Page 9, 17th June 1938

17th June 1938
Page 9
Page 9, 17th June 1938 — TWO SLOGANS Clenched Fist and Outstretched Hand!

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TWO SLOGANS Clenched Fist and Outstretched Hand!

Front Our Own Correspondent ANTWERP.

A striking instance of the double game being played by Communists and Freethinkers is the. following.

On Whit-Sunday at Renaix in Belgium, they had a manifestation. A squad of one hundred Freethinkers paraded, headed by the Secretary General of the Communist Party, M. Xavier Relecorn, who is also Communist Member of Parliament for Brussels,

Opium This Freethinkers' contingent bore before it an immense sign bearing the Soviet slogan: "Religion is the Opium of the People."

Evidence, I think, patent enough of the association between the Freethinkers and Communists.

Now, this same Communist Deputy and Secretary General of the Belgian Communist Party, M. Xavier Relecem, on the Sunday previous to Whit-Sunday figured prominently at the Communist " Landdag "—the old-time form of Flemish congress—held at Ghent.

But here, I ask you to note, his immense banner now bore the slogan: " Catholics! We stretch out our hand to you!"

A fortnight prior to the holding of this Communist " Landdag," Communist Deputy Relecorn sent a letter to the League of Christian Workers urging them to unite with the Communists. His plea was that Communists wished Catholics well!

At this same Ghent Communist " Landdag " the Moscow Party leaders discussed (Continued at foot of next column.) the means of penetrating into the Flanders Peasant Guilds and Christian Mutualities.

Quotes J.O.C. Periodical Execution is now being given to the plan adopted. All over Catholic Flanders the Communist fighting periodical is distributed lavishly. Last Saturday's number is cleverly couched. It quotes extracts from the Catholic Jocist periodical which depounces abuse in matters of wages and hours of work, concluding with the invitation—in large capital letters—" Theists! We stretch our hands out to vou! Come, and make common cause with us!" The same Flemish Communist periodical then appeals to the Christian Democrat Deputies to support the interpellation in Parliament to be made by the Communist Deputy Bosson claiming betterment for soldiers and longer furlough.

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