Page 14, 17th July 1936

17th July 1936
Page 14
Page 14, 17th July 1936 — THE CAMBRIDGE SUMMER SCHOOL

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Locations: Hobart, New York, Cape Town


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Participants in this year's Cambridge Summer School of Catholic Studies can now get from the Hon. Secretary, the Rev. J. E. Petit, a shilling brochure in which they will find set out not only the detailed programme of the school, but also summaries of the papers to be read. Including the Saturday preparatory class at Fisher House, the school will run from July 25 until the forenoon of the August bank holiday.

Among those whose lectures or addresses will deal with various subjects coming within the general consideration of " Man and Eternity " are many distinguished priests, secular and regular, while the laity will be represented on the lecture platform by Dr. W. J. O'Donovan, 0.B.E., and Mr. Francis Sheed.

The Abbot of Buckfast, Dom Anscar Vonier, 0.S.B., Ph.D., is to lecture on the subject of Heaven, and he will also preach the High Mass in the parish church on August 2. Other clerical lecturers will be Fathers Alphonsus Bonnar, 0.F.M., D.D.; Joseph Cartmell, D.D., Ph.D.; Jeremiah Curtin, D.D.; Henry Davis, D.D.; Bernard Grimley, Ph.D., D.D.; Germain Heron, 0.F.M., Ph.D.; Cuthbert Lattey, S.J., M.A.; Cyril C. Martindale, S.J., M.A.; Francis Moncrieff, 0.P., M.A.; Patrick Morris, D.D., L.S.S.; and Bernard Patten, D.D., L.S.S. Canon Edward Godwin, Ph.D., will preach the sermon, morning and evening, on the opening Sunday, July 26.

The lectures are to be given at the University Lecture Rooms in Mill Lane, Trumpington Street, and the classes will be at Fisher House and elsewhere.


Recent reports of the Legion of Mary's work in Australia show that the efforts to cope with the problem of children attending non-Catholic schools are meeting with success. Good results are also coming from hard work in Hobart, where a number of people who had not been attending to their duties for years, were brought to the missions through Legionary efforts.

In New Zealand, two new Praesidia have been started, one composed entirely of men.

In the Bronx area of New York a branch of white and coloured Legionaries is working among the coloured population of the City.

Encouraging reports of Legionary work for the Church also come from Canada and India where, again, Europeans and Indians are working in perfect harmony.

In Cape Town inaugural meetings of several Praesidia have been arranged.

Four Legionaries of Mary were recently received by the Bishop of Han Yang, who said that he considered the Legion would prove a wonderful auxiliary to the Church in China.

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