Page 10, 17th March 2000

17th March 2000
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Page 10, 17th March 2000 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Boy, Perpetual Calendar

March 20 to 27


Archhishop-Eleet V Nichols I Birmingham): Mom Tree Planting ceremony, Hendon. 1041m. N London clergy farewell dinner for Rp Vincent. The FIN Enfield, 7.30pin. Tne: Vespers, Westminster Cathe. drat, Rite of Welixane for Archbp MurphyO'Connor. Wed: Install of Archhp MurphyO'Connor. Westminster Cathedral, I lain. Thu: Bran Millennium Cektnaions. Anthishop P Kelly (Upooll:SurEV M.51 Joseph. Ponketh.9arn. I lam, 6.30pm Tue. V. St Joseph's Print Sch. Penketh. Install Archhp r.d. Westminster, I lam, Thu: V, St Vincent's Primary Sch, Penketh. St Ficiert's Catholic Amateur Gilbert & Sullivan Soctety. Pirates of Penzance, Theune Royal, St Helens:130pm. Fri! Parish Day St Joselph's, Math:5d. L'POol Diocesan

Syntitt Mug, Senatc,H,sc„ Alin. V M. It Benaliet, Wallington, 6.30pm. Arch Whop M Bowen (South warkk 'rue: S 1..ondon Est C'tice Archlip's I Ise.

10,15am, Wed: Install 4,1 Amhhp of Westminster, Cathedral. I lam. Thu: Fund-raising Dinner for Downside and Worth Boys k Girls (lib!, Fri: Memorial M tin Archhigh, ip Oscar Romero C'athedral,

Bishop P Pargeter (Wham auxill:Sun; CTE Enabling Gp, Leeds Mon: 150th Anniv M. St Joseph's, Nechells, 7311pm. Mei C. Perry Common. Eve. Wed' Install Archbp of Westminster. I I am. Thu: C, Bicester, Eve ReOpelling 4)T Archives, Cathedral, Sat: UCM, M. St Catherine's, Wham, Noon.

Bishop M Alexandra (Clifton): Sun: C, St Joseph's, Nymrisfield, Warn. Mon: M. Si Joseph's, Fishponds, Bristol. 75th Anniv St Joseph's parish & sch.9.30am

Trowbridge Deanery Lenten Statism M. St Mary's., Chippenliam. 7.30pra Sat. Bristol South Deanery Lenten Station M. St Mary on the Quay, Bristol, 12.15pm. Eateweli Service for Western Area Supt Baptist Church, Bristol. 2.10pm V, Si Joseph's. Fish Jonds, Bristol. 6pm,

Bishop T Me Wuhan (Brentwood): Sun: V & (r, St Patrick's, Walthainstow. Mon: Clergy Retreat. Chigwoll, Tue: TFI_CO nag. Stratton' lbw-n Hall. 7pm. Will: installation of new Arehbp, Wminster, I lam.

Thu: (lergy Retreat. . (logy Reirrat. Liturgy to commem 20th anniv, Archbp Romem, WoodfonJ Cireen, 7.30par Sat: AGM, diocesan Covenant Scheme. Cathedral Else. Spin.

Bishop P Smith (East Anglia): Sun:V. OL & the English Martyrs, Cambridge. Fri Shrine Courril Mtg. Walsh-wham Sat: M feast of the Annunriatkat, Walsingham, Bishop .1 Rawsthorne I13allam): Mon: t. sba w College Development Gp Mtg, 9.30-am. rue: PACYO Mtg, High Leigh. Wed: Install Anthp of Westminster. Cat

hedral. PACYU Mtg. High Leigh. Fri: Coinmem M Archhp Oscar Routero.Cathedral hinn. Sat: Conimernoration M Attitlx)Otaair Romero. St Anne's Cathedral Leeds, (rpm.

