Page 5, 17th June 1949

17th June 1949
Page 5
Page 5, 17th June 1949 — Canadian Workers Had No Illusions About Our Recent Dock Strike

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Locations: Dublin, London, Liverpool, Bristol


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Canadian Workers Had No Illusions About Our Recent Dock Strike



When the T.L.C. (Trades Labour Congress), the equivalent of your English T.U.C., here suspended the allegedly Communist-run Canadian Seamen's Union (C.S.U.) recently, they left the rebellious union in the odd position of having far more support in Britain than in Canada.

While the misplaced sympathy of British dockers for Canadian strikers caused 1,300 cases of eggs to shuttle like nobody's baby between Dublin and Liverpool, the T.L.C., representing 400,000 Canadian workers, rapped the striking Canadian Seamen's Union, which has long been accused of hewing the Communist line.

If Communist William Gallagher thought that the dockers who are tying up London, Bristol and Liverpool dockers were doing something fine in showing "comradely loyalty" to Canadian strikers, the majority of Canadian workers themselves did not think so.


The strike is, at its roots, an outcome of the long-standing duel between those who want to rid Canadian unions—and particularly the Trades Labour Congress of Communist sympathisers and the higher executive of the T.L.C. which has for long repudiated the charge of being Communist-tainted.

The T.L.C. which is affiliated to the American Federation of Labour has, by suspending the Canadian Seamen's Union, set about getting its house in order.

Another A.F.L. affiliate, the Seafarers' International Union, has replaced the C.S.U. on most strikebound ships and has also enlisted hundreds of men from the striking C.S.U. who would rather work than take their orders from alleged Communists.

Meanwhile, the American group of unions through its subordinate, the Seafarers' International Union, has served notice to Canadian ship ping companies that no ship carrying Canadian Seamen's Union members will be unloaded at ports on the U.S. side of the Great Lakes.

This is language that no shippers can afford to ignore—it will have the effect of a switch-over to 5.11.13. crews on the Canadian Lake ships and should teach Communists infiltrating Canadian or American Unions that their approach will have to be more stealthy and subtle if it is to do them any good.

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