Page 8, 17th June 1960

17th June 1960
Page 8
Page 8, 17th June 1960 — IRON CURTAIN FALLING

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Locations: Conakry


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FEARS that Guinea will be the first African country to "go behind the Iron Curtain" have been revived by the news, published in the "Sunday Times," that Communist China is planning to send a large force of rice-growers and workers to help in the economic development of the country, a force whose numbers might be as high as 5,000.

The plan was apparently discussed by President Sekou Toure of Guinea and a Chinese mission after the AfroAsian Solidarity Council's April meeting in Conakry, the uapital of Guinea.

If this project takes shape, it will be the first entry of Chinese Communist experts into Africa, a continent which up till now has been regarded as a Russian sphere of influence. The fairly substantial Communist technical missions already at work in Guinea come from the Soviet Union and satellite countries in Eastern Europe; they are reported to include a team which is building a powerful radio station to broadcast Communist propaganda from Africa to Africa.


M. Sekou Tour e himself certainly seems to be a Marxist— probably the only-genuine African Marxist. He is building up the country on a definite one-party system which entails the suppression of organisations that do not fit into the pattern, Thus the only youth organisation allowed in the country is the tions as the Young Christian Workers, the Young Cluist ia n Farmers, and the Scouts have had to stop their normal activities and confine themselves to retigions traini Similarly, the secretary of the Federation of Christian Workers in Guinea, M. F. Combassa, was arrested lust year. According to a declaration made in September, 1959, all private schools are to disappear within three years, but attempts made to put this measure into practice were abandoned after a short time.


However, besides M. Sekou Tour's Marxist leanings, other factors are at work to encourage Guinea's involvement with the Communist bloc. First, there is the way in which French aid was cut off abruptly when Guinea rejected the Frenoh Constitution and opted for independence, leaving an "aid vacuum" which Communist countries Were eager to fill. Then, just as we lump together as "Africans" such diverse peoples as Creoles from Sierra Leone and the nomadic Masai of East Africa, it is perhaps only the more sophisticated Africans who distinguish between Communist and nonCommunist Europeans. If they come bearing gifts, that is apt io be the main consideration.

This prizewinning family are the Mulhollands, of Orpington, Kent.

Whilst holidaying at Clacton, Mrs. Mulholland and daughter Sheelagh won a mother-and-child contest judged on personality. Then SheeTagli won first prize in a Junior song-and-dance contest with her iron choreography of "Thank Heaven for Little Girls". And son Rory walked off with a price in a contest to find the smartest-looking boy.

The Mullhollands are parishioners of the church of the Holy Innocents, Orpington. Sheelagh (age 10) and Rory (8) attend St. Anne's Convent School, Orpington, and Mrs. Mulholland is a meals supervisor there.

Rory is a Cub—a member of the 3rd Petts Wood Group (SI. James the Great). Sheeltigh has set her heart on becoming a singer and is being trained by the famous operatic tenor Heddle Nash.

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