Page 12, 17th June 1938

17th June 1938
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Page 12, 17th June 1938 — Prepaid Classified Announcements

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Prepaid Classified Announcements

(Minimum Two Lines 12 Words) Fee for use of Box No. .. 6d.

Hotels .. 11per line Board Residence and Apartments .. 9d. per line (Special Terms for long contracts) Personal, Births, Marriages and Deaths .. 11per Trade .. 1/6 per Situations (Educationa), etc.) (Vacant and Wanted) 11per line Domestic Situations (Vacant and Wanted) .. .. 9d. per line Financial .. 2/per line line line Replies to Box Numbers should be sent to CAllIOLIC HERALD, 67, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4.


ARKLAW. Board Residence,. 46, King's Hill. Comfortable; homely. 3 mi. sea. Bath. H. and C. Terms; Ladies. 50s.; Gents., 35s.

A RlarOW, Cu. Wieklow, Ireland. Board .'" Residence. Excellent catering. CentraL Ladies, 30/-: Gent.. 35)weekly. Penstou, Newsageut.

B EN (NI% Zurich). BATH-HOTEL LIMMATHOF (Spa). Successful treatments for

all forms of rneumatiem. Thermal hates, duuclieb, etc ]Siost modern inhalations. Ask LUr newest brochure.. Pension from fr. 10.

A.T11.-Very Comfortable Accommodation in gtnt1ewomai s }louse, Near Church. Best pc4ition. Reanunahle for permaneney.-Mox NO. 140, " Cateolic Herald," 6'7, Fleet St., EWA.

fotEltiTLFUL L17XEMBOU1tG ARDENNES. Really lovely holiday, Party leaves Lou don (evening) August 5, 15 days. Fare, Hotel, Tips, 3 motor excursions, Lit 5s. 0d. mclueive. Passports required.-Pheips. 122, Roscbery Gardens, London, N.4. 'Phone: Stamford Hill 5761, B0GNOR REGIS.-Alexandra, Private Hotel, Clarence Road. Few doors from the church and sea. Recommended • excellent cuisine. From 2 guineas.-(3. M. Veil.

RLACE,POOL.-IVY HOUSE, 70, Albert Road, Apart,. or liciard-Itesidence. 1 mu. sea and siation.-Miss Terry TILACKPOOL.-Stiss Dewhurst, " The Barton," 78, Central Drive. Aparte., Board-Residence. Running water bedroom,. Nr. 501L,

station, amusements. Recommended.

BLACKPOOL. -Mrs. Sherburn, 16, Iforeby Road. Ooinfortable A partmen Ls. Near Cliurcn, Central Station, Bea and all amuse=elite. Recommended.

tLAOKPOOT, NI.-Dagg (Catholic), 65, North"' field -Ave. 'Phone 51371. Board optional. Nr. (Murree.


N. Near Metropole, Sea view. Board Residence. Louuge. H. & 0. Water all bed

rooms. Excellcut cuisine. Garage near. Highly ' recommended. Tul. 3B7.-Vr alters.

BLACKPOOL. Revills Private Hotel, North Promenade. Sea view all rooms. IL • & C. water. ?ilr. Theatres, l'ier. Golf Links, Station.

Lift. Est.•1887. 'rel.: 768.-Write for tariff.E. H. Jones, Proprietress,

TILACKPOOT,,-" The Gablee," 35, Bethesda Rd. Comf. Apts.. Board op. Recent-Hrs. Ilornby.

BLACKPOOL.-" The Grange," 27, Reads Ave. B. & B.. Board-Residence. Separate tables. tentreA 1.0 all amusements. 43atistaetwa guar

anteed. Under personal supervieieu. Open Christmas.-1,II, Taylor.

-psnacxeoon. " West Mead," P. Hotel,

-Li.' 226, Promenade. Facing eea. Central to amusements. Lounge. Nr. Church, Garage. Highly. recanuriended. *Phone 895.-Miee Well (late Glasgow).

