Page 11, 17th June 1938

17th June 1938
Page 11
Page 11, 17th June 1938 — FIRST NATIONAL CATHOLIC YOUTH RALLY Youth of England have Opportunity to Show Their Vitality and Unity

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FIRST NATIONAL CATHOLIC YOUTH RALLY Youth of England have Opportunity to Show Their Vitality and Unity

In two weeks' time, on July 2, there will take place the great National Catholic Youth Pilgrimage to Walsingham.

This is the first really national assembly of Catholic Youth to take place in England.

Cardinal Hinsley himself will lead and take the most active part in the pilgrimage.

It will provide Catholic Youth with their first opportunity to demonstrate their vitality and unity of purpose on a really national basis.

Cardinal Hinsley, Archbishop of Westminster, has sent a special letter to all parish priests in the Archdiocese, urging them to see that the Youth Pilgrimage should be fully representative.

Please Note

In view of the significance and importance of the occasion the following notes and appeals which are all the more urgent owing to the proximity of the date, should be considered.

(I) Every Catholic parish, school or club should send at least two young people. Trains are running at very low fares from London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds and Bradford, and surely there is no parish in these areas which cannot afford somehow to send two juvenile pilgrims.

(2) In many polishes there are surely persons able and willing to pay for two such representatives. Will they please act at once and see that their parish really is being represented?

(3) The organisers are aware of a ntrmber of units unable to send, though anxious to do so, through actual poverty. No appeal for funds has been made, but dorrations for this purpose sent at once would be most acceptable. Donors will be sent the name of any group thus assisted. A guinea would send three from the London area.

(4) The Blessing of the Sick is to be performed at Walsingham for the first time. The organisers would like to hear by return of post of cases of sick or afflicted children that can possibly be taken to Walsingham. Special medical supervision is being provided, and, where necessary, and funds permit, no charge will be made. Again, financial help would be very gratefully received. (5) Motorists. All who intend coming to Walsingham by road on July 2 are warned to obtain without fail the authorised itineraries and car badges (postal order 6d., please), which will save them every difficulty. All such motorists are welcome.

(6) Torchlight Procession. Every Catholic. young or old, within reach of Walsingham is urged to make a point of taking part in this great and unique event. Let it be a real gathering of the clans. There is ample space for cars. The procession will commence with the Rosary at the Slipper Chapel, 9.15 pm., and end with the Pontifical Blessing in Walsingham at about 10.30 p.m. The proper torches will be available before the procession at the Slipper Chapel. If motorists applying for badges will indicate the numbers in their cars it will greatly facilitate matters.

Please direct all enquiries to:—

The Chief Organiser, N.CY.P.W., c/o The Catholic Association, 6, Buckingham Street, Strand, London.

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