Page 9, 17th January 1936

17th January 1936
Page 9
Page 9, 17th January 1936 — Church Of The Holy Sepulchre

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Locations: Jerusalem, Sydney


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Church Of The Holy Sepulchre

Report On Condition Issued

A report has just been issued on the serious condition of the church of the Resurrection, commonly called " of the Holy Sepulchre," Jerusalem.

The present church was built by the Crusaders in 1150 A.D.. and has suffered much from fire, earthquake, and general neglect. The earthquake of 1927 brought matters to a head, and the Palestine government called in an expert, Mr, William Harvey, to take temporary measures to safeguard the building and to advise on future repairs.

A steel " tie " has been placed right round the inside of the rotunda surrounding the Tomb, and temporary shoring has been erected against the southern facade. The dome over the choir will have to be entirely reconstructed.

Suggestions for Restoration Mr. Harvey has also made sugeestions for restoring the church as far as possible to its original design. These suggestions are sure to meet with severe criticism. One recommendation is that the present iron dome over the rotunda should be replaced by a cone. according to the original design which was adhered to until I SOS.

Mr. Harvey also suggests opening the wailed-in doorway in the southern facade —at present there is only one entrance into the church. Another suggestion is that the so-called chapel of the Franks should revert to its original purpose as a porch to Calvary.

Nothing will be done without consulting the religious bodies interested in the church, chiefly the Catholics, Orthodox and Armenians. The Palestine government in consultation with these bodies will now have to decide what steps to take and how to raise the necessary funds.

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FARMERS TOURING THE WORLD To Study Conditions and Make Contacts

Twenty-six farmers, headed by MajorGeneral F. J. Duncan, left England yesterday, for a world tour to study farming methods in various parts of the British Empire.

They are proceeding first to New Zealand. The tour was arranged by the British National Union (a farmers' organisation), and the Overseas League. Major-General Duncan said to a reporter: " The whole idea of the tour is to promote that personal touch between farmers and primary producers of this country and our kinsfolk overseas, which means so much, " This is the thirteenth tour. We try to remove misunderstandings and certain prejudices which must arise among people living so far apart."

Major-General Duncan added that the English party would be joined in Sydney by twenty-two South African farmers.

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