Page 5, 17th January 1969

17th January 1969
Page 5
Page 5, 17th January 1969 — Protest over review

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Locations: Liverpool, London


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Protest over review

IFEEL that we are justified -Iin protesting about Robert Lutyens's review of our publication Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, by Sir Frederick Gibberd.

After saying that any critical appraisal of the cathedral at this stage is irrelevant, Mr. Lutyens proceeds uninhibitedly to criticise. He compares the high altar with a "floodlit boxing ring at the Albert Hall", and describes the new cathedral as "essentially secular"— though he does not define this term.

Mr..Lutyens then claims that the Lutyens cathedral (and if there is a personal connection here why did he not declare it?) would have been a masterpiece — a statement as controversial as his own estimate of Gibberd's cathedral.

He also claims that Archbishop Downey was not bothered by the cost of the Lutyens design. But since Archbishop Downey's time costs have risen, faster and further than he could ever have guessed, so it is impossible to say what his views would be today.

Nor does Mr. Vutyens men

tion that the disparity between the costs of the two buildings is so great—tenfold—that it might have been impossible to complete the Lutyens cathedral at all.

Cluny Gillies Architectural Press Ltd. London, S.W.1.

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