Page 4, 17th June 1977

17th June 1977
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Page 4, 17th June 1977 — June's

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jubilee jamborees

Is it not amazing how, in these days of so much world-wide republican leanings, the general enthusiasm for the Queen's Silver Jubilee seems to have swept this country from the Scilly Isles to the Shetlands?

Here in Leigh-on-Sea some of the most unlikely loyalists are displaying the British flag and the Queen's portrait side-by-side in the windows of their houses, signifying by the united crosses of St George, St Patrick, and St Andrew, that her majesty is the Queen of the United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Streets are closed to traffic, gaily hung with flags and festooned with red, white and blue bunting, all set for the street parties and celebrations.

I feel that perhaps the chief thing that engenders this great enthusiasm for the Queen's Silver Jubilee is that multitudes of decent British people regard the occasion as a celebration, not only of twentyfive years as dignified monarch, but also of twenty-five years-plus of devoted wife-hood and motherhood. And each of these things, the authoritarian and the homely still matter very much to many good laritans today, in these times of increasing lawlessness and permissive behaviour. Marriage may be a dead duck to modern morons, and legalised murder-byabortion may be the fashionable contraceptive of an irreverent, selfish. ungodly society, but the Royal household, particularly the Queen and Prince Philip, stand as symbols of old-fashioned Biblical morals which many in society, high and low, would do well to emulate.

, Clement R. Mepham Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

1 think our Queen's Jubilee has and is showing we still have love for others, which she herself gives.

Every day in every way, All jubilant with song.

Elizabeth your people pray your reign be long.

They have worked and prepared With hope and love cared And hearts that love you Christian Queen, are open to God Every day in every way 'Lord come'. (Mrs) Nora Dennison Bedford.

This Silver Jubilee has made us realise the hard life our Queen lives, without complaining, always kind, she has not put a foot wrong in 25 years faithful service. Her example as a good wife, and mother, puts many of us to shame. Above all her outstanding, never faltering worship of God, is a glorious example to us all. Long may the Holy Spirit Bless Her to reign over us. (Mrs) Norah Hampion Bolton, Lanes.

Ihe Jubilee events in our parish of St John Fisher include a Jubilee dance and six course lunch. The community association have a better opportunity and have arrs ig

ed a special dance with red, white and blue costumes and American supper. The Scouts too in this area have a special dance. The drama group have given a special play "The Princesses," There are sports for children, athletics, 5-a-side football, tug of war. a Jubilee fayre with procession, jazz band, display archery, maypole, three boards for outside chess, a further carnival and fete in different districts, karate, clay pigeon shoots, ootnpa band, country bumpkin dance. There are Highland games in the area and teams of bellringers doing 5,040 changes at the Anglican church where a united service is arranged We are -getting people out of their homes who have never been seen before.

Ernest Broadley Sedgefield, Cleveland.

1 think the Jubilee has injected a shot of joy into the arm of a downcast and dispirited nation.

For a while the prophets of gloom have moved into the 'background and we can enjoy the warmth, beauty, and glow of the celebrations and festivities up and down the country. Britain is alive again, we have cast our cares aside even though for a brief moment to thank God for the treasure we have in our Queen.

For she is a great woman in our times, a rock of integrity, goodness, principle in this world of shifting values and lowering standards, The Jubilee affords us an opportunity of telling her this, and it is good that the cow-lir!, has availed itself of the • occasinn to come out singing in full voice "God Save the Queen." Elizabeth Walsh Felixstowe, Suffolk.

The Westbourne Neighbourhood Association arranged a street party for a May. Each family was kept informed and given an attractive programme of events, starting with races for the young and a grand tea party for those "who were 35 or over in 1952," a nice way ofsaying "over 60." The weather was fine although a little blowy, and we had to hold on to our Jubilee plates! One met people who had lived in the next street for 60 years!

There was music and dancing, and many of us went to the Evening Mass at St Mary of the Angels Church which was close to the uelebration.

(Miss) Melissa Wormington London, W2.

It is with downright English diffidence that 1 tell you what I have done to make our Queen's Silver Jubilee a special occasion for other people.

First let me explain that I am a bit of a dead loss physically, The good Lord still allows me to write but Multiple Sclerosis makes mc totally dependent. So being a fan of our splendid Royals 1 got 14-year-old Peter to getand display three Union Jacks in middle large window in bed-sitter circumstances have made me and sitting room share. My hus

band put a large vase of saver "Honesty" given by a neighbour on window sill in full view of passersby, next our flags. Daily. I've striven to improve the British image by quoting relevant bits of Shakespeare and other poetry from Radio 4. I was a hit downhearted when 16-year-old Gerard, jobless, has to wait till September for Tech. and trainiag for more "0" levels. However, the Jubilee itself is a ray of hope so I've quoted: "This royal throne of Kings" etc to our patient district nurses. "Once more into the breach" etc. to our lads. My screed is getting illegible but let me press on before you scrap it We live in a street of senior citizens, so a street party was not on.

My 72-year-old Albert cares for all. Anyway today we let Gerard and friend make their own Jubilee party themselves in our kitchen. liovrzat?

M. Eileen Hodgkinsun Heywood, Lancs.

The Jubilee of our Queen is great because I have noticed it brings people together and they are more friend!), just like during the war when we were just like one family, under an umbrella of bombs, it's the same now with the Silver Jubilee, If I may be allowed to be a little personal, should we not attribute to our Queen the seventh Beatitudes. Blessed are the peacemakers: For they shall be called the children of God May God bless her.

In our road, already a few weeks back started collecting 10p a week from everyone for the Jubilee. In the road, now there are balloons flags, pictures of our Queen, etc. It all looks very jolly, (Miss) C. Collins London 5E20.

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