Btaseneeoon.-24, Adelaide St, Apatts., B.B., 4/6. 1 min. sea, amueetnente.-Carlisle, BRIGHTON'S FINEST GUEST HOUSE


116, 117 and 118, Marine Parade, 50 bedrooms. 11, & e. water. Lift to all Floors. 4 lounges and delightful sun balcooy, all overlooking sea and piers, within 3 hubs. of Catho

lic. church. MI poultry and garden produce from our own farm and, nurseries. All-English table. Chef. Medcrate terms. Write for tariff. 'Phone: Brighton 2417.

DELGANY, Co. Wicklow. O'Dontiell'e (Sea View) Rotel. Appointed A.A. & R.I.A.C. Fully licensed, well appointed, clean, conifortable,

homelike. Good cooking. Term moderate. Bountiful scenery. Mild climate. Golf, teimis, sea bathing. fishing, shooting ma vicinity.

Magee 's Riding School adjoining, 'Phone: Greystones 42.

irl_OING TO SOUTHPORT? Stay at the SCAMS`-^ BRICK HOTEL, on Lord Street. Excellent cuisine. Orchestra. Moderate terms. Special week-end terms. Ideal for Picnics, Staff Outings. Write for taritr to J. Spedrimg, 11ARROGATE.-Cathcart Private Hotel, Ideally situated overlooking Stray. Near Church and Baths. Excellent eooking. Separate tables. Inclusive terms £2 28. pd. to £3 135, ad.

LIOTI:L HARBOUR VIEW (Private), Strand, Youghal, Co. Cork. Overlooking Atlantic

Ocean, within minute golf, tennis, eeabathing. Electric light; running water, bedrooms; modern conveniences; 8/.. per day.-M. Savage, Proptrss.

I RE LA Comfortable flG&1tD-RBSIPTiNO1C Country and sea. Bath, h. Fe c. 'Bus.-Miss Doherty, Longhill House, Castlerock, CO. Derry, LLANDUDNO. ALMORA PRIVATE ILOTEL, ""' 11, ,South Parade. Excellent cuisine and comfort. Personal supervision. N.C. Recom. mended. 'Phone 64,58.—Mrs. Blay Noonan.



Situated Centro Promenade. Close to Pier

and Golf Links. Excellent Cuisine. Hot and Cold Water in all Bedrooms. Moderate Tariff.

Under pereonal supervision of proprietors. Mr. and 'Mrs. Trevoi W. Hughes. 'Phone 6832.

-LLANDUDNO. GROVE HOUSE PRIVATE -ns uterEL. Full Board, Midday Dinner, 7s. 5d. August, 85. 6d. Hot and cold water in bed r00131S. Z mins, pier, near Church and all

amusements. Highly recommended. A. Stansfield.

LLANDUDNO. " GLEN-HAVEN," Clarence " Road, Craig-y-don. Brd-liesidence Bed & Breakfast, Facing sea. Terms. from 88. Comfort assured-M. and Mrs. J. E. Nix. Tel. 6871.

L LANDUDNQ.-ItARINE HOTEL. Centre of Promenade. Facing Sea. R. & O. water all rooms, Licensed, Lift all flours. Renowned enisine, Tariff reasonable. Illustrated booklet on a.ppIication to W. G. Domoney, Managing Director. 'Phone 6019 Llandudno.

1 LANITCDNO. Mrs, Hughes, " Bronwylfa," 54 Mostyn Avenue. Comfortable, homely aparts. or Bd.-Res. Separate tables; good cooking. Under personal supervision.

-LLANDUDNO. OSBORNE HOTEL (R.A.C.), North Parade,. Best position sea front; 35 bedrooms. Ii. & C. water. Refined. Own garage on premises for 30 cars. 'Phone 7087.

Telegrams: ' Osborne." Proprietress. Mrs. Tamar Griffith.


-•-•' Opp. Pier. Dance Room. 11, & C. water. English produce. Sep. tables. Nr. Church. Recommended. 'Phone 6844.-C, H. Crawford.

MORECAMBE, West End. Mrs. Twell, 70 Albert, Road. Apartments, board optional. Near church. sea, amusements. etc. Catholic.


ginia Road. Comfortable Aparts,. Board, or B. & B. Good cooking. attendance.• Facing Prom. and Boating Lake.-Mrs. Doughty.

