Page 8, 17th June 1983

17th June 1983
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Page 8, 17th June 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Emmaus Centre, Harts and Beds Industrial Mission, St Katherine's College, Diocesan Education Council, Denman Schools' Commission, Irish Centre, Lourdes Committee, Holy Trinity School, St Francis Church, SI Stephen's Pastoral Centre, Brigidine Convent School, Diocesan Finance Board, St Thomas More Comprehensive School, Bishop's Education Commission, St Augustine's Church, Sacred Heart Church, Youth Commission, York School, St Thomas More School, Serra Society, St John's Bests Church, Council of Administration, Sisters Pastoral Ministry, St Paella Church, Pilgrimage Broadcast Service, Service of Prayer, Harts Area Liturgy Commission, Cardinal Allen School, Congress, Cardinal Godfrey School, In St Jahn Almond Secondary School, Cardinal Mosley School, Harts Area Education Commission, All Saints College, St Boste's Church, Valladolid Association, Thunader South West Area Ecumenical Commission, LSU College of Higher Education, Scout Movement, St Pius S. Walnes, RAC1113 Centre, Society of St Vincent, Area Assembly, All Saints Pastoral Centre, Plater College, CTS Executive Committee, Trinity and All Saints College, Schools' Commission, St Anthony's School, Catholic Union, St Joseph's Church, Abbey Church, St John Fisher School, Visit Don Orine Centre, C. SI Clare's Church


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Bishops Engagements

C ConfirmallOn. M Mass. 0 Ordination. V insitation.

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster : Saturday: Student interviews. 0 or Mark Anywayll, Hillingdon, 3 pm. Civil Service Catholic Guild Dinner, 7 pm. Sunday: Poles Convene Jubilee Celebrations, 12 noon. Tuesday: Sacred Heart Congress. Chigwell Wednesday: Aesociatioe of Sisters Pastoral Ministry.

Archbishop Cams de Manilla ol Birmingham: Friday: Consecrates St Augustine's Church, Solihull, 7 pm Saturday: Consecrates Chace of St %reclean and SI Thomas ol Canterbury, Stourport. Sunday: Pilgrimage to Evesham Shrine, 3 pm Tuesday: Service of Prayer. St Chad's Cathedral. 115 pm. 1.4 and C. St Marys, Leek, 5.30 pm. Thursday: Con, secretes Church ol SI John the Baptist, Great Haywood.

Archbishop Warlock of LIWrpool: Friday: Meeting of Widnes Deanery Clergy. Archbishop's House. 1130 pm SundarThureday: inclusive Rome meeting with Ecclesiastical Assistance to Catholic I nternational OrganisatiOns. Bishop Ateasnder of Clifton: Friday: Celebrates M. St Joseph's School. Maimesbury, on occasion of Golden Jubilee of Scheel, 11 am. Re.commissioning of Special Ministers of Holy Cummunlon, Clifton Cathedral, 710 pm. Saturator Ordains Tim Peacock to Priesthood for the Diocese of Wankie, St Paella Church, Yate, 11 ern. Sunday: Concelebrates M at St Joseph's Church, Fishponds. on occasion of Canon Vincent Buckley's Golden Jubilee, 11 am. Con. celebrates frt at SI Joseph's. Fishponds, to mark Ilya Silver Jubilee of (69th Bristol) Scout Movement, 3 Pie. Tuesday: AdMinislers the Sacrament of C, SS Joseph and Teresa Parish, VVells. 7 30 pm. Wednesday: Concelebrates M at St Thomas More School, Sestet, and attends Spode Day, 120 am Administers the Sacrament of C, Our Lady and the English Martyrs Parish, Burneamon.Sea. 7.30 pm Thursday: Denman Schools' Commission, Clifton Cathedral House, 10.30 am Bisbee Brewer. Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday: Meeting of Youth Commission, Dehon House, 7.30 pm. Saturday: V, St Augustine's. Latchford Sunday: C, St Auguslineb, Latchford, Warrington Wednesday: Preaches at the Abbey Church. Shrewsbury, 900th anniversary Thursday: Waite Catholic Schools, Latchford.

