Page 7, 17th July 1953

17th July 1953
Page 7
Page 7, 17th July 1953 — EPISCOPAL ENGAGEMENTS

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Cardinal Griffin. Today (Friday): Presides at annual meeting of Crusade of Rescue at Archbishop's House. 5 p.m. Sunday: Presides at centenary Brook Mass at1-11 1o3ly0 Tarmini.tyTt.u?chstds Church.

Leaves for Oslo to attend eighth centenary of the establishment of the Norwegian Hierarchy. (His Eminence will return by air on July 29a Mgr. King. Bishop of Portsmouth.Sunday : Sings Pontifical High Mass at Beaumont College, Old Windsor; attends St. Vincent de Paul diocesan meeting at St. Peter's, Winchester. afternoon. Saturday, July 25: Clothing and profession ceremony at Our Lady's Convent, Bitterne, 3.30 p.m.

Mgr, Ellis. Bishop of Nottingham.Sunday : Visitation and Confirmation at the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Corby. Tuesday: Attends prize day at Grace Dieu School. Charnwood Forest (preparatory school for Ratcliffe College). Thursday: Presides at opening of fete at St. Hugh's College. Tollerton, Friday, July 24: Attends dinner of St. Edmund's House Society. Cambridge, Saturday. July 25: Presides at reopening of Tolterton fete by Lady Lothian.

Mgr. Parker, Bishop of Northampton. -Tomorrow (Saturday): Sines Pontifical High Mass at St. Bernadine's Convent, Slough ; attends pageant. afternoon. Sunday: Visitation at 10.45 a.m. and Confirmation at 6 p.m. at C.ierrard's Cross. Tuesday: At tends meeting of Churches Main Committee in London, Sunday ; July 26 : Ordination at Corby, it am.

Mgr. Rueldcrham, Mihail of Clifton. --Sunday: Ordinations at Beckford. Saturday, July 25: opens fete at Warminster.

Mgr. Petit, Bishop of Menevia.Sunday : Visitation and Confirmation at Mold; attends C.P.E.A. meeting at Denbigh. 6.30 p.m. Sunday. July 26; Attends annual meeting of St. Edmund's House Society at Cambridge.

Mgr. Coaderoy, Bishop of Southnark.Sunday: Celebrates Pontifical Mass at Aylesford Priory. 11.30 a.m.: gives Benediction at Holy Trinity Church, Brook Green, for centenary. 7 p.m. Monday-Friday : Attends diocesan clergy retreat at Wonersh. Saturday. July 25: Holds ordination at St. Mary Magdalen's, Brockley. 10 a.m.

Mgr. Beck, Bishop of Brentwood.Tomorrow (Saturday): Presides at speech day at St. Bernard's Convent, Westcliff. Sunday: Blesses and opens St. Thomas More's Church Hall at Loughton Debden Estate; attends S.V.P. meeting. Tuesday : Presides at distribution of prizes at St. Bonaventures School, Forest Gate, 7.30 p.m. Wednesday: Presides at prize distribution at New Hall, Chelmaford, 2.30 p.m.: presides at prize distribution at Ursuline High School, Ilford, 7 p.m.: Thursday: Attends Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace ; presides at prize distribution at St. Ignatius's Preparatory School, Buckhurst Hill.


Nottingham. Fr. Douglas .Key relinquishes the post of Bishop's Secretary on his appointment as parish Driest of Our Lady of Victories. Market liarborough, Fr. James J. McGuiness. of St. Mary's. Derby, has been appointed to Bishop's House as the Bishop's Secretary ; Fr, William Purdy. Ph.D., M.A., of Shepshed, to St. Hugh's College. Tollerton: Fr. Leo MeReayy, S.T.L., of St. Edmund's College, Ware, to St. Winefride's. Shepshed Fr. James Kearns, of Melbourne. to St. Peter's, Grimsby; Fr. Stephen Hodskinson, of Woodhall Spa. to our Lady's. Melbourne; Fr, Daniel Rei d, of Leicester. to Woodhall Spa. The following have been named assistant priests: Fr. George Fegyverniki. of Hadfield, to St. Hughe's, Lincoln; Fr, Peter Tierney, of Lincoln. to St. Charles's, Meashase: Fr. Bernard Kevin, MA,. of Newark. to St. Mary the Immaculate's, Grantham; Fr Robert Ruttledge. of Scunthorpe. to St Augustine's, Nottingham: Fr. Stanley Borrows, of Nottingham. to St. Hugh's. Lincoln, Fr. James Kilkenny. B.A.. has gone to Upholland College. The following are apoointments of newly ordained priests: Fr, John McDermott, to the Sacred Heart Church. Leicester: Fr Ronald Hudson, to Holy Trinity Church. Newark ; Fr. Paul Cullen, to the Holy Souls' Church, Scunthorpe; Ir. William Snowdon. to St. Mary's.



Downside Abbey. Bishop Rudderham of Clifton at Downside on Sunday raised to the priesthood Dorn Cvprian Stockford and Dom Bede Maitland, and conferred the diaconate, upon Dom Charles Hallinan, Dom Hugh O'Neill, born Bernard Moss and Dom Dominic G

Travelling Missions

Brentwood. Mass will be said on Sunday in the British Legion Hall. Tiptree, at 8.15 am., and in the British Legion Club. Tolleshory. at 9.45 a.m. Next week the Mission will visit Thorpe-le-Sot en.

Meneyia,-This week-end the Mission

tyitleiqit t 1 Prpsiaivn ? Parish elf Pembroke Dock. Mass will be said on Sunday at Pwllchrochan and Lawrennv 3, Area around Towyn mid Aberdovev. Next week-end, parish of Burry Port Mass will be said at Pontybercn and Trimaran.

Nottingham.-The Mission will th is week visa West Stockwith, Mistertoa, Haoey, Pelfintax and Craisieland. Mass will be said at 8 a.m. at Lalors, Willoughtosi. at 9.45 a.tri . at Misterton Village Hall. and at 11,15 a.m. at Ilarrison's, Lower Burgage, Winteringham.

Northampton.-Mass will be said on Sunday at Winter's, Grange Farm, Westleton, at 8 a.m. (phone 226). On weekdays, July 20-25, Mass will hc said at, 7 a m. Summer Campaign: Framlingham "week" ends on Sunday. Mass will be said at a time to be announced: Evening Service will he at 6.30 p.m. Next week : Westleton,

am., .m. Kelling and Holt. Saturday, July 25, Mass will be said at Wiveton, Norfolk.

Shrewsbury.-Mass will he said on Sunday in the village of Carrisston at 9 a.m. Next week the Mission will visit Waters Upton and Child's Ercall, Salop.

Olympia priest at Denaby

The children of St. Alban's School, Denaby Main, were given a holiday On Tuesday to attend the first High Mass celebrated by a former pupil. Fr. Michael Murley, who was ordained at Olympia.

Fr. Hurley's parents live in Den shy Main. He is leaving shortly for Borneo.

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