NEWOASTLE-ON-TYNE: Imperial Hotel, Jere mond Road; pleasant, convenient. Appointed R.A.C. Modern Garage and Lock-ups. Running h. and c. water, gas fires in bedrooms. Terms 85. 6d, nightly or from 115. 6d. per day. 'Phone: Jest:fiend 343. 'Grams: " Luxe."

pA.EIS. Hotel BAYARD, 17, Rue du. Con-. servatoire. Most comfortable family hotel. Central and quiet. Personal attention. Mod. crate terms.

PLAS TANDLNAS, the house in a garden by the sea; tennis, safest bathing Wales; board; h. and e. bedrooms. Schofield, Dines Diane. Caernarvon Bay.

pORTRUSH.-BOARD-RES. Clean, Comfort

Able. Bedrooms overlooking sea, 35/wkly. 4 meals daily. Personal attention, -McKinney, 2, Dunluce Street.

amsGATE,--rt. a B. 3/-; Board 3642 min. Sea and Abbey.-Mrs. Bunting. 57, Grange Road.

pHEUMA. SPA, KINMEL HALL A.bergele, N. " Wales. Modern Spa with supreme Holiday Appea.l. All modern Spa Treatments, including Continental " Pistany Mud " and " Scotch Douche." Golf, tennis. squash, fishing. Country Club adjoining (licensed). Write for Brochure.

wins Craig-y-Don, East Parade: Prom. -•-1" Board Residence, Opp. Bowls, Tennis, Sea,

Open-air Pool. Under personal supervision. PHYL.--EMPIRE HOTEL, 24, Bodfur Street. Full Board-Residence from two guineas.

Good beds, good table, home comforts. Bed. breakfast. Small pasties catered for.

RRHolmes, " Ivron." 68, Wellington Road. Unmfortable Aparts., Bc1.-Ittse. Ni'. Church and Sea.

RHYLi QUEEN'S HOTEL. Modernised Throughout. Hot and Cold Water in every Bedroom. Terms from £.5 5s. per week, inclusive. Restaurant accommodating 300 people, Parties catered for.

Tel. No. 174 Ithyl

RITYL, THE CENTRAL, 53, West Parade. Brd.-Rcs., Bed-Breakfast, H. & C. all bedroems, lounge. Near Church. Mid-day dinner.

Personal supervision. Tel. 900. W. Taylor. Highly recommended.


joining sea), Newly decorated and furnished; h. & e. running water ; every comfort; inspection invited. Fr= 2 gas. Under new management, When visiting Blackpool, don't forget Taylor's Silver Grill, 45, Talbot Rd. f1 minute Churehh barge or small parties catered for. Telephone 1064. Under personal supervision. Terms on application.

"W ICKLOW. The Garden of Ireland. "'PM. " MARINE "-select Boarding Establishment on sea front. Terms 40s. weekly. Apply, Secretary. 36, Parnell Square, Dublin.



St, Anne. Comfortable board for ladies; moderate terms. Central for St, Halo, Dinard, etc. French taught.-Apply Reverend Mother.


COMMONS GUEST HOUSE, Overlooking Atlantic. T,ady guests received; arrangements for families. Special terms April-July. Apply Superior, Convent Lakenham, Northam, Devom


RENSINGICON, W.8. Furrdsbed Flatlets, 52, Stratford Road; singles from 206., doubles from 288. Western 2100.


-PACK TO TILE LAND. Furniehed Residence from Sept. 5 bed., 2 rec.. bath, indoor sanitation; telephone; 1 mile Churches, Convent High School and 'buses to Exeter. Moderate rent. 3et1rie.s. Easthayee, Cullompton, Devon. (Agent: Thorne, Fore Street).


ROUND Ecclesiastical and Devotional Goods concern with latge clientele all ever time Empire requires additional capital for expaiiision and opening of new branches,. which will be beneficial to Catholics. Expellent opportunity for active or sleeping partner or salaried position through Investment. Banking and other referencest-Box No. 141, " Catholio Herald," 67 Fleet Street, E.C.4.


Al CROC-KERY. — Assorted crates, 10s. Glassware. Hardwaie, Badeed ware and Bazaar ware. Dinner sets tree. Coleured Cate, Rogue free,-Bridge Street Pottery (Z), Burstein.

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