Bishop Burke, Auxillery 01 Sallord: Friday: Vs' is School and sick. Burnage. M. St Alban, Blackburn, 7.30 pm Saturday: Se Salford Cathedral, 12 noon Sunder Blessed Sacrament Procession, Manchester, 2.30 pm. Monday: BlahoP Holland Jubilee Dinner. Midland Hotel, Manchester, 7.30 pm B ishop Clerk of Seal Friday: C, Ouidenham Saturdar. Opening of Norwich Three Schools Fete. Sunday: V, Sher leg ham. Thursday: CTS Executive Committee meeting Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Sum day: M and C, St Marie Gomel, Bucknall_ Tuesday: M and C, St John's. Tamworth, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: M, St Thomas More Comprehensive School, Willenhall M and C, St Peter's, CObridge, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Emery of Portsmouth: Saturday: Meeting of Plater College, Orford, 10.15 am. Sunday: Brigidine Convent School, Windsor, C M. 11.30 an, Tuesday: London. Education meeting Wednesday-. Official Openieg of Portsmouth Housing Associa. tion Housing Scheme at SI Mary's Convent, Portsmouth, 3.45 pm. Thursday: LSU College of Higher Education, Southampton. M of Thanksgiving to mark rellremeneof Sr Imelda Mona, Principal, 2.30 pm. Bishop Foley of Lancaster, Friday: Visits school and housebound. SI Ignatius, Preston, 2 pet Saturday: Missions Garden Party, Cardinal Allen School. Fleetwood. 2 pm, Meeting for Rome Youth Pilgrimage, Holy Family, Blackpool. 7.30 pm. Sunday: Ordains Rey W. Adams to Diaconate. SI Wilfrid's. Preston. MonclarThursday: Diocesan Clergy Retreat, Bret iergh Holt. B ishop Gray, Bishop of Shrewsbury: Saturday: Ordains to Priesthood Rev Michaei Murray at St Aldan's. Wytnenshawe, 2 30 pm. Sunday: V and C, St George's. Whichurch. Wednesday: M for the Feast of SS Peter and Paul St Werburgh's, Birkenhead 12.10 pm. Thursday. Chet Concelebrant, ht of thanks giving for Diocesan Priest celebrating 25 years 10 the Priesthood, St Prow's, Hazel Grove B lahop Ounzeill, Bishop in East London: SM. urday: Area Assembly, William of York School Sunday: M, Irish Centre. 11 am. C. Mowers 6.30 per Tuesday.Thursday: C. Kilburn Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Sunday: V, Sacred Heart Church, middiesbroagh, it are. C m, Sacred Heart Church, Middlesbrough, 430 per Tuesday: Celebrates M, St Anthony's School, Middlesbrough. 9.30 are C. SI Clare's Church, Middlesbrough. 7 per Wednesday: Cs, St Francis Church, Acklam, 7 pm Bishop Harvey, Bishop In North London: Friday: C. St Ignatius, Stamford Hlit, 8 per Saturday, C. St Ignatius. Stamford Hilt. 7 pm Sunday: C. Engiish Martyrs, Wembley Park, 11 are M, Society of St Vincent de Paul at St Agree. Crickleerooe, 3 pm. Monday: C. St Joseph, Wealdilone. 7.16 pm. Tuesday•Wednesday: Catholic Names' Guild Pilgrimage to Waisingeam. Thursday: M, St Margaret Cliteerow, Grahame Park, 8 pm.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Secondary School Chaplains' Seminar. Emmaus Centre, West Wickham, 10 30 are to 3.30 Pm Saturday: Allende Southwark Ecumenical Commissions AGM, London Room, Amigo Hall, SEt. 2.30 pm to 5 pm. Sunder M and C, Sydenham, 3 pm. Participates Pilgrimage Broadcast Service. Rochester Cathedral, 6.30 pm to 7.45 per Monday: Diocesan Finance meeting, 11 am V to Convent, Wan of St Thomas More, Bexleyheath, 7 pm. Tuesday: Participates in Radio Medway Pilgrimage Broadcast. 8 pm to 9 pm, Thunader South West Area Ecumenical Commission meeting, St Osmund's. Barnes, 7.30 Pm.

