addresses Rotary Club, Birmingham 115 per TTASTAlor V. West Birmingham Hospital. 11 a.m. EISA, Armtv070afT Concert. Worcester Cathedral, 7 30C m

Archbishop Ward el Cardiff. Sunday C. Si

Ferrets. Cardiff, r am Monday: Archdiocese,' Ecerneucei Cornmosron. St Mary's Cardiff. 7 pm Thad* UCE, Sliver Jubilee M. St Cad, C.srdill. 7 p.m Archbishop Warlock of Lbenttool. Fridel Mahone, Conference of Priest Standmg Committee, Archbishop's House. 9 30 am Saturday: Commisston for Lfrben Pnority Areas Centre rioter, 730p.m. Sunday: V. St Peter & SI Mtchaels, Masten Warrington). Mont* Deanery Pastoral Counctt All Saints, Anteld Meeting el Walton. 6 13.O1 Tuesday: V. St Theresa's,

Unemployment C. ' of Leoes. A/chi:needs House, 1C.15 nen Threader Governors Meeting, Censt Notre Dame College. 4.30 pee Present Papal Aerie! to Mr Dempster. Galeacre • Grange. 7 15 p.m.

B ishop Almada of Clifton. Friday: V. SI Pius Mr, Primary School. Hartchee, 10.30 err Sabaday: Day of Censultaton on Catechetical Needs of Young Adults. St. Brendan's sixth lam Collor Bestington. 10 am. V & C St. Pius Xth, FlarIckfle Sunday. V & C St Plus 5th. Hartcliffe Preaches et all Masses. Administers Saclament of C. 10.30 am Tuesday: Administers C. Holy Rood. &tendon, 7 30 pm Thunder PA, at Our Lady of Victeey. Brownshili 12 noon Ai:Mummers C. Sr Patrick's. Corsharn. 7.30 p Bilellop *awes Auxiliary lot Lasseter. Friday, Saturday. Sunday V & C HOty Feeney. Morecambe Moeda Luncreon with mayor an] cue leaders. Town Hall. Preston Tuesday Deanery Conference, Wedmore Pre5e1eS at Meettng of N W region of Cast. Manchester, 7.30 p m. Thursday: Ecumenlcai Commission, Lancaster, 5 15 pyr Presents Awards St. Bede's High School. Lytham. 7 30 p.m Bishop Burke Auxiliary ler Salford. Sunday: C. St William, DI Lever. 4 5 m Tuesday: Youth Commisslon. 2.15 p m Thursday: Schools Commission, ict 30 fun B ishop Clark of East ASgItL Sunda Launches -*gaol Norwich , Unversity of East Anglia. 6 0 re Wednesday-. toteeting cheeds of V Johe's Gained*, Norwh A m

Bishop Foley at Lancaster. Sunday: V & C. St John Southworth. Coeveleys. 11 am Tuesday: Combined Deenertes Conference err 'New Code' 11 ate. Wednesday: Vises ,o -.worth. Cieveleys, 2.30 e m

Bailee Gray of Shrewsbury. Friday: Ciwc ;Meseta) /Of new Bishop of Stockport. Town Hail Stockport. 5 p.m. Sunday: V. Christ the KIng, Bromborough Monday: Visits seminaries In Ireland, 00tit Friday Bishop Victor Oesessth. Auxiliary for Weelminstor, Fridar C. Urdenvood Rood. 11 am SAMMY: Del el Celebration, St Thomas More Centre, 10.30 arn Sunday: Commissioning of Ministers Of Eueherist, Clue; Read. 11 am Monday to Thnrsdry am Bishop sort Priests Together ABTA London Carey, 4 per Thursday: Meeting SecOnclary School Heaeli. W057,0,05,!•• P tm BishoP 0•10oPers00. Auxiliary for Southwark. Saturday: Finance Acesory Committee. Archaseop's Hoese. Vveserenster 11 arti &raw Pastoral V. Camberwell. 5)3 7 o nr Maldrer Continuebon of Pastoral V. Carnbenvell, 1.30 9.30 p.m Tuesday: Pastoral Meeting. Walworth, 11 am Thursday: Recepbon at Archbishop's House, Westminster, 6.30 m Meettng of represeetaltves of the Deanery PAStoria1Counclis of the Area. Lewisham, BA 30 p.m Bishop Mellen, Auxiliary tor Liverpool. Sunda V C. St Joseph's. Penketh Tuesday: Crifod Meeeng. 1.0nd0h. Wednesday. Meeting Archbishop's House. 10 15 ern. Bishop Henshalls Reference Group. Crosby. 7 30 o tn thunder V. confirmed. St Joseph s. Penketh

Bishop wahine of Salford. Sunday: V & C. SI

Vincent, Over Hutton, 10 a m C, 2 pm Tuesday: St Gabners Management Committee. Victoria Park, 230 p.m Allen Hatt Management Committee. Fatlowhetd. p.m Wednesdsr. Begins V. Hasheeden Thursday Clergy Flecolleceon Cesnclo Caner'', Mc 10 45 am

leshoo Jukes. Auxiliary for Southwrek Fdday

Lunch with Vice-Creurrnee at County riait marestone before Dtocesan C.ornrnissein meeting. 12 30 per Meets with CMAC Counsellors at Welt Melling. 8.30

Saturear. Official V to Paddock Wood Standar V to Paddock Wood conttnued MendeyrFridar to Caner. Law Society Meeting. Damascus House