Bishop A Griffiths (Hex & N'eastle): SunM, St Joseph's, Benwell, Newcastle 10.30am. M. St Mary's. Sunderland & mfg university students. 630pin. Mon: Ivastilay V, St Cuthbert'~ High Sch Newcastle M & Blessing of new St Cuthben's Crosses for Sch. Tire: Mtp. with Vicars General, 10.30am. Diocesan Firmer! Mtg. 4prit. Wed:Installation of Archbp of Westminster. I lam. Inter Faith Forum, Westgate Community College, Newcastle, 7pm. Thu.Appeal Mtg. Cathedral. Newcastle, Itkun. Liturgy of the Word, St Bede's Sch. Lanchester, 3pm. Fri, V, St Oswald's, Wrekenton, M in Sch. 9 Iftam, Sal:Wornerrs1}4. USII4M Colege. Dothan. Vigil M. St Oswald's. Wrekenton. 6pm, Bishop D Konstant (Leeds): Sun:Jubilee V. Sr Patrick's. Huddersfield. 1 lam. Moe: Jubilee V, St Joseph's, Pontefract. Wed: Install Archhp of Westminster. Thu: Council of Priest, Nasky Hall, Leeds. llarn. Board of Letsds F112000. Leeds. 10.30arti. Fri: Mtg with Vicars General. HinIsey flail, Leeds, 10.30um. Sat: Diocesan Pastoral Council. Hinsley Halt Leeds. 9.311am. Jubilee V, OF. Parish, Pateley Bridge. Bishop V Malone (L'pool auxin: Sun: V. StAmps, Fluyenkhlon, V. Si Edmund ui Cantethuo, High Slit, I Ittkiitc. ('. (-otherMe of Siena LOwtOp. 7 oi_Toe: Church Leaders' Mtg, instal:Mon of Archhp of Weslrnurster i . St Robert Wilma nil,. Bootle. 7.30pm. Thu: Clergy Mtg. St Michao1,14001, I last. Fri. Finimee & General Purposes C'ttee Mtg. 1:pool Hope I Ini versity College. ltiharW. Merseyside & Region C'hurch Leaders' Mtg, Bisti op J l7triwley (TWImiugh): Suit. M. Si Joseph's, Middlesbrough, 7pm, me: install Archhp of Westminster, Ham. Wed: C, St Francis Xavier. Richmond, 7pinlint Cielgy Recollection Day, ("roc:heck Convent, 1 I ant. Fit Funnily Fast Day Celebration, pins Sat M, Sr Aralrey.'s, Teasville, pm. Bishop 1. MeCarde (N'hampton): Sun: V. Dustin. Mon: Cathedral Liturgy Gp,Cathednil Hse, 4pm. Tue: Day of Recollection. lurvey, 1 I am. Alltle Frank Exhibition. University College, N'hamixort, St George Ave Campus, 7pat. 'I ltu: Mtg Headwind,ers, K:nisi-11ff 9.30am. C, Marlow. 7.30pm. Fri: St St Mary's Middle Sch. Nrhiumaort. 10.30am. C, Holy Ghost, Luton, 1.3i0pm. Sat: M & Acies of Legion of Mary, St Gregory's, Nonnampton, 2.30pn. "INetun afieruntius'. Cathedral. 7.30pm.

Sun: WC Si Francis or Amis.'. Long 1 non, Notts. I 0.45am.Sacrament of the Sick. ?pm Tue.. Building & Sites Commission Mig, Wilson Its% 1pm. Diocesan Station M, Holy Cntss, Leicester, Spm. Wed: instal.

tuition Archbp of Westminster, 11 am. '111u: Diocesan Station M. St Mary the Immaculate. Grantham, Kpm Sat: Diaconate 0, 'I he Good Shepherd, Arnold, Nottingham, 1pm

Bishop (' Budd I Plymouth): Sun:V, Sidmouth Contd. Mon: Sch-Wool em. Dear-Ivry Mtg. Dorset, pin. Dorset station SI, St Mary's, Poole. even. Toe: Chapter Mtg. pm Chapter M. Cathedral. even. Wed/ Thu: Seminar, Swum College. Fri: Station M West Thaset Dorchester, even. Sat: St Mary's Poole. am. Penitential S. St Mary's. Poole, even.