B ishop Ritchie, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Saturday•Monday: Third World Trocalre

Seminar, Maynooth and Galway Tuesday, V continued Corpus Christi. Reintom Wednesday, Lourdes Committee Meeting. Upholland, 10.30 am C. Oar Lady's. Formby. Thursday: V. Our Lady's. Portico. Opening of Chapel at Warr ington Hospital Bishop Holland of Salford: -Friday: M. St Alhan a, Blackburn. 7.30 pm. Saturday: M, St John's Cathedral, Salford, 12 noon. Sunday: Blessed Sacrament Precession, Crown Square to Albert Square, Manchester, 2.30 pre. Monday: Dinner. Midland Hotel, Manchester, 120 pm. Tuesday: Albanian meeting. London Colney. Wednesday: Valladolid Trustees, Wardley Hall, 11 30 am. Thureday-. Schools' Commission, 10 .30 am.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday: Celebrates M at Aylesfard for Altar Servers. 11 30 am Wednesday: Cat Paddock Wood, 8 pm Thursday:Catechist Support Group Meeting at West Matting, 11 am. C, Chatham, 7.30 pm Bishop Konstant, Bishop In Canine London: Friday: Missionary institete, M. 7 pm. Saturday: Ecumenical Pilgrimage, Walsingham. Sunday: C, Hammersmith, II am Monday: Talk St James's, Piccadilly, 1 pm. University Chaplaincy. 6.30 pm. Tuesday: CRAC meeting. 11 am.

Bishop McGuinness of NottIngharra Friday: PA, St Mary the Immaculate, Grantham. Saturday: CALLS Society M. Convent of Mercy, Nottingham, 11 am Sunday: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Rodsley. Monday: Visite Holy Trinity School. Newark, 10.30 arc Tuesday: Bishop's Education Commission Wednesday: Silver Jubilee Fr M Stoppard, Chapel-enle-Frith. 7.30 per. Thursday: Visits Cardinal Mosley School. Newark, 10.30 am Silver Jubilee Fr hi McLaughlin, Si Joseph's, Derby, 130 pm Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Saturday. Thursday: Conducts Retreat. St John's Seminary. Wonersh Bishop Moverley of Hallam: Friday: Golden Jubilee NI at Mylnhurst Convent, 6 pro. Saturday: 0 to Priesthood of Eric Newbound, Cathedral, 11 am Sunday, C at Atherslev. Monday: Diocesan Finance Board. Thursday: Governors' meeting at Trinity and All Saints College Cat peeimaee. 7 pm Bishop faurphrO'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Frlday-Saturday: Guildlord Deanery v Sunday: Leads Diocesan Family Pilgrimage 10 AylesIced Tuesday: Meet): Mullein, to Priests' team, SterlingSon. Wednesday: Council of Administration meeting. Storrington. Thursday: Eastbourne Deanery V Bishop O'Brien, Wallop In Hertfordshire: Fri. day: Harts Area Liturgy Commission at St Peteen. HarrIeld, 3 pm. C at SI Joseph's, Carpenders Park. 7.30 pm. Saturday: V SI Joseph's, Ellseep'sStortiord, 8 pm. Tuesday Valladolid Association reunion at All Saints Pastoral Centre, 1 pm. Wednesday: Harts and Beds Industrial Mission, 11.30 am Harts Area Education Commission, 745 pm. Thursday: West minster Ecumenical Commissioin at Farm Cottage, 1 pm Heads of RE Departments at St Angela's. Stevenage. 5 pm Bishop Kevin O'Brien, mow in Middlesbrough: Saturday York ARCIC Conference. Sunday: Glee Day of Recollection for Parents of Handicapped Children at Creasbeck Convent, Middlesbrough. Tuesday: Walt at Catherine's Home, Hull. Wednesday: Talk lb housebound at SI Stephen's Pastoral Centre, Hull.