Bishop Konstent, Auxiliary lot Westminster. Feder Governors Meeting. St E0mluftCl'S College, 2 dm. Saturday: St Thomas More Centre. Manor HOuse, 10.33 am Tueseley: Deanery Meeting, Apneincpon, 11 SM, Cornerstone. Cathedral Conference Centre. 7 pee Timmer Percept ten, Arc eashop's House. 6 en Bishop McCarlie, Auditory ler Blenlogam. Tuesday Sdvor Jubdse Id, Si Michele& Boldmere. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Cacotier Society Council Meeting. 130 pro Kntghta of Columba: Burton on Trust. 7.33 p Thursday: kr & C. St Joseph e Carlerton. 7 30 lam aishop McMahon of Brentwood. Feder Gees talk. Vocations Weekend, WalsIngham House. Chingford. 030 p.m Saturder Liturgy Day. Si Thomas More Centre tor Pastoral Liturgy. 10 30 a fn. Sunday: V. St James and St Helen. Colchester Tuesday. meets Barking Deanery, Cathedral' House. Brentwatd, 12 noon Wednesday: V. Our Lady Queen ol Peace. BraIntree. Thwelley: Concelebrates le and Meeting with DrOcesen Committees, Bishops House, 12 noon Bishop Dalton. &Mary fer Westminster. May: Meets Overseas Students Chaplains. Whitehall Gdns. It am Visits and 7.1 at Radio & Televisioe Centre. Hatch End, 5.33 pm Seesaws: Soca( and Pestered Actice Day. Gunrersieury Scheel. Malay: New Bearings Committee Meetng. House at Goren-ions, 5.30 ere Tierrader Reception. Archbishop's House, pm Bishop Marley of Hallam. Fria* Course On

new CoOe Law for lea clergy at the mouipeo Hell. Sheffield. 10 30 am Sant Bodes Otc1 Boys drerer Bradford

[email protected] Mullins, Auxiliary ton Cardiff. Monday: Traintng Session for Governors at Newman School. Pontypridd, 7 33 o Or Wednesday Meehrkj of the Court ol UWIST. 30P re B ishop faurphyO'Connor of Arundel & Brighton. Friday V.3115 01uctentS. St John s Seminary. Wonersh, a fn. Et p.m Saturday: Eastbourne Deanery Confirmation inscription, 2.30 P m. St. LeOnarps Ctoanefy C Inscription. ft 30 p or Sestina V. SI LOOOVOS. 4 p er Sunder V continued Redhill Deanery InberoDteen. P.m Tula* Addresses conference of Anglican clergy. London, Wednesday: Study Day tar diocesan Priests. Christian Education Contra. Crawley ' Thursdat Anemia ARCIC meetmg. StornnOlOe Sishop James O'arlen. Osaka kr Westminster. Felder C at Most Hoe Redd:env. SavelandgewoMy rao m Saturder Cance Venstone's day of celebratton at St Thomas More Pastore' Centre Sunder V at Much Hadharn Mender Herts. Area Advisory COUTITII it All Setts Pastore' Centre. 8 p m Tuesday: Cafod Meeting. 1 p Mt Wednesday: Day for Relight:us at the Family Centre, Welwyn Garden City. 10 30 err Bishop K O'Brien. Auxiliary lor Middlesbrough Sunday Say M for the University students at Hull and receive some Convents.

Bishop Kean O'Connor, Auxiliary for LieerpeoL maw st Ertwwes cxwe•nora Meeting. 430 pm Monday Walton Deanery Meeting, All Saints Club, Enfield. B ern Wednesday: Deans Meeting, Archbishop's HOLM.). 10.15 a.m. Deanery Me.etine. St James' Benue. p C. SI Edmund's. Skelmersdate. 6 30 p.m Sunday :C. SI Rechards. Skein-brad*, St James, Skelmersdele, 12 noon Dtecesan Course tn Adult Cnnettan Education. ChriseS & Notre Dame College, 2.30-5.30 Pre Menciale C. St Mary at the Angels. Liverpool. 7.30 p.m Tuesday: C, St John's. eirkdale. 7.313 p m. Wednesday: Sleeting wen Tesehers, Archbishop Beck School. Uverpool. 12.5 p.m. C, St Sylvester's. Lmenpool, 7.30 per Thursday: Governor's Meetteg, Christ's & Notre Dame Cvoilege. 4 p m

Maks Restless at Plymouth. Sundry V & U. SS

Merv& Ceti:urine, Brkiport, 11 C 3pm SIMMS SwIndlehurel. Auxiliary for Hashern end Newcastle. Sunday V & C, St Ann's. Sunderland Bishop [email protected] of NeretempferL Fader V. St Bernard's School. Slough Saturday Deacons 2 per V. E0PIPPSWade o Sunday: V continued Taw*: Senate or Priests Wsdaliedey: Deanery Meeting. Marlow Typredey: Milton Keynes Christen Foundation. St Francts s Society Council lunch meettng. 10.30am B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary in Southwark_ Saturday: Day of Celebration. St Thomas More Centre fa PastOral Liturgy to mark the ••••••tfemeol 01 Canon anslone Tuesday V to Norwood strum. wednesday: V continued Thursday: Meter, ,:onfirreandi at Wimbledon, 7.30 p &shoe Walmslry, Bishop of the Armed Forces Seheder Lautoy Day SI T000135 More :::.eette Loedon. Thunder Vises RAF Odtharr. Hants. 10 30 Arn B ishop Wheeler of Leeds. Saturday: St Peter's, Bradtard, M. 11 a m Sunday: V & C, Holy Spell, Stanningley Monday. CA11,01-01, Reorient for Mho° Postai 12 noon Tueeder M. Wakefield Gaol. 6 per Thersdry Gove•00, Vc..•• T,,noly and AU &pit., l•

B ishop Rawslhome. Auxiliary for Liverpool.

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