Bishop C Hats (Portsmouth): Sun: 125th Anniv Thanksgiving M. St Joseph's Havant, I lam. Mon: Official Opening of Sch, Blanc helands Girls' Col lege.Gu e rnsey 3pm,Wed: Installation Archhp of Westminster, I lam. Thu: 13 ConferentV Cites t'or European Affairs, London, 11.30am. hi: M for Reading ASDC, OIL Queen of Peace. Reading, gpm. Sat: 0. Douia Abbey,


Bishop 1' Brain (Salford): Sun:V., St Mary's [Bidden Genii Manchester M 10.1 5arn & Noon: Tue:Thricashire (Mirth Leaders' Mtg, Bolton, 2pm. Blessing of heWSeh', Si Mary's, Sanden, 7.30pm. Wed: installation of Archhp of Westminster. I lam. Thu: Board of Admin 10,30am. Station M. St Mark's. Perkilebury, , 7.30nm. Fri: Silver Jubilee of McAuley Mount, Burnley, 10.30am. Sat: UCM Jubilee M. B'ham, Noon.

Bishop Howard Tripp (S'wark auxin: Sun. V. Richmond. Mon: Mug of F.mploymerit, Development Unit, SLIM, 10.45am. Tuc: Mig of South I minion Ed C'tte. Arclibp's Hs. I O. I Sam. Wed: Installation of Archly of Westminster, I lam. Thu: V, Si Elizabeth's Sch, RiChniond.9antlioon. Otter M, and opens the new palish Centre at Wandsworth Wes1,8prn. Sat: J&P

Bishop J O'Brien (W'minster auxin:

Sun:V, Sacred Heart, Ware_ Tue: Kit; Mig, Archly's Hse.4.30pm. Wed: Conference of Diocesan Directors tie Ongoing Formation. Oscott College. I lam. Fri: C, St Bede's, Cmsley Green. 7.30pm. SEW V, OL of the Assumpotion, Potters Bar West, Bishop P Olthinughue (WmInsier Stin,West Area Day for Catechetists, Campion Hse, Osterley. Cathedral. Tue: Hounslow Deanery intertMeernfattettiltrvErLiktfrifigter Bps' Mtg. 4.3tyrn. WestminsferCuthedrul Rite of Welconie for neW-Arclibisliop..7Pm.. Wed: 1nm:111:n4in of Archhp of Westminster

Fri: West Area Mtg, I lam. Sat: Blessed Cyprian lanai Anniversary Southwark Cathedral. 2pm.

Bishop F Waimsley (Forces): The: V. RAF Wiliam, lOranr, M of lnstallat ion of the Archbp of Westminster. I lam, Fri: Anniversary M kir Archly Oscar Romero. St Georges Cathedral. Southwark. (rpm,


Archbishop .1 Ward Cardiff): San: Jubilee M, Catenian Assoc (Portiv.('ouncil No I 210L & St Michael's, Abergavenny. 11.30am. Muir': Trustees of Mission Union 21. Fecieston Sq, I .rrndon, 10.30am. Tue: Mtg of Senate of Priests, Pastoral Centre, Romney. Cardiff, 2pm. Wed: Installation of New Al chhishop of Westminster, I I am. Thw C, OL & St Michael, Abetgavenny. 7.30pm.

Bishop D Mullins (Menevia): Sun: Rae of Inscription for C". Cathedral, 3pnr. Mon: Chapter My_ M. Cathedral, I 1.30am, Wed: I /mien Station M. St Joachim. & St Anne Dunvant 7.30pm. Sat: Lenten M & Sermon.

Si Dii v Priory. Swansea, i7.30pm Midday.

Key: M-Muss. C.-Continuation. V-Ytsitation. 0-Ordination. Mfg-Meeting. SchSchool. LS-Ecumenical Service.

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