Bishop O'ConMW, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Monday: M for the Golden Jubilee of Fr Michael Nugent, SS Peter and Paul. Hayeslinch, St Helens, 7.30 prn. Tuesday: M for Serra Society, St Pius S. Walnes, 8 per Wednesday: Governors' meeting, Cardinal Godfrey School. 3 pm. Thursday: Cs, St Leo's, Whieten, 7 pm.

Bishop Rewathorna, Auxiliary of Liverpool:

Friday: (own Hall, SI Helens, 10.30 ern C. St Luke's, Weston, 7.30 per Sat. urday: 0 n1 St John Heiner Wei Hill), St John's. Kirkdale, 3 pm. Sunday: V. SS Mary and John, Newton.le-Willows. Monday: V continued. C, St Luke's, Whiston. 7.30 pm. Tuesday: M In St Jahn Almond Secondary School, 10 am. LIRE Governing Body. St Katherine's College, a pm. C, St John Fisher, Knowsiey. 730 pm Wednesday: Permanent Diaconate meeting. Upholland 1010 em Visit Don Orine Centre at Upholland, 2 per Thursday: Schools' Commission meeting. 10 15 am. Diocesan Education Council meeting, Upholland. 7.30 pm. Bishop Rowboats Of Plymouth: Saturday: IN for W3L0, afl”lessAedGmSacjIamcewnil.Cweuh,rc.hh;deleavpitarrake., Exeter.

Sunday: Annual Pilgrimage and Is1 In honour of SI Cuthbert Mayne, launcesran. Cornwall, 3 pm.

Bishop SwIndiehural, Auxiliary of Hmham and

N ewcastle: Friday: North Eastern Ecumenical Group meeting, Prior Hall, Durham, 11 am, Sunday: O . SI Patrick's, Cornett. Tuesday: Visits Deacons. Minsteracres. Wednesday: Opening aria Consecration of St Boste's Church, Washington, 6.30 pm Thursday:Cat All Saints, Lancaster. 7 pm. Bishop Thomas al Northampton: FrIday•Sun. day: V, Holy Family, Slough. Monday C. Thrap Mon. 7 Pm. Tuesday: Meets School Heads. RE Centre, Bedford Evening Diocesan meeting for Evaluation oi Parish Programme. Wednesday: C, St Margaret). Farley Hill. Luton. 7 pm. Thueaday: C. Holy Ghost, Luton. 7 pm, B ishop Tripp, Malloy of Southwark: Saturday: Ordains Michael Scanlon to the Diaconate at Putney, 6 pm. Sunday: C at Norbitun, 10 am C and Induction 01 Parish Priest at Mitcham, B pm Monday-Thursday: Visits Penal Establishments in the Diocese of Southwark.

B ishop Walmsier, Bishop of the Forces: SatyrdarSunday: V, Tidworth Garrison. Wednesday: Attends Dedication, St John's Bests Church, Washington, 6.30 pm. Thursday: Attends Catholic Army Chaplains' Reunion, RAC1113 Centre, Bagehot, 8 Pm Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Appoint. merits meeting. Ellolls, 10.30 am Saturday-. M. Carlton Towers for Catholic Union. AGM, 4.30 pm Monday: School he St Brigid's, Leeds, 10 am Tuesday: C. Knaresborougn. Wednesday: Presides at Solemn IN ter Silver Jubilee. St John Fisher School, Dewsbury. Thursday: Presides at Governors' Meeting. Trinity and All Saints College, Horstorth, 11 am.

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