Page 1, 17th June 1960

17th June 1960
Page 1
Page 1, 17th June 1960 — Mission Bishops to meet in Bavaria

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Locations: Bombay, Strasbourg, Assisi


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Mission Bishops to meet in Bavaria


By Fr. Clifford Howell, S.J.

THE Nijmegen Congress on Liturgy in tht Missions which took place last September is going to have a sequel which may prove even more important than itself.

Fr. Johannes Hofinger S.J., the main driving force behind the Nijmegen Congress, has been busy ever since. He has travelled all round the world again, interesting missionary bishops and priests and experts in catechetics and liturgy in another congress which is to meet at Eichstatt in Bavaria this summer, from July 21-28.


An aspect of the liturgy which frequently came to the fore in the papers and discussions of the last meeting was its instructional value, and the special interest of many missionaries in this very point became evident. They desired to learn all they could about modern developments in the science of catechetics, and to consider how these might be applied in the particular circumstances of the mission fields.

This time Fr. Hofinger has collected not just one Cardinal and thirty-six bishops, as for Nijmegen, but two Cardinals and seventy bishops.

The President is to be none other than His Eminence Gregory XV Peter Cardinal Agagianian, Pro-Prefect of the Congregation of propaganda.

His acceptance. is a striking proof that the Roman authorities were well pleased with last year's congress; his many engagements. however, will necessitate his absence from some of the sessions and at these Cardinal Ciracias of Bombay, last year's president, will take the chair.


Discussions can hardly be fruitful if the numbers present are unwieldy, so the total of participants is to be limited to two hundred. who have already received their personal invitations. Most of them are missionary bishops and priests, but there will also he some missionary nuns, two of whom are to read papers.

In addition there will be experts in catechetics, missiology and liturgy. Among these are such outstanding authorities as the Oratorian Dr. Klemens Tilmann who played so large a part in shaping the new German Catechism, and Fr. George Delouve, S.J.. Principal of the International Catechetical Centre in Brussels.

Bishops Blomjous (Tanganyika) and Duschak (Philippines) who made such memorable contributions at Nijmegen will again speak at Eiohatatt, as also will Bishop Spuelbeck of Meissen. who enthralled the participants at the Assisi and Strasbourg congresses with his moving eloquence.

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